Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Adventures

Today I put the Youthful in FIFTY

Youthfulness is learning the art of selfies (and filters that smudge out the OMG forehead lines - I'll show you the non-filtered photo at the end of this post)

This turning 50 caper was always going to be an opportunity for me to create a festival feeling that would continue well through this 50th decade.

Due to the ill health (which is hopefully now on track) and the resulting lack of fitness, the whole Fit and Fabulous at Fifty thing was almost thrown out the window. Then I remembered my YYouthfulness.

What does Youthfulness mean for me? It means grabbing my inner child at least once a day and letting it out to share with the world. 

Whether it be dancing, laughing out loud, watching ridiculously trashy but oh-so-satisfying reality TV, skipping down the road, leaping through the air, sitting cross legged on the floor, chatting with my kids to hear the adolescent goss, throwing little parties for no reason at all, organising "let's dress the same" days at work to add some fun to the work space, or singing out loud and out of tune to the latest pop song.  Ageing does not mean we need to ditch our sense of kidnom* 

Last weekend the extended Shea Langdown clan took their inner child for a spin through the bush at the Illawarra Fly Zip-lining Adventure. 

For Christmas we gave everyone zip-lining tickets which we redeemed on the Canberra Day long weekend with 18 of us from ages 5 to 75 taking to the treetops in an adrenaline filled youthful adventure.

Stepping across the very narrow, rickety and way-too-far-apart steps of the suspension bridges positioned high in the canopy was definitely expanding my comfort zone, but with the knowledge we were firmly tethered via our harnesses we all made it across without too many moments of frozen fear.

 Honestly, I think the hardest part of the whole caper was me trying to get a handle on my leech phobia.  Yes people, it's real.   I screamed an leaped and experienced out of control panic at the sight of a black caterpillar on the hubster's leg.  But my leech phobia is a story for another day and no leeches were spotted on this little Langdown adventure.

So there you have it. The Festival of Fifty continues with me finally recognising that my Y is definitely still deeply embedded in the essence of who I am. It keeps me feeling fresh even though I'm not always feeling fabulous.

The unedited selfie - no filter with OMG forehead lines firmly in place

How's your inner youth?

Been on any adventures lately?

How do you keep your sense of kidnom near the surface as you age?

*Kidnom: a totally made up word which I created and use often to explain the exciting kingdom of child-like behaviour.  Finding your inner "kidnom". 

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  1. Yes to living youthfully, Leanne!

    That suspension bridge would have tested me but gee what an accomplishment to have crossed it!

    SSG xxx

  2. Yay you! No adventures here but I certainly need to shake things up a little.

  3. I have a suspension bridge phobia Leanne (anything high up that I can see through just does my head in). I think being tethered might actually work for me though - so it sounds like it was a fun way to do some family bonding and to have a laugh - which always keeps me young.

  4. The suspension bridge would have definitely tested me!

  5. I couldn't do the suspension bridge deal. You are living youthful. Very cool. Looking very nice.

  6. This turning 50 caper was alwayskhalid Hassan
    going to be an opportunity for me to create a festival feeling that would continue well through this 50th decade.

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