Thursday, June 7, 2018

Day 3151 - The Lovin Life Linky - For the love of blogging edition

Blog? What blog?

I opened my notebook to see what little notes I might have to help me write a post today and .... nothing.  Then I opened the gallery on my phone to see what pics I'd taken .... nada. I drummed my fingers on the keyboard for a good ten minutes staring into space to see what magical thought my pop into my brain .... zip.

The truth is I almost forgot today was Lovin Life Linky day and as I sat here staring into space I realised I'd pretty much forgotten I write a blog at all!

It's not that I've lost my bloggy mojo, nor is it that I've consciously stepped away from the blogosphere and off the blogotron.  I've simply not even thought about blogging over the last seven days.

What on earth have I been doing that has given me blognesia?

Well, life is pretty much motoring along as normal.  I've had the usual course of meetings, emails, planning for big events, project management for the magazine, writing the soccer club newsletter, managing my son's team and working with clients.  There's also been a bit of editing of my daughter's tertiary assignments and a fair whack of helping my son with his schooling.  And I'm writing a User Guide for a couple who are launching a new business.

OK. I see it now.  Every single role I'm playing requires me to write. Whether it be meeting notes, soccer club communications, magazine pages, resumes, editing or the hours spent on the User Guide.

I'm constantly writing.

I started this blog to give me the opportunity to write. It's been my outlet for the creative juices.  It's allowed me to indulge in the joys of the written word.   Now that I'm writing elsewhere (and writing and writing and writing) I've got no juice left!

My poor blog has been pushed to the side like a well worn slipper after a shoe shopping spree.

Don't worry blog.  Even though we're not hanging out together as much, I still luv ya.  I'll try to be a better blogger from hereon in.

How much do you love your blog?

Do you ever get squeezed dry when it comes to writing?

Has your blog had to take a back seat recently?

Anybody else suffering blognesia? 

Despite the lack of love I've shown my blog it is still Lovin' Life Linky day.  It's a chance for bloggers to share their bloggy love and a chance for readers to dive head first into a variety of different topics.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I get up at 6 and do blog stuff til 7. That's my time. So it's important to me as it's pretty much the only thing I do just for me (except go out and party...ha!). But I also think it's ok to take the pressure off and just come and go as you choose. I have no idea how people blog every day. My travel one is down to once a month. Time is a precious commodity. You have to use it how you see fit as the obligations will steal it all if you let them.

  2. Absolutely. I write every day - as you know - both creatively & for the day job. These days I see my blog as a release from writing obligations but even so, sometimes you just need a break...

  3. Blognesia - love that word! lol Sometimes something has to give when we're juggling so many balls. Our blogs and readers will forgive us when this happens. I'm gonna have to step away from my blog for a bit soon as my house fills with tradies and there's demolition and noise and chaos. Aaarghh! Stay tuned on that subject! #TeamLovinLife

  4. I get that. The fact that you are write, write, write and writing all day long means the last thing you need is more. Yet, to blog is to write in a different more conversational way for me and so when I write, it is like a letter to friends: sometimes long, othertimes short but always with some pics. My blog has been my life-saver in terms of keeping me going on days I never really wanted to...and I am referring mostly to the first year we left Sydney and my daily blogging MADE me have a reason to "do" something each day. I am glad you are 'back' but even more glad you let yourself off the 'blogging hook.' Denyse x

  5. I certainly dropped off when I had too much on recently. The only things that went out for a while were scheduled posts.

  6. You've been writing daily for a long time so a brief blogesia is natural. I currently blog twice a week for fun, and take a break when I travel. When it no longer feels like fun, I move on.

  7. Totally get where you're coming from! I'm the opposite though and haven't written in a while, so I'm actually missing it. Was happy to write up this post today though :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  8. It's about balance again isn't it Leanne - too much of one thing means something has to give if you want to have room for everything else. That user guide would be a doozee to get your head around and I'm sure once it's finished you'll be back into blogging with a new zeal.

  9. The same thing happens to me too. I create so much content for my business that blogging can sometimes be a chore and then I avoid it or forget it.

  10. It's kinda like working and then your hobby is working.....

  11. I can relate. But at the same time, blog time is me time. I find that committing to link ups helps me when I get bad writer's block. Varying my kind of posts also helps. My biggest inspiration though is reading other people's blogs.

    SSG xxx

  12. My life is changing and I don't really know how much I time I can commit to my blog in the future. My blog to me is a way of shutting off the world for a little bit and doing something I enjoy. Also, I learn so much about places and things through other people's blog. That is where I am at.

  13. It's always been my theory that, if you have to make a choice, real life is more important than blogging. When I started my first blog, it became work to keep blogging on a regular basis. Then, I realized that it was MY blog and I only wrote when I had something to say. My wonderful followers understood that. So, don't worry about it, weren't not going anywhere if you don't blog every day. :)

  14. I love my blog and writing - as you know - but I suspect that when I'm doing lots of writing (or even thinking) in my day job I struggle to come home at night and do more. I'm okay on the weekend if I can carve out time (like today, Sunday) but at night during the week I'm hopeless!

  15. I love my blogs but now and then they take a back seat as well. I think we all go through that phase. Linking up for the first time here.

  16. My poor blog has been neglected for a long time now. So much so that we archived everything and have started again. I'm hoping to find the drive and passion again, it was always such a big part of my life and an important step in fighting my depression. Poor blogs!


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