Thursday, June 28, 2018

Day 3172 - The Lovin Life Linky - When you lose your inner child

Where did my mojo go?

That right there was the tagline of one of my Instagram pics this week.  I've headed to the coast for a few days to write book ten in the Cheer Chick Charlie series and for some reason, Charlie just isn't showing up.

Perhaps it's not my mojo I'm looking for, but Charlie.

Where did Charlie go?

Each time I've written a book in the Charlie series I've managed to find my inner child.  The ten year old girl who takes over the keyboard and write the books for me.  But this week she's failing to show up.

I'd normally have a flow where my fingers struggle to keep up with the words spilling from my heart and mind.  Not so this time.  Writing book ten has been a struggle and with barely 6000 words written over two days, I'm starting to panic.  For the first time since Charlie hit the shelves, I have writer's block.

As the minutes tick by on my escape clock, I'm feeling the strain of knowing I only have today to get the book finished.  That strain is stealing more of my mojo inner Charlie and all I want to do is lie on the couch and pull a blanket over my head.  The fatigue is real.

Why won't Charlie appear?

Is it because I'm not surrounding myself with ten year old cheerleaders anymore?

Is it because I'm cold and feeling the heaviness of winter?

Is it because this is the longest break I've had between books and Charlie may have left me?

Oh gosh, I can fix the first two, but I can't fix the third.  What if Charlie has left me?

I need to find Charlie.  I must find Charlie.  I can't leave here until Charlie has arrived and spilled her story onto the pages of her next book.

So without further ado I must close off this post and skip down the road.  I need to put a ribbon in my hair, dance in the rain, cartwheel along the beach and play jump rope.  I've got to colour-in with crayons, drink pink fizzy lemonade, marvel at dream catchers and eat boiled lollies. I've got to find my inner child again.

Do you nurture your inner child?

When was the last time you skipped down the road?

Any advice on how I can find my inner Charlie?

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  1. I don't think Charlie is gone, but possibly hiding under all the adulting you've had to do. Maybe a game of hide and seek with Charlie? I agree though, we don't look after our inner child enough.

  2. How stressful! I hope Charlie reappears for you quickly!


  3. Charlie is just playing hide and know, like all kids do!! We were just laughing at how we felt like kids today eating watermelon over the sink---maybe you need some watermelon???

  4. Oh Leanne, your inner child sees just how much adulting you do for your family, organisations and business and she is hiding. She needs coaxing but I am not sure she wants to come out until Summer...but of course, she will be a good girl if you buy her that dream catcher!! i LOVE that and maybe some musksticks and some freckles too...and of course, hold her hand and reassure her first that you are caring for everyone but today you want to care for her the most. Denyse x

  5. I feel like I lost mine a bit recently too. I hope Charlie comes back to you!

  6. Charlie is playing peekaboo. She'll join you to cartwheel along the beach and play jump rope.

  7. Your inner child is always there. She is probably sulking cos she hasn't had enough attention! She's getting attention now so I'm sure she'll come out of hiding to lap it all up! Good luck! #TeamLovinLife

  8. I you get inspired and finish your book today! Best of luck with it :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  9. It's awful when you feel that little creative spot disappear - and even more for you because you have commitments to make Charlie happen - I hope she enjoyed her outing with you and that she's back in time to finish book 10 - and enjoy those lollies!

  10. I hope Charlie re-appears with a fizz and a swizzle soon. I think winter takes our Mojo away too. The wicked witch of the North movesin with me.

  11. I think she is hiding behind tiredness and maybe a little overwhelm. So much has happened this year and we are only half way. Enjoy her absence and wait patiently for her to return.

  12. Hoping and knowing Charlie will be out to play again very soon.

    SSG xxx

  13. I agree that Charlie is undoubtedly playing hide and seek but I am sure you will find her. So important not just to your writing but to your life. Hope the boiled lollies were delicious ;-)

  14. I think it's extremely difficult to find our inner child when we have such "adult" responsibilities to fulfil. Sometimes a night out with the girls can bring out my inner child or playtime with one of my grand nieces/nephews. We need to remind ourselves to have fun and let loose now and again. I'm also hopeless at doing this. I'm sure you'll find that little girl and will have your book written in no time.

  15. Your inner child is still there. You will find it. Just need to relax and have a little fun. That is what I do when my adult life gets to weird. Hope that you have a wonderful week and have a great Sunday.

  16. Perhaps Charlie thought you needed a break and perhaps because you are so anxious you simply can't see her. But I hope she comes back soon so you can finish your book. All the best.

    stopping via Lovin' Life

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