Thursday, December 12, 2019

Day 3700 - The sunshine ring

What's in a ring?

On 1 December 2009 I wrote this post.  It's the post about losing the diamond out of my engagement ring.  I've been "ringless" ever since.

Until yesterday.

A lost Argyle champagne diamond is not something you can replace easily. It's costly, it's rare and it's a bloody big responsibility to wear it again knowing it could disappear with any knock, bump or scrape.  I can't handle that sort of pressure. Clearly I'm a bit of a boar when it comes to caring for the delicate things in life (that's boar not bore ... I'm totes entertaining).

So we've never replaced it.  Instead, my engagement ring sits in a jewellery box awaiting the day we replace the diamond and hand it to one of my kids for them to take care of.  I've decided diamonds are not my best friend.

Recently I was visiting with my cousins and I noticed they didn't have diamond engagement rings, but rather precious stones.  One has a sapphire, the other has a ruby. They were surrounded by diamonds of course, but the main stone created a vibrant splash of colour.

That got me to thinking. Perhaps I could replace my engagement ring with a dress ring instead.  One with a semi-precious stone (to minimise my anxieties) that had meaning.

Enter my absolutely gorgeous citrine and diamond ray of sunshine.

For our wedding anniversary this year, the hubster and I discussed the whole ring thing and together we came up with the citrine as it's the birthstone of November which is the month we got married. Plus the citrine embodies sunshine.  Add that this ring actually looks like the sun and our "everyday is a sunny day" philosophy on life now sits firmly on my left hand right next to my wedding band signifying eternal commitment.

According to,  "Also known as the 'Light Maker', the Citrine gemstone has a bright yellow hue, which reflects its equally vibrant energy. Like Vitamin C for the soul, the Citrine crystal emanates positivity and joy. 

I'll take it!

The best part is it was on super sale.  Add to that the staff discount from a dear friend who works at Prouds and BINGO we could actually afford it.  Win Win Win.

After 10 years of feeling bare and a month of salivating over the pictures of my citrine, my ring finally arrived this week and is now sitting proudly on my ring finger.  Gorgeous. 

Have you ever lost a diamond?

What does your jewellery mean to you?

Got any semi-precious stones in your world?

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  1. It is beautiful. I too have lost my enggement ring. It is an antique dress ring, with a very impractical natural pearl. I have put it in a safe place. So safe I can't find it. Over the break I intend to pull the house apart and find it. Stay tuned.

  2. What a beautiful ring! Wear it with joy.

    SSG xxx

  3. It's a beautiful ring. Enjoy it every day!

  4. I am of the 'other stone' variety in my engagement ring as I never wanted diamonds. I have a a beautiful sapphire in mine and when aged 40 I got an eternity ring it has a row of tiny sapphires with 'diamonds'. Your ring tells such an awesome story and will remind you of love, birth, marriage and all that means to you forever. Lovely idea.

  5. Damn it, my phone ate my comment! I don't wear jewels so it's an easy one for me, nothing to lose! Glad you found your answer to what you like.

  6. I'm not a diamond fan. I'd def have an emerald or something if I had an engagement ring.

  7. What a lovely and beautiful ring. So very nice. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful week.

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  11. After more than 30 years, I'm bored with my wedding rings. Fashions change. Heck, *I've* changed. And so I am looking at other rings ... I don't even know if I want "real" or "fake" this time! I like your idea of a semi precious stone instead.


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