Thursday, May 16, 2019

Day 3493 - Hugs are the best form of therapy - even if they're not actually hugs

Did you know you could hug someone without actually being in their presence?

A card I received from some members of my village
Last week a great big box arrived at the front door and it was heavy.  It was addressed to me but because I couldn't carry it up the stairs I left it there thinking the hubster could carry it for me.

Then it disappeared.

"What happened to my box?"

What box?

So maybe I am going mad and it wasn't addressed to me at all.  There's a bit of that going on around these parts lately and I'm simply coming to terms with the fact that my current brain (or lack-thereof) is somebody else's brain doing a "house swap" (a bit like the movie "The Holiday" if you will - my normal brain has gone on holiday and has been replaced with a really spaced out version of Cameron Diaz's brain. Yes, I'm Kate Winslet in this scenario and Cameron Diaz currently has my brain.)

Then a card arrived in the mail addressed to me which said "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL SUNDAY".  So I figured it was a Mothers Day card and put it on the kitchen bench.

It too disappeared.

"What happened to that card I put on the bench?"

What card?

More evidence that I may need to book myself a ticket to the USA to have a chat to Cameron Diaz about putting an end to the "house swap" as her brain clearly isn't compatible with the Aussie way of life. (Not seen the movie "The Holiday" and wondering what the bloody hell I'm talking about?  That's OK.  It actually has nothing to do with Deep Fried brains. Watching it will not help you understand what I'm going on about. Further evidence I am going mad.)

Anyway, that's a really long way of telling you that my Uni Clan who are spread from Brisbane to Deniliquin and lots of other places in between, got together and decided I needed a massive hug, as well as some tension release therapy.  They were in cahoots with the Hubster and the kids and sent me a gift to be given to me on Mothers Day.

The gift is a 7kg weighted therapy blanket to help relieve stress and anxiety and give me a better night's sleep. The sentiment behind it was to not only try to help me relieve  my anxieties but to also give me a hug because they're not here to do it in person.

It arrived with a card with a lovely message from each member of the Uni Clan that of course had me in tears of love and appreciation.  It actually had an entire extended family in tears of love and appreciation as we ate our Mothers Day breakfast together. The card itself with all their individual messages was the equivalent of another six hugs without them actually being there to give them to me.

"... you've always been and always will be the glue that holds together families and friendships ..."

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the village.   I'm starting to think that I may actually have a country town split into little suburban pockets of people who know just when to knock on my front door.  

This therapy blanket of mine, actually works! It's not a gimmick.  I lay on the couch on Sunday night with my daughter and my glass of champagne under this hug that was made up of 6 soul mates, my family who shared their surprise and a gazillion high density glass micro-beads that weight the blanket for sensory calmness.  I was asleep within minutes and looking so at peace that my family left me on the couch for the night not wanting to disturb my zen.

The hug you get when they're not there to give you a hug
(and a daughter with her face covered by wine in case she doesn't want her tired eyes plastered on the webs)

Hooray for villages that are actually country towns.

Hooray for therapy blankets.

Hooray for my Uni Clan

Hooray for family who were in cahoots. 

Hooray for champagne and strawberries.

Hooray for Lovin' Life Linky day.

Hooray for hugs which are the best form of therapy - even if they're not actually hugs. 

What are you saying Hooray for today?

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  1. What a gorgeous post! I'm glad you got a hug. I'm also gld you weren't losing your mind....;)

  2. What a beautiful post! Virtual hugs!

    SSG xxx

  3. Wrapped with love..that is the best. Denyse x

  4. That's so beautiful and meaningful! Virtual hugs to you.

  5. What a wonderful group of friends and such a perfect gift! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  6. Oh that's lovely and I've heard wonderful things about those blankets. You can also get weighted stuffed animals to 'nurse' or cuddle.

  7. We love you to the moon and back Leanne

  8. That's so lovely Leanne, I am glad your clan is taking care of you x

  9. Thanks so much. I need that today. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.


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