Thursday, October 31, 2019

Day 3658 - What are you thoughts on Halloween in Australia?

What does Halloween mean to me?

Choosing pumpkins in Pennsylvania
To be honest, not a lot.  I can take it or leave it.  

I enjoy seeing kids get dressed up.

I enjoy the sense of community around the Canberra suburbs that participate.

I enjoy seeing children with their parents holding hands as crowds of people walk around together going door to door.

I enjoy the smiles.

I enjoy seeing entire streets band together in an effort to create an October wonderland.

I do not like the pressure of having to buy lollies just in case someone knocks on my door (we are not in a suburb that participates so it’s rare – but the year I don’t have them is the year someone will knock)

I do not like the buckets of lollies that end up on my bench as a result of my “kids” out collecting on Halloween night.

I do not like the temptation of all those Milky Ways I’ve bought “just in case” someone comes knocking.

But I’m talking about Australia.  I’m talking about the uncertainty of what Halloween means to Australians and whether we’re in or we’re out.  When in the USA during the autumn season it’s different. 


I love how my bestie decorates her house for autumn (rather than Halloween) with ever so slight Halloween undertones. 

I love the pumpkins and gourds and the Indian corn being used as decorations giving a sense of country in an all-too plastic world.  

I love how people go and choose their pumpkins then paint them and/or cut them as a way to unite the family.  

I love how that pumpkin "shopping" turns into a festival of sorts and a family day out.

Cathy and I at the pumpkin farm - an autumn "fair"
12 years ago we were in the US during October so had a pre-Halloween Halloween for my two.  Cathy’s friends gathered their kids and a few houses got ready early especially for us.  It was fun! I really enjoyed the effort people go to in the US to celebration their “Hallmark holidays”. 

I guess that’s what I like about the Canberra version too. The commitment and effort some suburbs go to to create a special outing for families. 

 Canberra is embracing Halloween - click to read more
Canberra Times - Click to read more
For me today, a few of us are going to work dressed in black.  I will take my witches hat and a few things to decorate our area. For no other reason than it’s fun.  It’s different.  It’s team building.  It’s friendly. It’s light-hearted.  It brings a sense of “kidnom” to an otherwise serious adult space.

That's my take on Halloween.  

What's yours?

What does Halloween mean to you? 

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  1. I love Halloween - it's all the good things of Xmas without the stress. I do have a bit of burn out, and the clash of exams with the day makes it logistically harder, but next year it's a Friday so it will be party time at our house!! Whoot Whoot. We do the pumpkin as a family activity but with the heat, it has to be done the day or two before. Not the month before like the US gets to do!

  2. I'm slowly warming to Halloween... slowly...

    SSG xxx

  3. Halloween in Canada is similar to the USA (pumpkin carvings, dress-ups, trick or treat, etc.). I'm not into it though.

  4. So not a fan at all. But I am old and in the minority. I hate the door knocking...we are old people and do not want to be up and down to the door. However, I "am": someone who has a few lollies just in case. One year, in Sydney we did not want to be up and down to the door so left a note with a selection of lollies in a container. One teen group took the lot. Nope, it is not for me. Denyse x

  5. We don't celebrate Halloween at all, however I did buy the spooky 4 pack of Krispy Kreme Halloween doughnuts, but mainly to put on my food IG lol

  6. I was not a fan, but am coming to terms with it & will now get the lollies in and smile and laugh when the kids come by.

  7. I live in the states and I am not a big Halloween person. Everyone else I know is. It is what it is and makes big money for the retailers.

  8. We just love Halloween time around here. We have a pet costume contest each year and it's always great to see what they come dressed as. Thanks for sharing your wonderful post. Have a fantastic rest of your week.
    World of Animals


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