Monday, January 7, 2019

Day 3365 - Making Fifty FUN!

My word of the year - FIFTY! 

If you've been reading me for the last few years you'll know I'm a huge fan of the "word of the year".  I love this simplicity of it and the inspiration a word can have.  A simple reminder to keep us on track.  For the last few years my words have been FOCUS, WILL, SOLUTION, OPPORTUNITY, ONWARD & UPWARD (that was the year I rebelled and had 2 words) and BE.  Then last year I accepted the challenge to find a word that started with the initial of my name and went with LIGHT.

I'm not doing that this year.  I'm being very un-Leanne and ditching the motivational word.  I'm going for something completely different.  Instead I'm going to focus on my inspirational age.

In October I'll be hitting a major milestone. That point where I find myself at the arse end of midlife (yes, I fully intend to live until I'm 100) and smack bang at the start of being "older". 

Words like "mature" and "senior" will become part of my vocabulary. 

When I hit 50 I'll only have one year left to say I'm middle aged because the moment I hit 51, BANG, I'm now just getting old. I mean, I could still call myself middle aged but I'm thinking that living to 102 might be a bit of stretch.

So anyway, my word of the year is FIFTY. In all it's BIG birthday glory.  I love a zero birthday and I can't wait to embrace this one. 

So here's what's going to happen.  We're going to get back to bloggy basics. 

I started this blog when I hit 40 and it was raw, unedited, and had no filter.  I hid behind my secret identity. I didn't reveal my name for a long time and never posted a photo.  I just wrote what was on my mind.  I was free to explore what it felt like to turn 40 in all it's mid-life glory where I talked about boobs, trying to become a runner (and falling over the dog), and talked more about boobs (the time I lost my nipple). I want to get back to exploring my age and working out how to embrace it.

So here we go. The blog will take on a slightly new format (and I might even get some new bloggy clothes if I can work out how to turn this plain ol' site into something a little more fancy).  I want to get back to learning how to embrace the aging process.  Not to be all preachy ... just to share what it feels like.  For real. 


F is for Fabulous and will include stuff about fashion, mindset, make-up, accessories, skin care and all the things that make us FEEL amazing.

I is for Inspired where I'll try to be all motivational and that sort of stuff and will also share inspiration from others.

F is for Fitness which will include exercise, diet and mind food. 

T is for Travel where I will take you on many fun adventures including a big trip overseas as well as little junkets and maybe even a few stay-cations.

Y is for Youthfulness which is where I'll push through the fear, try new things and go on some not-so-deep-fried youthful adventures.

So that's me.  That's where I'm at.  That's what's going on in my world this year.


I can't wait!! 

PS Go read that stuff I wrote previously.  It's all linked up there in the paragraph about 40.  It's funny to go back and hear how I was dealing with the midlife.  The key word being "funny".  Forty was funny.  No seriously ... it was.  I hope 50 is that funny ...    



  1. Happy New Year, Leanne! You'll make this year a fabulous, fantastic, and fun fifty. No doubt.

  2. Love love love your positive attitude to getting older! Hope this years a good one!

  3. I can't wait's to fantabulous.

  4. Sounds like your year ahead is going to be fabulous indeed. I think 50 was a major turning point for me - it's when I started the whole process of becoming "Me" rather than staying in the box I'd been placed in over the years. This year I've chosen "More" as my word - because I want to be even More Me as the year progresses - 2nd half of life - best half of life :) xx

  5. Bring it on - fifty sounds fabulous and I'm not that far behind you! I like to think getting older is like a fine wine, it just gets better with age!

  6. Love it Leanne and Fifty is a fabulous time of year. I'm out of my 50s now but I loved my 50th year and it was the beginning of many new things for me. Enjoy every moment!

  7. Fantastic attitude to fifty! Happy new year!

  8. Fabulous at fifty!! I had a ball the year I turned 50 and am now on the contfown to 60 (late 2020), which is a scary thought. Your post is brilliant and accepting the age we are is so important.. All the best for your big year ahead #lifethisweek

  9. Ok, I so stealing the spelling out of fifty and putting it on FB. I turn 50 in 16 days and embracing it. Thanks so much for that.

  10. 50 is fabulous. It’s a great age to be and I know you will love it!
    All the very best to you in the New Year.

    Farmers Wifey

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  12. I would expect nothing less from you!! What a lot has happened in your life in this past decade and how wonderful that you are now turning your year of turning 50 into one that matches YOU. I am going to be 70 and there will be no celebrations other than something quiet. Neither of us want anything at all - B is 70 next month- we are grateful for reasonable health and our retired lifestyle together. I reminded my Dad (95 this Friday) that he will have a 70 y o daughter this year!

    Thank you for linking up to the first week of 51 for #lifethisweek in 2019. Next week, the optional prompt is “Word, Intention,Nothing” …I have all three (joke!) and will blog over the weekend about why. Denyse

  13. Have a healthy and fabulous year ahead...
    I think 51 years is not that OLD :D

  14. Happy New Year, Leanne! I love how you've broken down FIFTY into some fabulous areas! Have a great year ahead!

  15. Noooooo say it isn't so ... my 50th was a while ago but I'm still middle aged thanks very much ;-)


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