Thursday, April 25, 2019

Day 3472 - ANZAC Day 2019

Today we acknowledge those who fought for us and continue to serve

The Battle of Lone Pine

Last year the lad had to create an exhibit for Year 9 SOSE depicting something from World War I.  After a visit to the War Memorial he chose to recreate their Battle of Lone Pine diorama.

The original diorama at the Australian War Memorial
Our boy's depiction
To do this he collected sticks and tree cuttings from our backyard, painted toy soldiers bought at the $2 shop and collected red brick gravel from out the front of our house.

The Lone Pine itself is an actual clipping from a lone pine planted at Legacy House in Goulburn grown from a seed from the original Lone Pine in Turkey.  Pieces of that same tree which had been trimmed after some breakage in a storm were also used to recreate "rocks" in his own depiction of the Battle of Lone Pine diorama.

This diorama is now a year old and the clipping is obviously now dried up and dead. But I can't bring myself to throw it away.  So it sits in my laundry waiting for some inspiration on where to send it for its forever home.  Legacy House? A Soldier's Club? The Goulburn War Memorial? Would anyone want this artistic version created by our 14 year old?

I love the work he put into this.

I love the significance of the Lone Pine.

I love that it was his Pop who suggested the final touches given his own work as a previous President of Legacy in Goulburn.

But more than that, I love that his Nanny and Pop are currently on their way home from Turkey where just yesterday they spent the day at ANZAC Cove (Gallipoli).

These photos shared with permission from my mum.

Australian trenches



Lone Pine

Turkish Trenches
My dad is a proud Legatee and I'm sure this trip to ANZAC Cove will fill his heart forever.

Today on this Lovin' Life Thursday let's send some love, gratitude and appreciation for all those who fought, continue to serve and to those who extend themselves for organisations such as Legacy to care for those who fought and the widows that were left behind

What does ANZAC Day look like to you?

Have you been to Turkey?

Any tips on where I can find the Lone Pine diorama its forever home? 

Addition: Dad being interviewed while in Turkey. Click here. Typical Mick! (Mick Shea)

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  1. That's special. I'd love to visit ANZAC Cove. In April last year we attended a Last Post ceremony at Ypres - it was one of the most significant and emotional things we did.

  2. Wow. I just watched. Even before I came here to comment, I see that my teacher/librarian daughter is in Canberra today!! With her 7 yo. My daughter is all things ANZAC and runs the services at school. I know "one day" she would want to make this trip so many Aussies have (good on your parents!). Leave the diorama where it is. It means much to your family. Sending love. Denyse x

  3. Your son did a fantastic job on the Lone Pine recreation! And your parents ... how special to have visited ANZAC Cove. I think it would be an incredibly emotional experience. #TeamLovinLife

  4. What a special visit for your parents! And I love the exhibit - it's lasted surprisingly well!

  5. I've never been to Turkey, but am very grateful for the sacrifice of the ANZACS that fought for us.

  6. So very informative and I learned a lot. What a wonderful visit for your parents. Very nice. Thank you for sharing this. Wow, an amazing post.

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