Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Quick Bits

It's time for some Deep Fried quick bits ....

What's happening in the land of the deep fried?

Read on.

The House

We're camping in the new house with minimal furniture while the old house goes on the market.  I must say, our beloved family home of 19 years is looking damn fine for an ol' girl.

Click here to see our secluded gem.

The Boy

He's just started year 11 in a new school and is in pre-season for soccer.  Unfortunately it hasn't been a great start to the year with a series of stress fractures in his foot which is now in a boot and he's been confined to crutches "to get off his foot immediately".  Miserable is one word that comes to mind.  Frustrated is another.  Did I say miserable?

Oh the trials and tribulations of growing into a 6 foot + young man.

The Girl

She should be starting university again but given there appears to be Corona Virus issues at UC the start date might be jeopardy.  Heading into what might be her final year of education means it's exciting times for our girl.

Anyone want to take on a committed, loyal and clever intern for a few months?

The Husband

Well he's stressed.  Who wouldn't be with two homes to pay for and upkeep, while keeping his day job and trying to set up his EBay business in the new digs.  But he looks good and he's healthy and fit, so that's a plus.

Well done Husband.  You've got this.

The Books

Cheer Chick Charlie is testing the options for China right now.  With the help of a very talented and enthusiastic Chinese family friend, we're doing what we can to tiptoe into Asia where I truly believe Charlie will become a fan favourite.

I mean, who wouldn't love a feisty little 10 year old whose head is too big for her body?

The Dogs

They're feeling a tad confused and out of sorts. Our previous home provided them with the longest stint they'd ever had in the one place.  They were very settled and comfortable.  We're hoping that with time they'll enjoy the new digs too.

With kangaroos bouncing around us at all hours of the day and night, and the occasional echidna crossing the street, what's not to love?

The Body

The deep fried vessel in which my soul inhabits is not doing so well.  Alas I am feeling every bit of my 50 years right now (and then some).  With symptoms that span way too many possibilities including menopause, bowel cancer, ovarian cancer, celiac disease, dietary intolerance (and the list goes on) we're on a fairly big fact finding mission right now.

I continue to walk around with my pants unbuttoned, in big shirts, looking 6 months pregnant with abdominal cramping, lower back pain and pins and needles from the waist down. Fun stuff.  I think I'd prefer The Boy's crutches.

Note: initial testing has all but ruled out the big scary cancers which is a relief. 

The Job

Believe it or not I'm still enjoying the day job.  I have so many great projects to sink my teeth into from simple tasks to some that require a bit more brain power and management.  Hanging out with people I really like, earning money and feeling clever in the process all makes for a pretty decent way to spend my days.

And for the days where work doesn't bring me joy, I find a way to bring joy to work.  #itsthesimplethings

The Football

Yep, I'm still the Communications Manager and Sponsorship Manager for The Boy's football club.  Another full time job in itself, but again, it surrounds me with people I enjoy spending time with. And for the ones who do my head in .... well ... it gives me something to complain about.

The Blog

As you can see the blog is spluttering along.  Like owning an old 1950s rusted out Holden, it needs a bit of a make-over, some decent fuel and probably more time than I'm able to give it. I miss the days I could be a blogger.  To write whenever I felt like it about nothing in particular with an audience of like-minded people to share our craft.  But alas everything above is limiting me in this space right now.

Thanks for your patience while I get back to my former bloggy glory.

The Linky

I love that I blog on Thursdays. I love that it's a day to focus on the good stuff. I love that a handful of your still come around to my joint and have a cuppa as we celebrate the good in our world.  I love the Lovin Life Linky.

So without further ado, I'll hand you over to the linkers!  Make sure you stop by and say hi.

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  1. Wow, you certainly have a lot on! Fingers crossed your health improves, and good luck with expanding the books!

  2. Good to catch up with what's going on with your family currently! I hope your son's stress fracture heals fully quickly. My daughter was that one in a million who's athletics career was ruined by her stress fracture.

  3. So much going on! Good luck with it all - and here's hoping you get that tummy sorted too...

  4. Dear dear DEAR Leanne, whatever is happening, your blog is here...and whilst you do and be what you have to, it awaits you. No need to change. it is here. As for that LIST oh my! Talk about add the stressors to your lives but knowing your leadership it will all come together ok eventually. Not a fun time but one you can use to build your resilience. The body not behaving well is 'doing its thing' but I also think it too has taken a 'hit'. Take care, you have the reassurance of the no big cancers, and testing may or may not find out the 'why' ....I have the feeling your body is just letting your know it's been a HUGE last 2 years. Love to you. Denyse x

  5. Hi Leanne - I loved having a sticky beak at your old house (it had a bit of a feel to it that our previous family home had) and I'm looking forward to seeing your new place when it's all set up. Sorry to hear that you aren't firing on all 8 cylinders but glad the job's going well and things in general seem pretty positive. Great catching up :)

  6. Sending you positive thoughts on your health and I hope that things calm down. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

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  8. He's just started year 11 in a new school and is in pre-season for soccer. khalid Hassan
    Unfortunately it hasn't been a great start to the year with a series of stress fractures in his foot which is now in a boot and he's been confined to crutches "to get off his foot immediately". Miserable is one word that comes to mind. Frustrated is another. Did I say miserable?


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