Thursday, January 10, 2019

Day 3368 - Tips for buying a swimsuit in middle age

Get over yourself and just buy the damn swimsuit! 

Surf Beach NSW, Australia

I was laying on the beach last week watching all the people wander back and forth from the water.  People of all shapes, sizes and ages enjoying the sunshine and battling the heat by cooling themselves in the ocean.

Are you one of these people that agonises over whether or not you're swimsuit worthy?

Do you judge every lump, bump and dimple in the change room as you determine whether or not to buy the swimsuit?

The thing I noticed on the beach the other day is that every person was wearing a swimsuit and every person looked absolutely fine.  Each person just blended into the crowd and each body was swimsuit worthy.

Why? Because it was bloody hot and nobody gave a shit about lumps, bumps and dimples.  We were all there for the same reason.

It occurred to me that we do ourselves an injustice as we judge ourselves in the change rooms.  We're not buying swimmers to wear down the street, out to dinner, to the mall or down the catwalk.  We're buying them so we can swim.  So we can join other people wearing their swimmers to the pool, river, lake or beach.

From the movie "Dumplin"

My tips for buying a swimsuit in middle age

This selection is from KMart, Jantzen and KMart
With beach kimonos from Suzanne Grae and Macy's
Towel is from Giorgio Beverley Hills

(1)  Find a style that is comfortable and stick with it.  My swimwear of choice right now has over the shoulder straps with V neck.  It supports my large bust without putting strain on my neck. Now that I've found the style that works best for me, I'm sticking with it.

(2)  Buy a fabric that feels firm.  Ensure there is good elasticity, that the fabric isn't flimsy and the swimsuit has a lining so you feel more "secure".

(3)  Don't feel you have to spend a fortune.  I used to pay up to $200 for a swimsuit but now I'm equally happy with a $25 KMart suit.  Swimwear can cost as much or as little as you're willing to spend.

(4)  Buy a matching wrap, sarong or draw string pants.  It's easy to find extra pieces of light clothing to act as a "cover all" as you walk down the beach, wander through the resort or chat with friends at a pool party.  I'm a big fan of both the beach kimono and white cotton/linen draw string pants that go well with a one piece.

(5)  Don't judge yourself so harshly in the change room.  I strongly recommend that before buying your next set of swimmers, you go to the beach and sit for a while and just watch the people enjoying the summer.  You'll see all shapes, sizes and ages.  You're buying swimmers to swim.  Not to wear to the supermarket.  Remember that when you're trying them on.

(6) Get over yourself and just buy the damn swimsuit! 

Do you have any swimwear tips?

How harshly do you judge yourself in the change room?

What's your swimwear of choice?

This post is part of the Fabulous series I'll be rolling out over the next 18 months as I celebrate 50.

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  1. It's very true that you see bodies of all shapes and sizes on the beach enjoying swimming and cooling down and that ALL bodies are swimsuit bodies. It's sad how self conscious us women (in particular) can be. I'm still trying to find the perfect swimsuit for my body shape. Got close last year but the halter tie around the neck can be bothersome. I'm going to try a tankini next - with over the shoulder straps and a v-neckline (like you like) which I think will work well for me. #TeamLovinLife

  2. Your tip #6 is fabulous :) I like how you're celebrating your 50.

  3. Ok, I'm overweight - properly so - and should feel self conscious in a swimsuit, but the fact of the matter is I'm in my pool every day and at the beach at least once a week. If I allowed myself to feel self conscious I'd be missing out on that - so I don't. I have, however, landed on a shape that's good for me and buy the same shape in different colours or prints every year. Just buy the damn swimsuit.

  4. I embraced that notion many years ago because even though I was (and can be seen as now) overweight, no way was I missing a swim or a surf. Great post. And hey, you have changed link providers I note!! Denyse x

  5. Hi Leanne, I am terrible when it comes to buying swimsuits. I just never like myself in them. But then I remember that most of us feel that way so it makes me feel that I'm not alone. A sarong is a great addition. #teamlovinlife

  6. I did and in doing so I've found my body confidence. It was very liberating wearing a 2 piece to the baths and swimming in them!!

    SSG xxx

  7. Great advice here Leanne, and I love that floral swimsuit. I don't think I have ever worried too much about what I look like in swimmers, and at 65 that is probably just as well ;-)

  8. Love this! I think I only notice someone's body if their swimsuit is particularly revealing or something... I think you shared the pic on Facebook of the very high cut bikini bottoms that are doing the rounds at the moment. I get 1980s aerobic wear flashbacks from them!

  9. Very nice and wonderful advice. People just need to do it and not be worried about others. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  10. I love swimming so much, I don't care if lumps and bumps are on display. I am lucky to freelance for a swimsuit supplier so I have lots of beautiful quality German swimwear pieces that are a dream to wear.

  11. My tip - get a rashie!!! I got one for Christmas and I love it - sun protection and actually suits me!

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