Thursday, October 3, 2019

Day 3630 - Birthday Festival Postcard

Love and hugs from the British Virgin Islands

As I'm still travelling on the big Five Oh Birthday Festival Tour and want to do the BVI justice, I thought I'd just send you a quick postcard this week and leave the big BVI blog post until I have the time and space to write it properly.

So for the Lovin' Life Linky this week, given my birthday is tomorrow,  I simply give you ME owning my 50 year old self in a very scary and vulnerable way. Albeit with the turquoise beauty of the Caribbean waters in the background.  

I'm doing my best to own my 50 year old physical being which in no way lines up with the 35 year I feel like I am on the inside.  But, there you have it.  With one day to go it's time to accept that the years change us physically, The mindset however is a choice. The rest can be fixed with spanks, make-up, hair dye and chopping off the hail damaged legs by cropping your photos.

What are you lovin' about life this week?

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  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Leanne!

    I'm lovin' flying to Paris today!!!

    SSG xxx

  2. Happy birthday on Friday, Leanne! I'm loving autumn where I live. Just came back from a trip to the west coast of Canada.

  3. Enjoy your actual birthday tomorrow! Two days ago it was the anniversary of the time you met up with me at Tuggerah on your way to the GC. You are making many great memories now I see. Let me tell you a wee secret...I am more content with life and me at almost 70 than I was at 50 and even 60. I guess I have had the 'great perspective' thing happen called cancer but it is more than that. I no longer strive. That is the best bit about my years since 50. Denyse x

  4. Happy birthday for tomorrow and let me just say that my 50's have been some of the best years of my life. I'm more "me" than I ever was, more comfortable, more confident, and more settled and happy. I hope you find exactly the same thing and more as you embrace another decade xx

  5. Hail damaged legs :)

    Happy birthday for tomorrow and your trip looks amazing!

  6. Happy fifty years. You look amazing. I think the older we get the more relaxed we are with ourselves - we don't have some of the hangups of the younger girls. Embrace life, there is so much more to enjoy ahead of you! Happy travels and thank you for the link up.

  7. Happy Birthday for toorrow...& keep the pics coming! Loving booth the bathers & the amazing woman wearig them.

  8. Happy Blessed Birthday. Welcome to the 50 club as I hit it about nine months ago. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.

  9. Happy birthday! The older I get, the more I wonder what happens to my body cause I'm 37 inside :)

    My Corner of the World


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