Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Day 3268 - In Real Life moments

If there was no photo, did it actually happen?

Deep Fried Fruit and Denyse Whelan Blogs
Two blogs having IRL hugs for the first time
Yesterday the hubster, soccer-mad-lad and I jumped in the KIA (packed to the rafters) for the slow leisurely drive to the Gold Coast for my book release. As with any slow leisurely trip, we factored in a few stop-overs along the way.  First stop - an IRL cuppa with a fellow blogger.

The great thing about meeting up with other bloggers In Real Life (IRL) is they understand the need for photos.  We bloggers photograph our food, our art, our clothing, our walks, our travel, our shopping exhibitions, our handbags .... we photograph it all, because that's what we do.  We capture moments in time to share with the world.

Like the photo above. A moment in time when Denyse Whelan and I caught up for morning tea at a DJ's cafe and randomly asked a lovely DJ's staff member to snap us together in the bedding department.  No judgement, no questions asked, no embarrassment.  We're bloggers. That's how we roll.

Photographic evidence of brunch at DJs PLUS Denyse's bookmark art
Right after having a bunch of IRL hugs with Denyse I then popped in to see one of my uni besties who just happens to share the same air as Denyse. 

After checking out my friends vege patch, chatting about chickens, hearing about her upcoming camp-out and discussing which TV series we should binge on next, we got back on the road.  I was at the top of her driveway before I realised there was no photographic evidence of my visit. 

No can do.

So I jumped out of the car waving at her hysterically to join me for a selfie.  Because if there is no photo, did it actually happen?

Lucky for me she knows me and just laughs at my constant need for photographic proof.  It's part of who I am.  It's how I process and retain the special moments that make up my every day.  That photo went straight to Facebook.

Taking daily pics is part of my "positivity training".  Yep, that's a totally made up phrase I use when I'm having to nurture myself to see the positives in life.  Especially when it feels the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

Taking pictures for me is a way of focusing on the good stuff.  Of grabbing IRL moments and freezing them.  Whether it be noticing the beauty of a blossom or the care someone has taken when plating my meal. 

Whether it be the fact that my accessories match the beautiful new scarf C brought back from Greece or the fact my online make-up order arrived beautifully boxed with a surprise chocolate gift.

Life is good when everything matches

Chocolate for breakfast when my Thalgo foundation arrived

Photos help me to enhance and recall my IRL experiences.  They help me view the world with rose coloured glasses and acknowledge the great in our every day.

What do photos mean to you?

Are you snap happy?

Have you met someone IRL lately for the first time?

If there was no photo, did it actually happen?

My catch up with Denyse was lovely. She is exactly how I expected her to be - warm, chatty, interesting, interested and empathetic. She is just like her bloggy persona - only you can squeeze her for real.  She also looks incredible with her renewed health and new cancer-free smile. So if you ever get the chance to say hi to Denyse for real, do it! In the meantime, you can visit her over at Denyse Whelan Blogs.

Side note: I do believe we may have actually met once before at a conference many many years ago, but it was in passing and there was no hugging so it doesn't count.  


  1. I love this photo of you and Denyse! Yes I drive my husband CRAZY taking photos of everything! LOL

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. It's nice to hang out with people who understand the constant need for pictorial "evidence"

  2. You two look beautiful and both so very happy.

  3. Isn't Denyse lovely? She was one of the first people I met IRL at a blogger's thingy many years ago, and made me feel instantly at home. I'm so glad you blogged about this. I've written mini-posts about it and I have a half-written blog post about it in the pipeline. We get so much flack for taking photos and videos, which supposedly means we are not in the moment. Well, yes, if we're not enjoying the moment fussing about angles and filters maybe we are not. But if we are capturing a memory - that's something different. My Mum, Grandfather, and several other members of my family had or have dementia and Alzheimers. (One of them is very young, younger than me). I myself, due to medication and trauma, have moments in time that are wiped from my brain - as do my kids. I'm so grateful for the photographic or video memories that I have - and little things - pieces of rubbed glass from a WA beach, a ticket stub from a concert, a post card I never sent, the pee-sticks from when I found out I was pregnant - remind me of moments that were so special. Being behind the camera, and in front of it, has a place.

    1. Totally agree. My memory is shot too for a number of reasons (fibro fog, pain medication, stress) so the pictures and videos really help. For a few years I was creating photo "videos" with music of key holidays etc. I soooo love watching them. I've gotten lazy due to Facebook now holding all my photo albums. If I lose my Facebook account I'm screwed. It's my "memory" now.

  4. How wonderful that you got to meet Denyse IRL and isn't her new smile radiant! I share your joy in people who understand the importance of photos - like you I believe it's important to document things, and keep an eye out for the beautiful and positive. I'm just sorry I can't meet up with you this time around xxx

  5. Oh this is so cool, a post that I am in!! What a great idea you had to catch up and it was fun. I too take pics everywhere and especially as part of updating my progress!! Yesterday at Lifehouse, no-one batted an eye when I said "photo?" My day there was amazing but I can away saddened a bit as there was the reminder by my Prof at the end, that I will need to be having cancer checks every 3 months and that cancer can return because I have already had it. I have spent today trying to get my head around the highs and lows of the visit. Hope the weather is good where you are and that you sell all the books!!

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is Best Friend Stories. Denyse.

    1. Oh, those damn scary 3 month checks. Yes, always on tenderhooks. But I guess that is better than never being monitored and constantly wondering "what if". They are a great bunch those Chris O'Brien mob. So well coordinated and they actually see the human (rather than just another patient). Was great to see you! See you tomorrow for Lovin Life Linky

    2. They are indeed. I am fortunate as you know and it is arguably the 'best place'. D xx

  6. Such a lovely pic! It's funny, but I've in the past forgotten to take photos when meeting with some bloggers. Go figure!

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