Thursday, August 2, 2018

Day 3207 - The non-chef, non-foodie post for other non-chef non-foodies

For all you non-foodies out there, I scream "are you sure?"

Coriander chicken with avocado salsa from the Australian Women's Weekly Simply Lite cookbook
You know I don't like to cook. I'm a non-chef and I really don't give two hoots about food.  I eat to survive.  Full stop.  A definite non-foodie.

But I just don't know who I am anymore.

I'm actually starting to enjoy the delights that food can bring.



I know, I know. But hang on, the weirdness continues.

Apparently if you pile food on top of other food and cook it, it can actually turn out to be a taste sensation.

And apparently if you use fresh herbs instead of the stuff in the jar, it can turn a pile of chicken into a masterpiece.

Oh, and if you use spices on stuff, it changes a plate of vegetables into something you can legit serve at a top quality restaurant.

Who knew?

You did.

Of course you knew this stuff, because you probably took the time to experiment. I on the other hand would look at a cookbook and my eyes would glaze over at the enormity of the task at hand.  As for those ingredients lists, I'd be like "who the hell owns this shit?" and close the cover immediately.

Then I'd serve meat and three veg, just as nature had intended it.

But lately I've discovered a few cook books that make cooking easy.  Books that only use a handful of ingredients and take little to no preparation time.  See the "piling food on top of other food" tip above.  

Easiest recipe ever and I even made my own salsa to pile on top
Oh, and I've even started to cook fish.  Ewwwww.

And not that pre-crumbed fish out of a box in the frozen section either.  Actual fish that looks just like fish and stinks just like fish.  Cue that "ewwwww" comment again. 

So today the non-chef, non-foodie declares that she's lovin' cooking!

Hang on, did I say that out loud?  I'd better whisper it instead for fear that people may actually want to come to my house for dinner (and we can't have that).

So I'll say it quieter:  Today I declare that I'm lovin' cooking.  

Take a gander at what I've been cooking, then tell me, what are you lovin' about life this week?

Fish en papillote - which is a fancy name for fish parcels - from the Eat Happy cookbook by Melissa Hemsley
Preparation phase

Unwrapping the parcels ready to serve phase

All plated up and looking just a tiny bit fancy

My current cookbooks of choice

Want the recipes? Super easy.  Check the comments below.

Are you a non-chef non-foodie?

What delights do you create?

Got any favourite cook books? 

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  1. Recipe time:
    Coriander Chicken with avocado salsa
    Grab some chicken breasts. BBQ them or put them on a cast iron griddle thingo (which is what I did). Cook one side, then the other, then flip again and pile on some fresh coriander for a bit more cooking until the breast is just cooked through.
    For the salsa: cut up 1/2 Spanish onion, some garlic, chopped chili (to taste), chopped tomatoes, an avocado and mix it all together. Throw in some coriader leaves and squeeze fresh lemon juice all over it.
    Serve the chicken with the salsa piled on top. Easy!

  2. Another Recipe:
    Fish parcels
    I bought hoki fish fillets but you can use any white fish.
    Get some baking paper (a sheet per person) and create a line of green beans stacked side by side. Pop the fish on top and then cut up cherry tomatoes and position them around the fish. Put a few asparagus spears on top of the fish and add some big pieces of yellow capsicum. Pour a bit of melted butter on top (not too much) and sprinkle with thyme. Add a circle or two of lemon, then wrap up the parcel and cook it for about 15 minutes in a 200 degree oven. Longer if your fillets were frozen. Unwrap and serve with some store bought pesto on the fish and a pile of rice on the side.

  3. As you know, I love cooking - and have enough recipe books to fill a shop of my own...but I'm always looking for more...and Eat Happy looks like it could be my type of book.

  4. I'm a foodie eating out but I hate to cook. I 'hello fresh' and 'marley spoon' it for the Vegetarian, who doesn't eat vegetables to try and get some food into them, so I've had to extend myself a little....#Lovinglifelinky

  5. I go through phases where I love cooking and try new recipes to then reverting to basics and not enjoying it. I even gave an IG account just for food, but not my cooking. I love the look of your two dishes! I'll definitely be trying these.


  6. I have HAD to cook because it has been the ONLY way I could make something both healthy and tasty for me to eat. It has been 14 months since I have eaten anything other than soft or very small pieces of cooked foods. So, I applaud you for your new found love! I am over cooking for one and look forward to being able to share a normal meal with my husband. Just do not know when. Denyse x

  7. Totally made me laugh with this one. I have to warn you that once you go with "good food" you can't go back to the other!!! But your body will thank you!!

  8. Thanks for the fish parcel idea! I only cook fish in the oven.

    SSG xxx

  9. I'm totally a non-foodie. Recipe books and Master Chef both put me to sleep. I have no understanding of people crying over some stupid dessert that a chef created with no other motive than to make a name for himself. I'm glad you've discovered your inner Heston - I'll be sticking to meat and 3 veg for now :)

  10. I love cooking when I have time and inspiration, and I love to read cookbooks for new ideas. Having moved to Noosaville we are finding so much amazing fresh produce that I think my cooking mojo might be returning, which I am very happy about. Enjoy your cooking and the eating too.

  11. I like to cook when I have time-LOL. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. I am not a cook either but I love to eat. I always think recipes are too much work for the quick time it takes to eat it.

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