Thursday, August 8, 2019

Day 3576 - The health benefits of ice-cream

Sometimes you just need to curl up in bed with a bucket of ice-cream

After project managing a major conference that saw me working 7am to 7pm for the last three days and much of last week, a girl can't be blamed for feeling exhausted.  So last night I came home and promptly went to bed with a bucket of ice-cream, a chick flick and a couple of Panadol.

I woke up this morning with ice-cream dribble on my doona and sheets, but I feel great.  Almost fully recovered in fact.  Ready for a brand new day.

Of course ice-cream is not a well rounded meal choice nor is it going to keep me fit and fabulous in the lead up to fifty.

Or is it?

According to Australian Men's Health magazine new research suggests ice cream has some benefits. Research out of the University of Kerin found regular consumption of ice cream in the morning stimulates activity in the brain, improving intelligence (see Mum - that's why you can't sleep after your Cornetto! Your mind is buzzing.)

Men's Health goes on to say that "researchers in Japan recruited volunteers who ate ice cream for breakfast before asking them to complete a series of tasks. Results found that eating ice cream increases brain activity while also contributing to mental development."

So while I was thinking the health benefits of eating half a bucket of ice-cream in bed were purely of the nurturing variety, soothing the soul and allowing you to stick your middle finger up at the world by being rebellious, there may actually be other health benefits too.

I wonder if my middle-aged tummy will read this and realise it doesn't have to turn the ice-cream to fat and can send it off to my brain instead.

So as I let you absorb that little gem, I'm off to eat the rest of the bucket for breakfast.  The best bit, you can't judge me coz research says it's OK!

Hope you're all having a great week and that you're finding lots of things to love about life.

If not, go grab yourself a bucket of ice-cream.  Just try not to dribble it on your sheets.

Lovin life linky time!

What are you lovin?

Do you eat ice-cream in bed?

Anyone else need a good chick flick and some Panadol this week? 
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  1. As long as it did the trick to get you back on track!

  2. Not a big ice cream eater in bed but I do sometimes eat it for the calcium....

  3. Leanne, you've got me craving ice cream now too!

    SSG xx

  4. Never a big icecream fan but with head and neck cancer I had to add fat and creamyness to some foods. Just the other day I added icecream to some cake and ate that in bed. Nice!

  5. I have a stupid cold so definitely a movie and paracetamol week for me. I didn't know ice cream had that many benefits though, interesting! Shame I don't really like it much.

  6. I've enjoyed some ice cream since it's summer here. Glad it got you ready for a brand new day. #lovin'lifelinky

  7. No I've never eaten in bed! We don't have a TV in there either. I think I'm in the minority!

  8. Sadly I can't eat icecream anymore as it appears that out of the blue I have now become dairy and lactose intolerant. It's one of the great tragedies of my 2019! #TeamLovinLife

  9. Hope it worked for you! I do like a bit of quality ice cream - and Bubble O'Bills - but I can't get my head around eating anything in bed. I don't even get the drinking tea in bed, or breakfast. Just way too much potential for mess, spillage or crumbs. And that's coming from a naturally messy person. Hope your week got better!

  10. Gotta love that research! Hope things are improving :) Visiting from #Lovin'lifelinky

  11. I actually don't eat in bed at all... which is weird. I eat in the bath after all?!

    Not a big fan of ice cream I have to say and now of course I have to check it's gluten-free which the best ones often aren't.

    I hope you've been able to rest a little and recover. It sounds as if you've needed it.

  12. So very cool. I had some heart issues in the last month and the one food the doctor did not take away for me is ice cream. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

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