Thursday, April 4, 2019

Day 3451 - A quick catch up on all things Deep Fried

What in the world has been going on?

Life.   That's what's been going on.  Which includes doing the washing which, as you know, is a never ending story.

Here's a snippet into the world of the Deep Fried over the last couple of weeks.

In addition to doing piles and piles of washing, I spent a 14 hour day on set of an upcoming TV show as an extra.  That was super cool and while I can't talk about it, you can see me here sitting in the Senate chambers of Old parliament house.  I'm sure I'll be a blur in the background when the show comes out, or I could be chopped out altogether and end up in some big computerised recycle bin, but the experience was incredible and I was up close and personal with a couple of Australia's biggest film stars.

Of course I'm still being that soccer mum who also manages the team and all comms for the Club. I've also taken on the role of Sponsorship Manager which is fun.  It's kind of taking over my life.

I've also headed back to primary school as I pick up this munchkin most days and spend time with homework and afternoon tea before her daddy collects her on his way home from work.  She's a delight and gives the best cuddles.

I headed to Goulburn for Harmony Day this year to hang with my folks while they volunteered at the Harmony Day event.  I served water and orange juice to the kids and oldies who came to enjoy the culturally diverse activities.

I also took Mum to a fashion show in Canberra where we got to see my daughter parade up and down in lingerie. I have not shared that here because she's my daughter and ...well .... she was in lacy undies. But you can see the runway and imagine what it may have looked like.  Hang on, perhaps I'd prefer you don't imagine too hard. 

Then there was the nice long walk I took with my cousin in Sydney.   We'd booked in my visit a few months ago for a couple of nights, just us girls.  While much of the trip was about catching up, eating fine food and sipping bubbles, there was a few hours spent doing the Spit bridge to Manly walk.  Amazing scenery and the perfect example of Sydney's diverse bush meets city meets beach landscape. While it was only 10km the hills and stairs played havoc with my leg muscles for the next 3 days.

Chelsea's dogs have become more than just dogs in our world.  While they'd already wormed their way into our hearts, it's magnified since Chelsea passed.  Which is why this little princess is occasionally now allowed in my bed.  I'm a no furniture no bed no nonsense type of dog owner. As you can see, I've relaxed on the bed bit.

Then there was the celebration of the big fella's birthday.

Finally, I guess the other big thing that happened was the release of my ad.  Remember back last September I made my "acting" debut?  Well, the ad was released last week.  I found out by all the text messages that suddenly came flooding in.  I freaked out because I hadn't even seen it myself yet! Anyway, here it is. Two versions with the third to come out soon.  The Canberra Brumbies were fantastic. So professional and naturals. Me, not so much.  Try not to laugh too hard ....

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  1. Go you! That's awesome. And I'm glad you weren't the elderly (in the scene with the crutches.).

  2. A lovely catch-up, Leanne. I like the ad. That's pretty strict with no eating or drinking while riding the rail.

  3. So much happy stuff going on in your world! I am delighted. Great ad!

    SSG xxx

  4. So much happening...loving the ads. Canberra giving Air NZ a run for their money.

  5. What a great catch up. You were wonderful in the ad. I had no idea there was light rail in ACT now. So pleased you are caring for your granddaughter after school. She sure is wrapped in love. Denyse x

  6. Those ads are fabulous Leanne! Well done! #TeamLovInLife

  7. I've only seen the first ad and you were great!

  8. Aww so cute you're allowing the dog into your bed. I'm a bit hesitant too when it comes to animals on the bed but sometimes, you just give in to the cuteness!

  9. You have been busy. Very cool acting debut. Very nice. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Keeping busy makes time go by so fast with so much going on for you! I'm glad that you didn't show your daughter's face (no matter what she's wearing). Nice acting!!


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