Thursday, September 27, 2018

Day 3263 - Floriade

Flowers, flowers and more flowers

Last weekend the family took an impromptu visit to Floriade.

People travel the world over to attend our spring flower festival with bus loads of retirees and school kids flocking in each day.  Given this free annual festival is right here in Canberra, you'd think I'd be a regular visitor, right?  Nope. I can honestly say that in my 30 years living in the ACT, I can count my Floriade visits on one hand.

I can't really give you an explanation other than I feel that once you've seen it, you've seen it.  I mean flowers are flowers right?

Or are they?

According to the Floriade website, Floriade is Australia's biggest celebration of spring which runs from mid September to mid October each year.

Apparently there are more than a million bulbs and annuals at the festival which all need to be planted just at the right time to ensure they bloom for us in time for opening and keep their magnificence right through to the end.

Gardeners and green thumbs love Floriade with garden clubs travelling a long way to view the colours of spring.

Floriade has been in the ACT for as long as I have, starting in 1988 as a one off celebration of Canberra's 75th birthday and Australia's bicentenary. Back when I first went to Floriade (when Tahlia was a toddler) I recall it being all about the tulips. So many tulips. So much so that I probably would have considered it a tulip festival more than a celebration of all things spring.  Possibly because of the founder being from a country renowned for its tulips.  Christiaan Slotemaker de Bruine based it on the world famous "Keukenhof" garden in The Netherlands.

But now it's clearly so much more than just tulips.

Take a wander through Floriade with me to check it out.

The term "Floriade" is trademarked and is currently the largest flower festival in the southern hemisphere with over 300,000 visitors wandering through Commonwealth Park over the 4 week period each year.  It is considered the most important regular event for tourism in the ACT.

With food, entertainment, cultural celebrations, art, stalls and recreational activities, Floriade is so much more than just flowers.  It truly is a festival of spring.

What: Floriade
Where: Commonwealth Park in Canberra
When: Mid September to Mid October every year
Why: To celebrate spring
Who: Everyone welcome for a family day out
What else:  Floriade Night Fest featuring music, dancing, food, movies and a light show (see website for details - note: this is a ticketed event)

Flowers, flowers and more flowers

That's what I'm lovin' about life this week.

How about you?

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  1. I’ve still never been! But I think maybe I should make the effort!

  2. Trying to get there this year. Will keep you posted if I do!

  3. I was there last year! Hard to believe that was a whole year ago. I loved it and I enjoyed the Nightfest too! Also must add that tulips are my favourite flower which made me a very happy little pig in mud! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  4. Love your pics. When we lived inCanberra we went every year - and used to time our visits back to coincide with it. I used to like visiting at night too - so disappointed that this is now ticketed.

  5. I loved Floriade the few times I have been. B came on one occasion and I took Dad on another. The photos I got of those flowers were amazing. If I still lived in Sydney, I would return tom Canberra more but since it is close to a 4.5 to 5 hour journey it is too much. Nevertheless I am glad to have the experiences of Canberra in my life. Denyse x

  6. A lovely way to start my day, Leanne. The flowers are stunning despite the drought and you looked like you had a ball. Love your hat by the way. x

  7. Nice photos, Leanne. Enjoy spring!

  8. Oh, I do love Floriade - I've been going as long as you have. In fact, one year we had a stall there. Missed the first week so must pop in soon.

  9. What a fun event to visit. But I know what you mean...I'm not really a flower girl, except when it comes to taking photos for the blog!!

  10. The smell of all those flowers must have been amazing. I've never been to a flower show of any kind but I think I would love the scent.

  11. I keep promising myself that I will get to Floriade one year. Thanks for sharing your memories in the meantime. I love the trousers and flower arrangement!

    SSG xxx

  12. How beautiful. I would love to see this flower show. Tulips are my absolute favourite!

  13. Such beautiful flowers and so colourful Spring is such a pretty season. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Just beautiful - I love when people post about Floriade because their posts always have lots of gorgeous flower pics - also loved all the foodie stalls etc. It looks like a fabulous event.

  15. So very beautiful. I love the colors. So nice. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.

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  19. It’s that time of the year! Tulips are growing, and the landscape will soon transform into a colourful patchwork. These perennials are truly wonderful flowers.

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