Monday, November 12, 2018

Day 3309 - I Remember When ....

I remember when I was a size 0

Sure it was almost 30 years ago and it was short lived, but when I first arrived in the USA in 1991 I went shopping for a pair of jeans and walked away with a big fat zero on my label.  An American summer full of beer, fun and fries, and the resulting 20+ pounds, put an end to those jeans pretty quickly. But there was a time ...

I remember when I would get up each morning at 5am, shower, dress for work, watch TV before my baby woke up, then feed, pack her into the car and be at work by 7.45. Then I'd wander across to the daycare centre at lunch time to feed her and spend half an hour with her in my arms.

I remember when I got my belly button pierced only to have the bar rip out through my skin when I was 8 months pregnant with my son and on my way to a wedding.  I arrived with a Chemist bought patch on my stomach to soak up the blood and gave up on body piercing for good.

I remember the day my dad phoned me at uni to say that we had two American girls staying at our house for the weekend and could I come home and entertain them.

I remember how that weekend turned into a week and one of those girls became my bestie.

I remember when I got on an international flight for the first time.

I remember my first day of high school.

I remember my first day of uni.

I remember when I could drink wine.

I remember when I got pummeled by a wave and tumbled so badly that I thought I might drown.

I remember when I used to take my panda bear and his suitcase of clothes with us on holidays.

I remember my Golden Dream Barbie Doll.

I remember my first bra with the clasp at the front.

I remember my first bank card and going to an ATM for the very first time.

I remember my first experience with death when I came home to find my mother in tears and learning my paternal grandfather had died.

I remember bringing home a ginger kitten from school after a litter of them had been dumped in our wash sheds.

I remember making him a bed and how he cried for his mother during the first night in our home.

I remember waking up and finding him on the couch cuddling a cushion.

I remember loving him so dearly.

I remember finding out that my cat had been run over by a car and laying face down on the grass, thumping my fists on the ground and screaming in grief.

I remember the joy of getting a new grey tabby feline friend and having him in my world for 10 years.

I remember his personality, his wanderings, his meow and calling his name to bring him in at the end of each day.

I remember the number of times he should have died but didn't.

I remember when he got sick.

I remember the day I said goodbye to him as I headed to uni knowing he was so sick I'd never see him again. I cried for an hour straight as my heart broke.

I remember the day my mother was diagnosed with leukemia.

I remember Dad injecting her with chemotherapy drugs.

I remember her bone marrow transplant.

I remember the smell of that bone marrow transplant.

I remember the smell of my hairspray as a teen.

I remember my jelly soled sandals with strings that tied right up my leg.

I remember seeing Wham and wearing lemon coloured 3/4 jeans with matching lemon coloured sleeveless jean jacket with white tee.

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I remember seeing Prince and wearing a pirate frilled blouse which was sooo incredibly "Prince"

I remember watching the Brady Bunch when I got home from school as well as Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie.

I remember where I was and what I was doing when so many significant world events occurred.

I remember going to drive in movies.

I remember night clubbing until dawn.

I remember when I only had one grey hair and pulling it out and having three grow back in its place.

I remember when I could remember things.

It's weird the things I remember.  Yet I can't remember what I watched on TV last night nor what I ate for lunch two days ago.

How's your memory?

What do you remember?

Do you have similar memories to mine? 

Today's post prompted by Denyse Whelan Blogs.


  1. This is a great collection of memories! Loved reading through them and can relate to quite a few! #lifethisweek

  2. Oh wow that is a range of memories for sure.

  3. What a wonderful trip down Memory Lane. I am exactly the same I can remember things from way back but I can hardly remember what I did last week. This is such a great post - I might have to write my own I remember post before I forget :)

  4. This was such a moving post to read, Leanne. I laughed and I teared up. Thanks for sharing all these memories.

    SSG xxx

  5. What a fantastic collection of memories!!! I can remember my 'Miss Piggy' doll I got for my 8th birthday. I loved her and i think it was one of the first times I actually felt valued.

  6. What a thought provoking post! Thanks for sharing this collection of memories - it certainly brought some to mind for me in the process. =)

  7. How wonderful to learn more about you dear Leanne. This was evocative writing. I have a few of those "I remembers" but never about size 0 jeans.

    Thank you for joining in #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is "Best Cake I Have Eaten". P.S. I think mine will have several entries!! Denyse

  8. There was something poetic about this post --- you've captured life's ups and downs beautifully!


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