Thursday, November 8, 2018

Day 3305 - A celebration of unity

The love knot

On Tuesday I arrived at the Gold Coast to spend a quick two days with the husband as he plays basketball at the Pan Pacific Masters games.  What is usually a boys trip had to allow for a touch of estrogen as I flew in to spend my 20th wedding anniversary with the hubby.

Flowers and an appointment card from Georg Jensen Jewellers greeted me on Melbourne Cup day in celebration of both our meetaversary (we met on Melbourne Cup day 24 years ago) and the milestone wedding anniversary.

Now one might think that crashing a sweaty boys trip may not be the most romantic option, but I can safely say that as a couple, we were treated to much celebration over the course of the 48 hours I've spent in a house full of basketballing blokes at Broadbeach.

Of course the hubby had a lot to do with that.  With champagne, flowers, love heart balloon and soppy anniversary card, as well as much hand holding, hugs and appreciation for my presence.  The trip to Georg Jensen to select my silver knot bangle a particular highlight.

The knot bangle signifies an unbreakable pledge of love and devotion. Crafted from a single continuous piece of silver this Georg Jensen creation is a symbol of unity, connection and commitment.  A great reminder of our binding love.

It's the perfect symbol of our 20 year union.

For anyone who follows my Instagram you will have seen my story was flooded with wedding pics and snaps of our two days together.  I won't bore you with too much of that again, other than to show a quick "then and now" comparison.

So much has changed in those 20 years, but then again, not a lot has changed either.  Each day that we wake up in the same house, sharing the same bed and the same air, energy and togetherness, we're declaring our commitment, loyalty, devotion and union.  Through the good times and the bad, through the tenderness and the arguments, through the sunny days and those filled with clouds, we're standing solid in the knowledge that our union is something worth fighting for.

We're a love knot.

Each day we declare our commitment in it's simplest form - just by being together.

And that right there is what I'm lovin' about life this week.

Have you heard of a love knot?

Anybody else celebrating a significant anniversary or union?

What would your ultimate anniversary celebration look like?

While you contemplate that I've got to pack my bags and order my Uber for the airport dash.  Hubby's team have won 3 of their 4 games and he needs to get his mind ready to play his 5th this morning if they want to secure a spot in the gold medal round.  He can't have his lady around distracting him! 

To find out more about Georg Jensen and their world recognised craftmanship, click here.

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  1. Congratulations, Leanne! The silver knot bangle is beautiful.

  2. Happy Anniversary and congratulations! I love the photo's. You two get better looking with age. You've certainly not aged at all! That bangle is gorgeous and the meaning behind it just beautiful. Cheers to 20 more years and beyond! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  3. I love Georg Jensen - that's so beautiful!! And I really love this "So much has changed in those 20 years, but then again, not a lot has changed either." I think that really sums up a long and happy marriage. Congratulations. Well done!

  4. How beautiful, Leanne. Thanks for sharing and I love the ring. You both haven't changed at all in your before and after photos. Here's to another 20 years together enjoying life.

    1. Hahaha. Maybe we just looked middle-aged before our time :)

  5. Just beautiful. Congratulations to both of you.

  6. Happy Anniversary - loved the photos, loved the bangle - and love long term love itself. May there be many many more years of being interwoven together xx

  7. Happy Anniversary Leanne! Aww, you look as lovely now as you did way back then. What a beautiful gift too - I love that bangle.

  8. A better expression of love I am yet to see. Congratulations to you both.xx

  9. That's the sweetest thing ever!! Happy anniversary!!

  10. Congratulations but I seriously think neither of you have aged in those 20yrs!!!

    1. Hahaha. The more people say that the more I'm thinking we must have looked middle aged on our wedding day! LOL

  11. I love the love knot and a beautiful way to celebrate your anniversary. Congratulations and all the best for another 20 years!

  12. Happy Anniversary and Congrats. Wishing you another 20 years (at least). Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Happy anniversary and congratulations!! It was so wonderful that you got to spend an amazing weekend with your hubby!! And the bangle looks so special!

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