Thursday, April 11, 2019

Day 3458 - Dogs and clothes

Where do you stand on dogs wearing clothes?

The Instagram post that is the inspiration for today's blog post
My son is mortified that I dressed up Alfie in his soccer gear this week to post on the football club Instagram page. I'm the Communications Manager and the Instagram page is only 2 weeks old, so it's all in the name of getting more followers. Everyone loves a pooch pic right?

Anyway, it got me to thinking about dogs in clothes.

I was never one to think about dogs in clothes until Chelsea's dogs came to live with us.  She'd often buy her pug a Christmas outfit or coat to wear, because ... well ... cute right?

Christmas Elf! 
T and I are all for it.  We love a cute dog in clothes.  Besides, it's just so Instagramable! (stop groaning).

My son hates it.  "Get it off her" and "you guys suck" are standard phrases when he sees his pets parading around like side-show attractions.  Chels, T and I would just giggle in all the cute little glory.

Chelsea's 30th birthday afternoon tea

Chelsea's vow renewals last December - Alfie was wearing a bow tie but you can't see it
A tutu on a pug is THE BEST right?

Come on.  Surely the cute factor overrides the "animal cruelty" side of it all (animal cruelty are my son's words, not mine).

So when I texted him the picture of Alfie in his kit on Monday he said "NO! You are not posting that".  I'm like "why".  "Because it's cringe Mum, don't do it".

Well, I did it.  No mother of the year awards for me ... but I may just get the award for putting up the most popular post on the GUFC page so far!

The crazy thing is, that it's out-doing the news of one of our international players getting a 1st Grade spot in a European team and it's also outdoing a pic of our Head Coach (just).

The football fraternity are keeling over in abdominal pain that my dog is getting more traction that the actual fair dinkum soccer news.  It's killing them.

Of course I'm delighted by that. So if you're a fan of dogs in clothes ... or if you just want to help me keep Alfie as the best performing post of the season because Head Coach is catching up ... feel free to click here  and stick a heart on Alfie's post for me.

I really hope the head coaching team don't read my blog.  I may need to visit one of you and hide out for a few weeks.

Anywho, tell me, where do you stand when it comes to dogs and clothes?  

Are you team T, Chel and me?

Or are you team teenage son?

He's lucky I didn't post this one ... then everyone in the club would know it was his dog.  Then I really would have to come to your house and hide.

Okey Doke. Enough of that. Join us for the Lovin' Life Linky.

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PS I'm really not lovin' this new InLinkz format.  Weird don't you think?  Or am I just being resistant to change? 

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  1. I'm on the no side, but only because my dof would just look miserable. Some dogs it does suit & it is cute. Like pugs.

    1. My dogs do actually look miserable in their clothes don't they. Now that you mention it. Esmeralda looks positively grumpy! LOL.

  2. Leanne, I'm with teenage son for this one. I don't have a pet of my own though... But gogeous photos!

    SSG xxx

    1. Another vote for camp Darby. He'll be pleased to know he's not alone.

  3. Oh poor Darby. You are being "that mum" who embarrases her teen son. Ask Mrs Woog, her son gives her instructions on how to behave at the high school canteen. She takes no notice of it of course. I see the fun and laughter this makes for you all (except D) so why not. You are also honouring Chelsea's fun memories too. I don't know if you follow Curlypops on IG but her dog Wally is often dressed up. My post is a bit off putting but it's my story and I have to share. D xx

  4. I think it's cute but suits more dogs than others. Great marketing tool for your club! My sister's toy poodle 'Rudy' has kerchiefs and jackets and looks so cute in them. I can't dress Ava up cos clothes make her fur matt. She does don a 'snood' though when we give her a raw bone and looks hilarious! You'll have to Google snood if you're not sure what it is. :-) #TeamLovinLife

  5. I'm with teenage son for this one. Both dogs are so cute. #LovinLifeLinky

  6. What a lovely way to start my day and thank you Leanne. I love the Soccer outfit! My grandpuppy who is an Instagram star only dresses for special occasions such as Christmas LOL:) #lovinlifelinky

  7. Very cute dog Leanne but I'm not too sure! If the dog is OK about it then fair enough but isn't it good when we make our kids cringe?? #LovinLifeLinky

  8. do dogs really want to wear clothes? Though Alfie doesn't seem to mind and yellow suits him! Have a fabulous weekend and thank you for the link up.

  9. I think it is not fair to the dog. Just my view. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

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