Thursday, May 9, 2019

Day 3486 - A Guest Post by Denyse Whelan

Today I hand the blog over to this lady ...

Our in real life catch up last October
As per my post of last week, sometimes it takes a village. There are different villages from which we can rely on in life.  There's our family, our different pockets of real life friends, our colleagues and then there is the online villages that we bloggers create which we often refer to as our "tribe".

Denyse is part of the tribe that forms my online village. I'm not having the greatest week, so instead of being a sad sack on this Lovin' Life Thursday Denyse offered to take over Deep Fried Fruit for the day.  Thanks Denyse!

Denyse writes about how she has created her online village through blog link ups.

Over to you Denyse ...

Why I Love Link Ups On Blogs.

I’ve been blogging since 2010. I had no idea really about what it meant to be a blogger. I just thought, write: publish: read the comments people make. Right?

Ah, no wrong.

You know about the deathly silence called “crickets” then that is what I experienced then.

What to do?

You see I thought writing words of interest to a range of people would reap the reward of comments. I still call comments, “blogging gold”. However, I was poor! No gold for me.

Then I attended the first ever Aussie Bloggers Conference in March 2011 and MET so many of the people whose blogs I had discovered, and whose blogs I was yet to discover. (Note from Leanne: I met Denyse at this conference ever so briefly, so brief in fact that she doesn't remember- LOL) 

Some are still blogging and have ventured into other sources of writing and income: Kayte Murphy – Woogsworld, Beth McDonald – Baby Mac, Nikki Parkinson-Hubbard – Styling You

I was amazed to see people who seemed to know each other well and yes, I knew quite a few of them as well. It was a very social event. Twitter was then a friendly and sharing space. Facebook pages for blogs? I still had no idea. How to find out whose blogs are ready to read?

Subscribe to their email list. If indeed they had one. Then more information kept coming for bloggers. Use your SEO and plan how to let Google find your blog….blah, blah words for me as I had not great strategies and I WAS still unsure what to blog about. I was also not, as was sometimes noted, a “mummy blogger”. In fact one person named me a “Grandma blogger” but that did not sit well. I went to the conferences (there were a few back then!) and I mixed with many people because I like to do that.

However, how to get people to read my blog?

Link Ups. That is how.


In my time of blogging there was/is a Monday link up Mummy Mondays. Now with Kelly at All Mum Said. Kirsty Russell also had “I Must Confess” as a link up and when she retired it, I was able to start my new (and still running) one called “Life This Week.”


Back in the day, Tuesdays were devoted to “an original post, only published today: Tuesday” called IBOT: short for I Blog On Tuesdays. Some weeks, Jess Newman, the founder would get over 100 blogs link up!! She even had some bloggers come in as helpers in commenting and I am proud to say I was a member of #teamIBOT. Kylie Purcell took it over when Jess stopped blogging, and in 2018 Kylie also closed the link up. It really WAS time.

Now, Min Gillespie has a new link up called Zen Tips Tuesday on her blog. Write Of the Middle.


Of course in the day they were WORDLESS Wednesdays which meant show us your photos. This Australian-based link up was hosted by Trish Taylor for ages (and Trish gave me lots of help when I first started blogging) and another person ran it for a while…and then it just stopped. (Note from Leanne: Trish personally helped me come to understand Sarcoma back when Chelsea was first diagnosed as she is a sarcoma survivor.  Sorry for the interruption Denyse, back to you) 

Sue Loncaric (Sizzling Towards Sixty) and Leanne LeCras (Cresting The Hill) founded their MidLife Share the Love linky a while back and it is restricted to mid-life (how they determine it) bloggers and topics. There two women already had followers from the US and other countries and there are often new blogs to find there.


Back ‘in the day’ this was for Thankful Thursdays and a few Australian people ran that link up which stopped a long time ago.

