Thursday, December 13, 2018

Day 3340 - What song would you choose for your funeral?

Chelsea Dagger

Before you start reading, please press play. 

Yesterday we celebrated Chelsea's life at her final farewell.  She had chosen her own music to play at the service and let's just say the entry song wasn't an obvious choice for a funeral, but one that made everyone smile and tap their feet.  It was the perfect way to lighten up a sombre occasion.

A few years ago in the midst of the cancers our Chelsea changed her Facebook name to Chelsea Dagger.  Most of us had no idea why. We thought the "dagger" was just part of her warrior approach to life.

Nope. Chelsea Dagger is actually the name of a song. And it's that song she asked us to play before her service began.

So we did.  And it was perfect.

I'm not going to talk much about Chelsea's funeral as we're still recovering from the reality of her final farewell.  (Plus I may or may not have a hangover.)

But I did want to share her song with you (and the film clip which was also so very Chelsea) and ask you this:

What song(s) would you choose for your funeral? 

Write them down and share them with your family.  Having that personal choice of music really is quite touching and brings our loved one into the room.

Chelsea's choice made us laugh.  Sure, we also cried.  But it was a laughter through our tears that warmed our hearts at a time when our hearts were breaking.

I will forever have Chelsea Dagger on my playlist and will dance in her memory.

So that's what I'm lovin' about life this week.  That Chelsea's sense of humour stayed with us right til the end.

What song(s) would you choose for your funeral? 

Edit:  Chris O'Brien Lifehouse was instrumental in giving us a very precious extra 15 months with our Chelsea.  If you would like to donate to the amazing work of Chris O'Brien's team you can do so via Chelsea's memorial page at

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  1. I love the song. And I love she chose it. I think the personal touches are the most important, and that it's a sad enough occasion that it doesn't need to be sombre - they poems and songs should be a reflection of the person, not the occasion. I

  2. I've always loved this song & it's such a full of life choice that sounds perfect. My choice? My family is fully aware of my choices - as macabre as that sounds. Top of that list is My Way - the Robbie Williams version & Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World...which we also used as a wedding waltz. Sending heart healing hugs your way - even though I know they won't begin to touch the surface.

  3. Great song choice! I can't even imagine how horrible yesterday was. The only person I've lost (really close to me - not counting grandparents etc) was my dad and he only had traditional hymns etc. But the year before he passed we went to an organ donation event (he'd had a heart transplant) and they played Wendy Matthews 'The Day You Went Away' and it breaks my heard AND fills me with joy each time I hear it now.

  4. What an individual choice and what a touching story. I hope you're all managing to put the pieces of your lives back together after Chelsea's farewell. For me, The Blue Danube. So many memories to that song. Played at my wedding, at various anniversaries, and it was a favourite of my grandmother's too.

  5. That's a great song and tells me a lot about the humour and lightness of Chelsea. I know yesterday must have been incredibly hard. The days that follow will be too ... now that the busy'ness of organising her farewell is done. I have no idea what song I would like played at my funeral but I will most definitely think on it! Sending love and hugs xoxo

  6. Sending love, Leanne. Chelsea was a special person and this song will be one piece of her that you can hold in your heart.

    SSG xxx

  7. What a great way to have your final send off - with the music you chose. Make sure you take some time to just be - and rest. I would pick "I am Woman" by Helen Reddy

  8. I love the story of the song and Chelsea's name change to go with it. I know that laughter and tears are what we have and they would have been in spades there yesterday. You were all in my thoughts and sending love to all. I change my mind about so many songs and there could be many for me and my husband. One that we have found moving is Time To Say Goodbye...but I tear up now just listening. Denyse x

  9. What a fantastic and upbeat song that she chose Leanne. I have my funeral songs picked and saved to a folder on my laptop - a little morbid, but when I hear something I can't help but save it. I love "The Day You Went Away" by Wendy Matthews so it's one I have saved just in case. I hope you dance everytime you hear Chelsea's song - she'd love that.

  10. I think this is a marvelous idea to choose your own song. Because we want others to remember us a certain way.
    I was thinking of you this week when I posted my Instagram post. We always think of the holidays as cheerful, but it's also a time I remember those who have passed.
    I know everyone says this, but I am praying and thinking of you often.

  11. Sending you warm healing hugs, Leanne, and thank you for sharing Chelsea's song with us. I hope you dance every time you hear it to celebrate Chelsea's life.

  12. Sending prayers to you and her friends and what a beautiful and perfect song to be remembered by. When my time comes I would love have "75 Seasons Suite" by Tom Hedden played. It is an instrumental that I so love.

    Thanks for hosting and sending you positive thoughts and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

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