Thursday, June 13, 2019

Day 3521 - Jet Boating in Sydney Harbour

It's time to get back to my "things to do for 50" list

You might recall at the start of the year I created a little FIFTY blog series that included Fabulous, Inspiration, Fitness, Travel, Youthfulness (FIFTY).

Well, when I lost my mojo, I really lost my mojo for everything, including my zest for life. I have it back to some degree and last weekend I got to add to the Youthfulness component via Oz Jet Boating on Sydney Harbour.

Last Christmas the extended family got jet boat tickets under the tree after we found a "two for one" deal via Adrenalin Sport. I'm always looking for adventures (rather than physical gifts) so after sharing this idea with my SIL we agreed this could be this year's family fun day.

And fun it was!

Our clan ranged in age from 15 to 70+ and all of us came off the boat with smiles on our faces.  Albeit soaking wet smiles, but smiles none-the less.

The jet boat ride lasted 30 minutes as we whizzed from Circular Quay all around Sydney Harbour on the east side of the bridge.   We jetted in and out of little inlets up around Potts Point, Rushcutters Bay, up toward Shark Island, back down towards Cremorne, in towards Neutral Harbour, around Kirribilli and back to the Circular Quay.

We are of course going at high speeds and the driver does take every advantage possible to jump and bounce over the wakes of other vessels. They do say if you have back or neck problems not to take this ride, but as a girl who would always get an instant migraine from the old Lethal Weapon ride at Movie World, I came out of this one unscathed. 

Now the big thing about these boats is that they take you for a "spin". Literally. I thought that might be a bit of a vomitron experience, but it really wasn't.  The driver (do I call him a "driver" of a boat?) gives you plenty of warning and does a count down before the spin commences and even signals which way you're going to spin.  The spin is one full spin and then the boat stops.  So if you want a full spin-out experience where you're going to get an attack of the dizzies, you're better off on the teacup ride at Disneyland. No worries here if you suffer vertigo.

Would I recommend it?  Yes.

Would I do it again? Yes.

Would I rate it as a worthwhile adventure? Yes.

It's great to check something youthful off my "things to do before 50 list" that's for sure.

Note: I've been on one of these before through a canyon at Queenstown New Zealand when I was much younger.  Having a huge cliff face, through a narrow passage with rocks on either side of you as you spin is a tad death-defying.  Sydney Harbour is definitely more of a scenic and more peaceful start to your jet boating experiences.  

Have you been on a jet boat?

What's your most recent adrenaline rush experience?

For more information about Oz Jet Boating head to 

This post is part of the Youthfulness series I'll be rolling out over the next 16 months as I celebrate 50.

Fabulous, Inspiration, Fitness, Travel, Youthfulness (FIFTY)

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  1. I did have the chance to do it in Tasmania, but I sat it out while my husband and son went for the ride. I did get psyched up for cable hang gliding while we were there, but it got called off that morning because it was too windy. I've had that on my mind for years since as a missed experience.

  2. SOOOOOO much fun! We love it! I'm surprised you were allowed to use the selfie stick tho? That seems dangerous. Glad you had a ball!

    1. They provided the selfie stick at one point and we passed it around the boat. Then we bought the entire photo pack at the end. Was $39 for all pics and video which we divided between the two families. I should have mentioned that. You could take your own Go Pro but it had to be strapped to chest

  3. We did this in NZ and just loved it! What a great way to get your mojo going and just have some fun! #lovinlifelinky

  4. I love jet boating & have done it a few times - Huka, Shotover & Dart River in NZ &, of course, Sydney Harbour. I love the signals before the Hamilton turns. Woo hoo!

  5. Yes I would be up for that. I am glad you are seeking your mojo through fun of a physical kind too!! Go YOU!
    Denyse x

  6. I've been jet boating in Sydney harbour with that company too. It was great fun!!

  7. What a way to get an adrenaline rush!!

    SSG xxx

  8. Great photos and it looks like so much fun! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  9. That looks so cool. Would love to something like that. Very nice. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  10. What a great idea for the whold family!!


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