Thursday, January 17, 2019

Day 3375 - Seven Fun Activities to Help You Find Your Inner Youth

Need an Adrenaline Injection?

As part of my downward slide to FIFTY I've decided to grab the Y by the tail and find my inner Youth.

Something I've always enjoyed is adrenaline style activities. I'm the first one to coax the kids on the most extreme rides at the theme parks.  They make me feel free, alive and youthful. 

Here are 7 fun activities that I think could help us all find our inner youth (without resorting to jumping out of planes or hanging by your ankles over a bridge).

Seven Fun Activities to Help You Find Your Inner Youth

1. Trampolining

I know, I know. As we age, jumping isn't necessarily the best thing for our pelvic floor.  But throw on a pantie liner and either head outside and climb on your kid's trampoline, or head to the nearest indoor trampolining venue for some bouncing.  You'll be surprised at just how much of a rush touching your toes a metre or two in the air can be.

2. Jet Boating

Don't know anyone who owns a boat? Then head to your nearest body of water and see what the options might be.  My family are all booked into the 30 minute jet boat ride at Circular Quay the next time we head to the Big Smoke.  For just $49 a person I hope we'll all come off feeling invincible.

3.  Rock Climbing

Whether you're going for full adventure in the great outdoors, or keeping it safe indoors, rock climbing is not just challenging and good for fitness, it's also great for pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone

4.  Indoor Sky Diving

Head to iFly if you want to feel the rush of free falling at 14,000 feet without actually having to jump out of an aeroplane.  I've done the real thing 20 years ago, but my nerves aren't quite up to doing it again. I hear iFly is a great alternative to sky diving. There's even the virtual reality version where you get to see the scenery rush by you as you fly.

5.  Racing Car

Whether you take a racing car lesson or simply pay for the privilege of sitting in the passenger seat, the whole idea of racing at high speeds around a circuit is a great way to find your inner rev head.  Imagine hooning around the Bathurst track or go full Days of Thunder in a complete circle Daytona style. Sitting up front in a race car is a great way to tap into the thrill of youth. Hot Laps has locations around Australia.

6.  Swim with sharks

As you know my greatest fear is having my legs dangling in the ocean not knowing what's lurking underneath. Thank you Jaws.  What better way to face that fear head-on (literally) than to visit a well guarded aquarium for a swimming with sharks experience.  Go one step further and jump in a cage in the middle of the ocean.  Or do the extreme version without protection! Whatever you choose, I'm sure Jaws will become a distance memory.  Or you will. Either or.

7.  Zip Lining

Go to your local park, zip through Fremont Street in Vegas, fly through the Daintree or head to Thailand and zip line through the Thai jungle.  Whichever you choose, the safety of the harness means that zip lining is a reasonably low risk adrenaline rush.

So there you have it folks. Some fun stuff to do at any age.  I may just add some of these to my 50 before fifty list.  Which I will continue to update as my readers give me suggestions.  Have you added to my not-a-bucket-list yet?  Come on over and jot something down. 

Have you done any of the fun activities on the list above?

What adrenaline activity would you add?

Anybody willing to jump into a tank full of sharks with me?  

This post is part of the Youthfulness series I'll be rolling out over the next 18 months as I celebrate 50.

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  1. Baby steps for me, Leanne! Trampolining is as adrenaline pumping as I get!

    SSG xxx

  2. I used to like trampolining. Sure cannot do that now. Yes I would enjoy the jet boat ride. I love taking off in a plane a real lot too. And...this new linky system is taking some getting used to....x

  3. Oh I laughed at the 'throw on a panty liner'!! Yep think that might be a good idea. LOL Ziplining I would love to give a try and there is a new zipline scenario apparently coming to our Mount Cootha here in Brisbane! #TeamLovinLife

  4. I love rides at theme parks. As for everything else, jet-boating is a big tick from me & I've ziplined in Queenstown. You won't find me jumping out of a plane that's working perfectly well or tying a rubber band around my ankles & hurtling off a bridge.

  5. Hi Leanne, I've trampolined with my grandson on his trampoline at home and I've done a couple of jetboat rides in NZ. The rest are 'maybe' but 'probably not' although I do like the idea of the indoor sky diving as I'm not sure my heart could take the real thing! LOL:)

  6. Not my cup of tea - I'm more of an adrenaline phobic. Give me a cafe and a book any day! Still, for those who are fighting the slide into getting older, they'd would be a good energy boosters :)

  7. I don't really fancy any of those although I might give zip lining a go in a beautiful environment like a forest.

  8. Okay most of those are a big NO for me... esp the sharks thing and the rock climbing. But I like the idea of bouncing around on a trampoline (though I'd get bored quickly I think). The jet boat (or boat thing in general) though is a huge yes and two of my favourite moments from the last decade have involved boat trips! (My day trip from Sorrento to Amalfi Coast and my 50th b'day sunset cruise here on the Fraser Coast!). I live on the water but don't really know anyone who has a boat or goes out a lot and whale watching or other trips can be a bit expensive. But good for a treat!

  9. hm... I think I might be past these activities, but then I was never an adrenaline junky. Something more sedate like dancing is more my style. Though I used to race in dragon boats! Have fun! and thank you for the link up.

  10. I will just take my daily walks. Of course, using the bathroom at the San Francisco Main Library will always get the adrenaline going as it can be scary at times.

  11. Zip-lining and indoor rock climbing are fun! I'd love to drive a race car and now you've given me an idea to change something on my 40 by 40 list to include that! I'm also curious about the indoor sky diving

  12. Ohhh, some great adrenaline pumping ideas. Trampolining would be about my limit. Definitely not the sharks activity. Although we are going swimming with whale sharks at Easter at Ningaloo. Waaaah. I'm such a lily livered thing. Hope you do get to achieve all your activities before you turn 50 - good luck :)

  13. I've done six of the 7...and I have a voucher for the car. Good thing too cos I'm old.

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