Monday, September 24, 2018

Day 3260 - What was the last thing you bought?

Money in, money out ...

Money continues to float out the door in our house and the items that are purchased can be a clear indication of what's happening in our world on any given week.

Take those boots up there for example.  They are called Adidas X 18.1 men's football boots and are the latest and greatest thing to hit the credit card this week.  With our boy growing at a phenomenal rate, these bad boys were purchased in a men's size 11 on Saturday.  Proof that just because the soccer season is over, it doesn't mean there's no more soccer.  It means that our boy will continue training and skilling in the off season because (in his own words) "football is life".

Money continued to float out the door yesterday as we took an impromptu family wander around Floriade.  The sky was blue and the air was fresh with spring tones.  What better way to celebrate the season than to surround ourselves with flowers.  Floriade is a free experience unless you get woo'ed by the ferris wheel and the allure of fair food - like funnel cakes.  (More about Floriade later in the week.)

As this week is the model daughter's 19th birthday (I know right, didn't we just celebrate her 18th?) there is much money floating out the door for gifts and birthday celebrations.  While I can't go into specifics for fear of ruining the surprise, there may have been money spent on clothing, a handbag and a Kim-Kardashian-esque clip on pony tail to magically turn shoulder length hair into long luscious locks of sleek pony perfection. 

From a business point of view my last purchases were for the services of my website guy to spruce up the Cheer Chick Charlie website in readiness for book release in two weeks, as well as the renewal of a bunch of domain names, and the purchase of boutique bows to match the cover of the latest book (because doesn't every book deserve to have matching accessories?).

Wondering what I spent on myself recently? Well, other than that ridiculously sweet funnel cake up there, my last Leanne specific purchase was at the chemist to get my scripts in order.  $80 worth of pain killers and fibromyalgia meds to fill up the bedside drawer.  Plus the doctors visit beforehand, And so it goes ...

What was the last thing you bought?

Do your purchases reflect where you're at in life?

How many of your purchases have been well planned, and how many bought at whim? 


  1. It is so easy to spend money isn't it Leanne? Floriade is a lovely time to visit Canberra and looks like you had fun eating that funnel cake. Happy birthday to your daughter, the years do fly don't they but I'm sure she will be loved and spoiled on her day. I love your littk Cheer Chicks Charlie girl, exciting times ahead for you and yes you can't have enough accessories with a new book. Have a great week! #LifethisWeek

  2. It just goes...but as long as you have enough to live on, it doesn't really matter if some weeks it's all gone! As for Funnel Cake - way too sweet! I had some in Hawaii on a friend's recommendation and had to throw it in the bin!

  3. Hahaha, he's right! Football IS life. But it's also expensive when it comes to the gear. Happy 19th to your daughter too! I couldn't handle the funnel cake I got at the state fair last year. Talk about sweet! I felt like the enamel was being eaten off my teeth.
    The last thing I bought was the grocery haul from Costco this morning. Slightly less fun than a Kardashian clip-on ponytail.

  4. I bought a cheap block of cheese last night for sandwiches and spent hundreds at the vet on Saturday (and more to come today) because my dog has broken her toe. Not really fun purchases.

  5. Other than groceries, my last purchase was a birthday card for my niece. Happy birthday to your daughter, and all the best with your book release!

  6. Your son sounds like my youngest brother! Football is life and if you're heard calling it soccer you're in big trouble, ha!
    I've bought stamps recently to help me create art journal pieces and hopefully get out of a funk!

  7. The last thing I bought - other than groceries - was a bay tree and a pot to put it in. Purchased at the garden centre during my lunch break today.

  8. There are those weeks aren't there where money just walks out the door? I'm having one at the moment with lots of school related expenses. And then there's the small matter fo my trip next week. Oh dear! At least we have the good health to enjoy and put the money to good use.

    SSG xxx

  9. Your recent purchases confirm that life is busy with teenagers still in the house! I'm now out of that zone but am delighting in purchases for my brand new granddaughter (now I sound really old):) I bought a gorgeous little outfit for her at Floriade last week. The weather is great for a walk around the gardens isn't it? All the best for the upcoming birthday and launch. #lifethisweek

  10. It never stops with kids does it? I know that it was like that for us too. But we are on a much smaller income now we are fully retired and spending is curtailed...except for clothes (!) and a new laminator. Oh and coffee..!
    See you next MONDAY
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is Share Your Snaps! Denyse

  11. LOL I blogged about my last purchase too by coincidence - a bit of a spending spree at Kmart, whoops!


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