Thursday, June 27, 2019

Day 3534 - 5 things to do with your bestie when you don't get to see each other very much

Do you have a long distance bestie?

Rugged up for our Coogee to Bondi Walk

Cathy and I met in 1989 when she came to Australia with 4H, a US group similar to Rural Youth here in Australia.  She and the group were "stranded" in Goulburn for a week so there was a call out to families to billet some teens for the weekend.  My dad volunteered and here we are 30 years later celebrating our 30 year "friendaversary".

Cathy and I have only physically seen each other 14 times in those 30 years but thanks to the advancement of technology we can now "talk" daily and have cups of team via a screen.

There's nothing better than a in real life catch up though!

What does one do when they only have two weeks to spend with their bestie?

I'm glad you asked. Here are my suggestions.

5 things to do with your bestie when you don't get to see each other very much 

(1) Walk

One of the best ways to catch up with a friend is to take a walk together. To absorb the world and chat about life, the universe and everything  Particularly if you're walking around new and interesting scenery.

Cathy and I took many walks including my local suburbs and bushland, through the trees around Canberra and up Mount Ainslie, along the beaches and bushland of the coast, and the iconic Coogee to Bondi walk where we stood atop cliffs and marveled at the natural wonders of the world.

Bushwalking in Canberra

Climbing Mount Ainslie

Taking our life in our hands with the Coogee to Bondi walk - legs dangling

Marvelling at the beauty of Sydney's eastern cliffs

(2) Talk

Of course talking forms the bulk of what besties do when they finally get to see each other face to face.  We spent plenty of time talking! We also spent plenty of time drinking tea, watching chick flicks and just hanging out at home.  And we did it all in matching PJs.

We made the decision in the planning stages that we'd take time out for just us.  Time out where we didn't have to get dressed or face the world.  Just hang out together without a worry in the world.

We actually picked the teen boy up from school one afternoon looking just like this.
He was mortified of course. That was fun ;)

(3) Explore

We did manage to get out of our active wear and PJs from time to time to explore all that Canberra has to offer.  We took in the Monet exhibition and spent some time at the National Arboretum.  Plus of course we explored parts of Sydney to ensure we had some unique experiences to remember forever.

Arboretum in Canberra

The National Gallery of Australia

Darling Harbur at night

The Monet Exhibit
(4) Travel

With Sydney at the beginning and end of Cathy's visit and Canberra our main destination, we did still take time out to travel the two hours to the NSW South Coast for a night.  I couldn't let her come to Australia without seeing how we spend our summer weekends.

Capturing our tourist taking photos of our happy place - Surf Beach

Brunching at the coast
(5) Go for it!

My number 5 tip for doing something with a bestie you don't see very much is to do something out of your comfort zone. Do something incredible or extreme or bucket listy.  For us, it was to Climb the Harbour Bridge.

Totally enjoying out bridge climb experience 

What a wonderful photo to remember our time together

That's it. That's my tips.  Walk, talk, explore, travel and go for it.  And make sure you do it all in matching clothes and Pyjamas.

How often do you see your bestie?

Do you have a long distance friend?

Have you ever picked your child up from school in your pyjamas? 

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  1. My bestie is in NZ but we do manage to see each other a couple of times a year - either over there or over here. You looked like you had an absolute ball with yours and yes, those are my fave things to do with mine although when we get together we tend to eat and drink way too much!

  2. That's lovely - so much fun. My bestie is in Brisbane and we became friends in preschool or ballet, so a good 47 years ago. We are off to celebrate our milestone birthdays in China, seeing the Great Wall (and Warriors.) Very excited!

  3. I envy those with a long-term bestie. It is lovely to see this and I was so glad your friend was able to come and share the world here with you. A much needed catch up which I can imagine was the best. Awesome pics and good on you for sharing her with us!! Denyse x

  4. It has been fun watching your adventures over the past week or so!

  5. I watched the visit from afar and it looked as if you were having a great time. I have a bestie. I grew up with one though we probably grew apart after Uni and she married. At Uni I met two friends who are my close friends today - one of whom is my bestie and was in NZ for a while but moved back to Brisbane a couple of years ago.

    I'm lucky in that I also have a bunch of school friends I saw every day for 12-17yrs so even though we don't see each other much it's like we've never been apart when we do!

  6. I have a friend from school that I don't see enough. She lives on the other side of the country and I caught up with her when we met and holidayed in the Gold Coast(she's in Noosa) a couple of years ago. I'd love the jet off to meet up with her again.
    I am quite liking the school drop offs without the pressure of being properly dressed, I do have that fear though that the car will break down and I'll be walking home in my pjs and slippers!

  7. I have one of those and when we get together we paint the town red! We met 39 years ago and earlier in the year we organised a mini school reunion, didn't realise 4 women could have so much fun even though I hadn't seen one of them for 38 years.

  8. What a beautiful celebration of your friendship, Leanne! So glad you guys had such an amazing time together!

    SSG xxx

  9. What cool fun. Very nice time with your bestie. Happy that you guys could hang out together.

  10. Looks like lots of fun! My bestie lives 8000 miles away but it seems like we're neighbors whenever we talk.

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