Thursday, March 21, 2019

Day 2437 - Smelly boots

Nobody warned me about the smell of a teenage boys boots! 

I was walking down the hallway earlier this week wondering what the hell the smell could be.  It was a kind of damp musty smell with the distinct odour of wet sock.  

The type of smell you might experience if you were to open an old house after months of neglect. 

Or the smell you get in your laundry when you leave wet rags at the bottom of your washing basket.

Or the smell of a teenage boy's football boots.


What the actual (bleep) is this new household phenomenon?

I swear to God (or any other celestial being that you may choose) that I've never smelled shoes like it.  

How can one pair of football boots smell so BAD!

Why have they never smelled like this before? 

Such is life when you have a teenage boy, turning into a man, whose life revolves around his sport.

This week hasn't been the easiest week in the life of teenager-dom.  The stresses of year 10 and the challenges of dyslexia took us down a tricky path with much anxiety and a big dose of desperation (and dare I say, despair) thrown in.  

So while I have tried moving those boots to different locations throughout our home to contain the smell (only to spread the smell far and wide) I'm realising that this smell of sportsman is actually our saving grace.  The experience of seeing our boy develop and succeed in something he loves, when the rest of his week presents much frustration and unfairness.  

So as I sit next to my scented candle and wonder what other boy smells will soon enter my home, I say "thank you smelly boots, for making my boy so happy". 

You see, even in the stinkiest of times we can still find something to love.

Do you have boys?

What other lovely smells can I expect to experience?

Got any tips to get rid of shoe odour?

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  1. You can get little bags of charcoal to put in shoes (like a lavender bag but with charcoal) but I don't think they really work....

  2. A joy I have ahead of me, Leanne!

    SSG xxx

  3. Ah the boy smell....and yes, it's real. I could say leave the boots outside but with spiders known to use them as hiding places, that is no help. Sounds like you are delighted that he does have his sport in his life when other things can be not so great. I do hope that his school can be helpful. Denyse x

  4. Yep I can totally relate. I have 2 teenage boys and when I walk in the laundry... UMMMM no words

  5. It is great that he has his sport as both an outlet and something he succeeds in. As for the boots? Smelly boy football boots grow up to be smelly man football boots.

  6. I have a son and yes smelly boots! My daughter has two sons so I think she can look forward to much of the same. However, as you say as long as they are happy I think we can put up with some smelly boots! Hope next week is better for you. Take care and thanks for the link up. #LovinLifeLinky

  7. I had girls so it wasn't that smelly, but when they were teenagers and the boys started coming around in groups before they went out the house was filled with the stench of Lynx. I'm not sure it was much better than smelly shoes.

  8. Fantastic that he has his sport - good for the mind, body & soul and especially during difficult times. I have twin boys who are now 26 and I'm sure over the years (and probably still now) they've created a variety of typical boy/man smells but my saving grace is that I can't smell so I haven't had to endure any of them! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  9. My folks used to use some powdered stuff in our shoes when I was a youngster and played sport - though we played basketball (in a stadium) so it was only ever sweat, no outdoor smells.

    I hate the smell of stale sweat but as a big 'sweater' myself a lot of my tshirts (around the neck) still smell horrid.

  10. My son is the same age and loves his football too. A word of warning, whatever you do, DO NOT let him take off his boots in the car. You will not get rid of the smell out of the car for AGES! I learnt the hard smelly way!

  11. I have a 21-year-old son. His room smells like a locker room after a big game. That is the reason I always keep his door closed.

  12. I didn't have brothers and don't have kids so I'm not sure about this but I have had my own issues with stinky shoes/feet. But maybe that's been something only I could smell because no one else complained!


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