Monday, January 14, 2019

Day 3372 - Who wants to add to my 50 before 50 list?

This is not a bucket list! 

This is definitely not a bucket list.  It's more of a "fuckit list" as I spend the next 18 months celebrating the downward slide to, then the fabulous year that is, 50.

I'd love for you to give me some ideas on things to do before my fabulous fifty turns into a 51 (which is a 50 with an annoying dangle hanging off it).

I need fifty things people!

So far my list includes:

  1. Travel to an exotic location I've never been to before
  2. Face my fears and spend a few days living/sleeping on a boat
  3. Learn how to play the drums
  4. Take boot scooting classes
  5. Go on walking adventures (either charity walks, join a walking club or sightseeing on foot)
  6. Find spots in my home town I've yet to see
  7. Have a girls weekend away with girls I wouldn't normally travel with
  8. Write a chick lit novel
  9. Swim 300 metres without stopping (in case I need to save myself falling off the above boat)
  10. Drive in a race car
  11. Be on TV (actual TV - internet does not count - preferably not the news for crashing a race car)

Now I pass the keyboard to you.  

Tell me what sort of things you think I could add to my list.  

What fun and fabulous things would you do (or have you done) in the lead up to fifty?


  1. When I turned 50 I spent most of the year celebrating in a variety of ways. The best ones were a European cycling holiday, a surprise party on a tropical island with all my family present and celebrating my actual birthday with a good friend who turned 60 at the same time - we had a 110 party together with all our friends. Your list sounds like fun, so enjoy the leadup to your year! #lifethisweek

  2. I want to take screaming lessons :)

  3. 1. Spend time alone: 3 nights with no internet. 2. Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge* 3. Tell someone you forgive them*. 4. Paint some wooden frames 5. Take photos that you can place in those frames. 6. End a 'job' you actually hate even though you pretend you love it. 7. Wear something you said "I will never wear" and see how it feels * 8. Drink a non-alcoholic beverage at a party where there is pressure to have alcohol 9. Take the damn govt bowel test* 10. Eat your fave lollies from childhood guilt-free. * are ones I need to pay attention to.

  4. Ooh I love these lists. I did a 30 by 30 list and a 35 by 35; contemplating whether I should do a 40 by 40. Anyway, some things I've done in the past - go sugar-free for a month, go alcohol-free for a month {never do both together!}, go to the movies by myself, solo travel, finish a reading challenge, chat up a stranger

  5. What a great list! I've totally borrowed some of these from my 101 Things in 1001 Days but these are some of my favourites - try something new for 30 days, play barefoot bowls, visit a gallery or museum you haven't been to before, get a facial or treatment at a beauty spa and/or read 50 books. Anything goes on these lists as long as it floats your boat - enjoy the ride!

  6. My list is above!!

    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 2/51. Next week's optional prompt is Best Gift Ever 21.1.19. Denyse

  7. Enjoy the journey of life as I turn 50 next week.

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