Thursday, November 21, 2019

Day 3679 - Total Control

Who watched Australia's newest drama?

Photo borrowed from ABC iView
This year I was lucky to step out of my comfort zone and undertake some extras work in a locally filmed TV series.  Which proves you are never too old to try new things.  #fiftyistotallythenewthirty

Total Control, staring Deborah Mailman and Rachel Griffiths, is a political drama set in Canberra which gave T and I the opportunity to dip our toes in the television waters to become fuzzy blurs in the hallways of Parliament House.

Being an extra of course was loads of fun and gave a great insight into the work that goes into producing a TV show - particularly one that has to be shot around Parliament sittings and in historic buildings that can't be nicked, scraped or bumped.

But better than that, being an extra in a show that is by far one of the best Aussie dramas I've watched in years (ever?) is an absolute honor.

Deborah plays the role of a brand new Indigenous Senator, hand picked because of her fearless courage and because ... well ... the Prime Minister (Rachel) needed an Aboriginal poster girl.

The show explores Australian politics, Indigenous issues, teen angst, fractured families, the realities of outback life, back stabbing politics, deaths in custody, homelessness, sex in stairwells and the real life game playing that goes on in the Senate and the House of Representatives up there on the hill under that huge Australian flag. 

It makes for bloody good TV and even better when you're watching and squealing in delight at seeing yourself and your daughter in the background (albeit mostly blurred and for a nano-second).

That's me photo bombing over his shoulder
This show brought our family together each week (yes, even the "teens") as were entertained while at the same time gaining a better understanding of, and feeling a great deal of empathy for, important realities in this big brown land of ours.  Well done Blackfella Films.

To check out Total Control go to ABC iView and binge watch. 

There's only six episodes but I can guarantee you'll love it and the last episode (where you'll see me 5 times and you'll clearly recognise my very tall T and her pink hair standing behind Deborah at the vigil) will leave you hanging and craving for a second season.  Which I may or may not be able to confirm ... because ... I may or may not have had a chat with my mate Rach Griff about it on the Gram.  #truestory  #abouttheinstagram #notreallymates #yet #noiamnotastalker #maybeiam #bestiesforlife

Miss pink as she genuinely mourns for a girl she eventually got to know

Have you seen Total Control?

Ever been an extra on a TV show or movie?

What are you lovin' about life this week?

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  1. I really loved this show & I reckon I spied you 4 times in that last episode - I must go back and find the other 2. I hadn't noticed T at all before you pointed this out. Good use of phone :)

  2. I haven't watched it but a friend was talking about it, so I will def check it out now that I know I can 'where's wally?' you too.

  3. I haven't watched but it sounded like you enjoyed it. I have been at TV shows being made in the studio and watched my granddaughter be part of a magazine shoot and we (my husband and I) were part of an ABCTV program back in the 1970s where they filmed the school and its community at Weilmoringle.

  4. Sounds like you had a fun acting experience with your daughter. I haven't watched TV for a long time. #lovin'lifelinky

  5. Look at you being all fabulous and famous on our tvs! Shame I missed it, hopefully they'll show it again :)

  6. I loved this series. It really did bring up a lot of current issues in Australia, and the insight into politics was fascinating. I am hoping there will be a second series. How fabulous to be an extra and see what goes on behind the camera. Have a great week.

  7. How exciting for T and yes, Total Control is on my must watch list.

    SSG xxx

  8. That is so cool. Very nice. I was an extra (with about 40,000 others) for the movie Moneyball and Angles in the Outfield which were both shot at the Oakland Coliseum.

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