Today is Thursday and hello Lovin’ Life Linky which Leanne Shea Langdown (Deep Fried Fruit) has with her LLL team members. It’s been going for a while too. Yay.


Well, Fridays were getting us into the weekend with having something to read and to link to and that is where I first met Alison Tait who hosted Weekend Rewind. It was a relaxed link up that her sister Bron Maxabella took on for a while along with Sonia Stackhouse but it too closed shop.

(A note from Leanne who often interrupts people when they're talking (sorry Denyse): There was also Flog Yo Blog Friday run originally by Brenda I think (?) then passed to Grace who were both quite involved in the bloggy conference world for a while.  Sorry Denyse, back to you ....)

In trying to find a new day, long time link blogger Alicia from One Mother Hen, moved from Mondays with Open Slather to Fridays but with a hiccup start to the year I am hoping she gets some linkers happening soon too.

The Weekend.

Sammie, and some co-hosts from Australia and elsewhere had a lovely inclusive link up on weekends The Ultimate Rabbit Hole, until Sam could see her weekends needed to be back to relaxing, running, and finding time for her husband and friends so with regret Sam closed her link up. She remains a keen blogger as The Annoyed Thyroid.

I am admitting though to one small change in my views on link ups. Based on ‘my rules’ of courtesy as I see it I have now little interest in joining up with massively subscribed US-based blog link ups. 

This is my view.

I know that others who read this may feel differently. I did make the effort to link up and contribute over 2 years and there was little or no change in those coming back to my blog. So, I link up with those based in Australia only. (A note from Leanne who is continuing to interrupt:  I agree, I find that with a few exceptions many US link ups attract people who just link and run and don't bother visiting the other linkers) 

The link up on Wednesdays, however, I will add, has quite a few bloggers link up from US and other countries and as a result of commenting of some of those blogs that link up, I have had the reciprocation of comments. (A final note from Leanne:  We have a couple of lovely US linkers on this Lovin Life Linky and they do comment and visit our linkers. We love you guys!)   

By linking up (and NOT linking and leaving) and commenting on the host’s post AND a selection of a few or all others who had linked up too I ‘met’ many new people who blogged. They kindly visited my blog and shared their thoughts on my posts.

I struck gold. Comments gold.

I would very much like to continue blogging in my retired life as it is a great form of re-connection with people. I will keep my link up going for as long as people enjoy visiting, adding their post and commenting. I am a fan of link ups so do hope these ones continue!

So, do you link up when you publish a blog post?

Denyse blogs here:
Mondays is her link up called “Life This Week”
Twitter: @denysewhelan1
Instagram: @denysewhelan (ask for follow)

Thanks for the bloggy take-over Denyse! And thanks for being part of my online village.

Now it's time for the Lovin' Life Linky.  At which point I will apologise for my lack of commenting in recent months. I am grateful that my online village understands. I'm sure I'll be back to my interactive bloggy self soon.

The Lovin' Life Linky is brought to you by Team Lovin' Life: Deep Fried Fruit, DebbishWrite of the MiddleAnd Anyways  and Lifestyle Fifty  

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  1. Lots of inspiration in your post, Denyse! I agree, link ups are a great way to connect to people you may not have met 'in real life'.

    SSG xxx

    1. Thank you SSG and we DID get to meet...briefly but it was lovely and I think of that often! Denyse x

  2. Love the interruptions...most welcome as your memory is much younger than mine. Thanks so much Leanne for "having me" here this week. This post proves just how much we ALL need each other to keep moving forward. Denyse x

  3. Thank you, Denyse, and Leanne for sharing the blog link up history and your views. I've been blogging for about 2.5 years and feel I'm still a newbie at blogging. As you know, I link up with most of the Australian link-ups that you mentioned. I greatly appreciate when the hosts take the time to reply to my comments. I try to read and comment on at least three posts, usually more than three. Thanks again for hosting this week. Have a nice day! #lovin'lifelinky

    1. Thank you for coming "down under" and finding us Natalie! Always interesting to see what you have been up to and all the travel helps me know more about the world.
      Denyse x

  4. Lovely recap - I'd forgotten some of those, even tho I was a regular! Weird. I also fond with the US and UK link ups, I don't get comments from the hosts or linkers but I do get traffic - which is the readers like me but the hosts and bloggers don't. Such is life.

