Thursday, March 7, 2019

Day 3423 - Becoming part of history

I was there the day that ...

Celebrating a friend's birthday at the Chipping Norton Stakes Day
I was at the Royal Randwick racecourse the day Winx broke the world record for Group One wins last weekend.  It was her 23rd Group One triumph and her 31st consecutive win.  Such a magnificent lady and so incredible to be in her presence. 

Now whether you like horse racing or not, there is no denying that this is a historical event of Phar Lap proportions. 

If you don't know who Winx is then clearly you've been living under a rock.  She's an Aussie race horse who is so damn good, she can't be beaten.

Watching her in the mounting yard was a sight to behold as she calmly and majestically paraded in front of hoards of onlookers.  

Now the thing is, I'm not actually here to brag about being one of the thousands of people who cheered Winx across the line.  (Although I must say that it was a tummy flipping moment that made me tingle with excitement.) I'm here to say that I actually would never have made the effort to go to this race, had I not been persuaded. 

Which got me to thinking, how many times in our lives do we miss out because we're hesitant?

How many life events could we be part of, if we just stepped outside our zone from time to time?

I now have a story to tell the grand kids and great grand kids as they wave around the "Go Winx" flags and read the race book we've saved in our box of treasures to pass on to the next generations.

I was there the day that Winx broke the world record and secured her title as the best horse in the world.  

Tell me about some of the life events you've been part of.

I was there the day that ...

This post is part of the Youthfulness series I'll be rolling out over the next 18 months as I celebrate 50.

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  1. I noticed about 7 or so years ago, that as we get older, our default is to say no. So when asked to do something, I'd say no and then change it to a yes, as soon as I heard the words leave my mouth. My then 3 year old asked 'Why do you say no and then change it to yes like that?' (she'd just ask me to jump in the long jump pit with her while the older ones were soccer training). So it was happening with alarming frequency that it was noticable to my tiny shadow. I know have the neglected Torschlusspanik list (must get on to that) and the Wednesday Club, pushing me into new things. I even wrote an article once, called the Happiness of Yes. I'm all for the Yes people.

    1. So true, Lydia about no being the default as we get older!

      Must change and fight this.

      SSG xxx

  2. What an awesome moment in history to be a part of, Leanne!

    SSG xxx

  3. I have a real affection for Winx. My Dad and I talk on the phone each Saturday after the races on TV and he gives me the lowdown. Dad was never a betting man but from a young married man time, he earned money as a bookmaker's penciller at the Dogs: Dapto, MossVale and Bulli. This enabled him to purchase a CAR...a Holden FJ in 1952 just in time for my brother to arrive. Some people in my family have been 'caught' up badly in gambling ...genetic it seems but racing for me is a pleasant family memory. Go WINX! Denyse x

  4. The race looked like such a fun event, Leanne, and celebrating your friend's birthday there doubled the fun.

  5. So glad your friends convinced you to go. I've said no far too often I must admit - it was my default in order to cope with crazy business and chronic stress. Not so much anymore - I take more time over decisions and am better now at convincing myself to go and make the most of opportunities! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  6. I'm falling back into no at the moment - only because I sometimes just want quiet and rest and not to be so damned tired and strung out. Yet I know that yes - while it might represent more effort - will do me much more good.

  7. What a fun day and you look lovely Leanne - very Melbourne Cuppish! I have times when I'm up for anything and then other times, usually after I've been running myself ragged that I just have to pass on things. I suppose that keeps life interesting. Have a great week. xx

  8. I'd not heard of Winx I must admit but I loved your pictures and you certainly looked happy - which you certainly deserve. x

  9. That is so cool and I am happy that you went. Very nice. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.


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