Monday, July 2, 2018

Day 3176 - Taking Stock

A Deep Fried Update

The coaster that inspired the story-line for the latest Cheer Chick Charlie book
Using Denyse's prompt over at Denyse Whelan Blogs I figured it might be time for an update.  Here's a snapshot of what's been happening in my world recently using Pip's "taking stock" template from Meet Me at Mikes.

Making my banana, berry, protein and soy smoothie for breakfast.

Cooking soup and toasties for dinner tonight before we head out to a trivia night (our 2nd in 3 days)

Drinking water.

Reading the draft of my latest Cheer Chick Charlie book.

Wanting my distributor to confirm our meetings in Melbourne this week.

Looking under the couch for the little door thingo that covers the batteries on our TV remote

Playing with the brand new Cheer Kids Magazine app which will launch with the release of the next mag. Still in tester phase. 

Wasting food as I throw out the stuff that's gone off in the fridge.

Sewing absolutely nothing because this girl don't sew.

Wishing the animations lady would reply to my follow up email to see how her Cheer Chick Charlie pitch went

Enjoying the warmth of our central heating as I look out side at the frost covered yard

Waiting for magic to happen and to have all the things we are waiting on to fall magically into place

Liking iced coffees way too much

Wondering how C's cancer scans will go next week and how much of the cancer the chemo managed to conquer. 

Loving my silver nail polish

Hoping that miracles do happen

Marveling at how my son can manage to sleep in on week days but wakes at dawn on weekends.

Needing more exercise in my life

Smelling my Victoria's Secret body spray

Wearing as many under-garments as possible to keep me warm on this cold Canberra days

Following the Bureau of Meteorology closely to determine just how many under-garments I will need

Noticing that I haven't had anywhere near as much fibro pain nor headaches since buying the new Koala mattress two months ago

Knowing that behind every challenge there's an opportunity for growth

Thinking that I really need to win the lotto

Feeling weary but well

Bookmarking recipes for the crock-pot

Opening a fresh packet of ham to make the lunches for today

Giggling every chance I get


  1. Silver nail polish - now that will add some sparkle to a cold winter day. Heading down at the end of the month to see my mother-in-law and some friends & am thinking I'll be needing to pack every base layer I own!

  2. Hi Leanne, I'm not a sewing girl either! I can't complain about the cold living in Brisbane when I see Canberra is in minus territory. I love the Zebra coaster and well done on having an App for Cheer Kids Magazine. I'm glad you love to giggle, sometimes I just don't giggle or laugh nearly enough so you made me smile on this Monday morning. Have a lovely July xx

  3. Haha. Your son and I might be twins. I am always struggling to get myself out of bed during the week, but Friday through Sunday, I'm awake and ready to go by 7am.

  4. I don't sew, either. My hubs does all that stuff, thankfully!! How good are soups with this weather right now??

  5. It's soooo soup weather, isn't it? I've got pumpkin soup and potato & leek on my mind!

  6. That's really interesting re fibro and the mattress. I think ours needs to be replaced and I wonder if it'd help Ben with his pain.

  7. I definitely need more exercise, too! All the best for the scan results 💜💜

  8. I need more exercise too I love the coaster - so colourful.
    stopping via LifeThisWeek.

  9. How cold has it been!! The frost are beautiful - but chilly!! And can we share tattslotto when you win?

  10. Loved all your pithy little examples of what you'd been doing Leanne - I really hope all goes well with the scan and that she is kicking cancer's butt this time x

  11. Oh good news on the body pain/comfort levels improving. I "hate" the waiting game and you are playing quite a few right now. All fingers and toes crossed for Chelsea's scan. I am glad you got to do a Taking Stock because we often find things about us come out in the responses. I do hope you will find the answers you need for Cheerleader Charlie!
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is "My Home Country" 28/52. Denyse x

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