    1. Don't you dare leave Thanks Lydia. Obviously I couldn't remember all either...fancy forgetiing Flog Yo Blog Friday!!
      Denyse x

  5. What a gorgeous photo of your both! Thank you for mentioning our #MLSTL link up and at the moment I publish 3 - 4 times a week. I link up with only a few link ups now. The #Lovin'LifeLinky, #Lifethisweek #mlstl and monthly #wellnesswednesdays I've met some fabulous bloggers in my 4.5 years of blogging. I definitely get more comments from hosts and the Australian link ups than I did with the overseas ones. #lovin'lifelinky

    1. Don't forget #ZTT - you've been a wonderful supporter of it! :-)

    2. Thanks Sue, this is the meet up "I" remember...Leanne was so lovely organising a stop in their trip to Qld to meet me near my home! Bloggers are very special people. Denyse x

  6. Lovely to see you here Denyse! I love that photo of you and Leanne - what a lovely thing it is to meet other bloggers in real life! It was the link-ups that got me known and where I discovered other bloggers and yes - that is where you get some comments! I think I've linked up at one time or other with all the ones you've listed but definitely used to regular link up with #IBOT and #FYBF and #WeekendRewind back in the day. My own new link-up #ZTT is not getting much love (a few wonderful supporters though) so it may end up being closed before long. Thinking of you Leanne! #TeamLovinLife

    1. Thanks Min, we sure have been connecting here there and in many places. Yes for the Flog Yo Blog (Friday) and of course IBOT on Tuesdays. I couldn't believe that sometimes got in excess of 100 linkers (only original posts on that Tuesday accepted too). Sorry about #ZTT as it's premise is a good one! Thanks for your support of my link up too.
      Denyse x

  7. I remember all these linkups, I used to love IBOT and Wordless Wednesdays on Trish's blog were my absolutely favourite being a very visual person. Open Slather actually started way back in 2012 as 'Open Garden', and with not many coming along I called it Open Slather to broaden the scope! The best thing about link ups is that lasting friendships are made along with it x

    1. I did not know that about Open Garden. Trish was instrumental in helping me understand so much in my very early blogging days and she still lived in Western Sydney so we got to catch up on one occasion. A very generous blogger. Now giving her all to fundraising and awareness of cancers and Neurofibratosis. Glad you still have your linky!

      Denyse x

  8. I like the bloggy discipline of twice a week - with you on a Monday & as part of the LLL team on Thursdays. I try and comment on everyone who links up to LLL on a Thursday & at least some of the Monday ones - and always visit bloggers who have visited me. I don't really have a niche I don't think - travel and food perhaps.

    1. When I dropped back from every day to Mondays, Tuesdays (IBOT) and Thursdays, and I think Sammie was still doing her Rabbithole that felt like a relief...down to 4. Doing two is very cruisy but added a third to support Min for #ztt. If that closes, I think 2 posts a week will be my limit too: Monday and Wednesday to link with Sue/Leanne and here on Thursdays. I gave up long ago about what my niche was!!

      Denyse x

  9. Very nice. Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed it.

  10. When I started my first blog, I felt like a fish out of water, too. Then the first person to comment--actually, to ask me about becoming a NZ resident--had ONE blog that she followed. I clicked there and ended up at SITS Girls and figured out how to get comments.
    Along the way, I ran into photo linkups that I joined when I started my photo blog and now I host my own photo linkup on Wednesdays!
    It's always interesting to keep up with other bloggers and all the things they blog about. It's quite educational, too.

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