Thursday, August 22, 2019

Day 3590 - Fit Fabulous and Slightly Fatigued - FIFTY

Ok, Ok, I'm finally getting the Fitness part of this FIFTY gig on the way

On Monday night I walked into the gym that sponsors our football team to sign up the lad and before I knew it I was lifting kettle bells, pushing some big weights contraption across the floor like a Rugby player and rowing my way on a carpet river to nowhere.

Yes ladies and gentlemen.  I've joined the gym.

Before I handed over my credit card I said "what can you do for this body in the next month to magically transform the flab to firm before I turn 50?"

They said "get your arse in here four times a week and you'll find out".


I joined on Monday and have been every day since.

Ok, Ok, that's only been three sessions, but the thing is ... I'm LOVING IT!

I have that whole "positive pain" thing happening where you can't  put your arm up to brush your hair and you have to fall to the toilet seat due to so many squats.  A reminder that I'm actually don't something to my muscles to transform them.

I don't normally like the gym.  In fact, I argue against doing exercise indoors and would much rather be outside sucking in the crisp clean air as I power walk around a scenic lake.

But this is different.  Why?  Because I know and like the people who own it (due to my role as Sponsorship Manager) and I get to wave and smile at our players as they walk through the door for their own sessions.

It's more than a gym, it's part of my community.

Not to mention the fact that my son is there and my daughter is possibly going to join tonight, which means more things I get to do with kids as they get older.

So finally after many excuses, a few false starts and much procrastination, I am putting the FITNESS in FIFTY.

Fabulous Inspired Fit Travel Youthful

So that's what I'm lovin' about life this week.  

The gym.

How about you?

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  1. I am working hard on the fitness. My body is changing shape - guessing menopause is coming, so I'm working on at least fitting my clothes. Cheaper than a new ,dull wardrobe. Good mood enhancer too.

  2. Fantastic! It'll be good for your mind too, not just your body. Bonus that you know and like the people and community. You already have a great figure Leanne so look out world after a month or so of working out!! #TeamLovinLife

  3. You already look amazing so imagine what this is going to do! Go you!

  4. I need to work on my fitness. I've actually usually been more of a gym goer than anything as I enjoy classes. It's not in the budget at the moment but if I ever get a job again I probably need to think about it.

  5. I am glad you have found 'fitness' although as others have said, you already look amazing. But there is nothing like the feeling of using your body in this way. I enjoyed aspects of the gym when I went yonks ago but couldn't sustain the activities due to my hands/wrists and arms. Yep. However, you are combining your social needs with your fitness and THAT is probably the best of all. Good for you. Denyse x

  6. Yes! Preaching to the converted here. I am loving how surprisingly 'easy' it has been these last couple of years to reach my fitness goals. Was very pessimistic about fortysomething fitness before I committed to the mission but it has been a joy. I also feel great in myself!

    I've focused more on what my body can now do rather than what it looks like. I've come to even love how my body is not the perfect one the world tells me I should strive for.

    Yours in good health and acceptance

    SSG xxx

  7. Good for you, Leanne. The social/ family aspect is a great bonus. Have fun! #lovin'lifelinky

  8. Ha, we're swapsies. I just quit my gym :)

  9. Good on you! But you already look amazing - you will surely turn into SuperWoman! Like you, the scenic lake walk has always done it for me, but it doesn't really stretch me in any way. I've been more inclined recently to fake it (as my latest post I've linked here today suggests!) You have inspired me to perhaps get this 60 year old body to the gym!

  10. Good for you. I do like going to the gym though sometimes it's an effort to get there. I only manage once or twice a week. I must try harder.

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  12. Very nice. I have been working on my fitness by walking and eating better. It has been helping my fitness.Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

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  14. Great: d I should also finally move my ass from the couch but somehow I have no motivation: D Regards:**


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