Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Update

Where are we up to in this Deep Fried world of ours?


It's a strange place we live in. This world of ours is throwing challenges at us left, right and centre which is testing our resilience and testing our resolve.

Well, bring it on bitch!

Actually, no. I take that back.  Don't bring it on bitch.

I mean, sure, throw us a few curve balls from time to time just to keep the game interesting, but really? Bush fires, smoke choke, hailstorms, flooding and now a worldwide pandemic. Bitch can get back in her box.

OK, with that said, let's have a look at what is happening in the world of this Deep Fried festival-of-fifty year old (because zero birthdays last a year, remember)

The working-from-home mojo

Well, given I used to run a hobby business from home and with my author gig and all that, you'd think I'd have this working-from-home stuff down pat.  But alas, I am so used to driving into an office full of people each day and being motivated by their energy that it has taken me a few days to get myself to full work-from-home speed.  I am pleased to say, it's now all systems GO and I love being in a work-from-home world.

The get-this-shit-done list

As businesses start to shut their doors and the Government gives us new information daily, I am realising my list of to-dos has turned from a "shit that needs doing" list to a "quick girl, get this shit done" list.

My blog post of last week was a fun look at resort style isolation.  Which is still my positive spin on this weirdness.  But this week, I'm less about the face masks, foot spas and spray tan, and more about the holy-crap-I'd-better-step-this-up-a-notch mindset.

My get-this-shit-done list

  • Get the teen boy in for his hip x-ray 
  • Get the same teen boy into his dietitian even if it is by phone
  • Get the big grown up daughter to the specialist to follow up on last year's operation
  • Get the pool water tested because "resort life"
  • Get into the hairdresser before they shut their doors
  • Get in contact with all the people due to rent our coast house over the next few months and offer alternative options
  • Get back into author mode and advertise the books because people read in isolation, yeah?
  • Get the next issue of Cheer Kids Magazine out because people read in isolation, yeah?
  • Get the first ever issue of our football magazine out because ... you know the rest
The alternative family gathering

This week marks the hubster's birthday week and also marks a huge 21st milestone for the grown up daughter's boyfriend. Yet no parties allowed.  Even family gatherings have been given the no-go-zone.  So I am finding ways to have virtual celebrations instead.  

The withdrawal from meds

As you know I was recently diagnosed with Serotonin Syndrome as a result of two prescribed medications creating a shit storm inside my body.  You can read about that scary moment in time here.

I went off one of my meds cold turkey with minimal impact, however the second drug has to be treated with respect and a slowly, slowly, approach.  

I tried that approach for 6 weeks.  But ....  

Hang on ... have you met me?  They call me "the laxative" because I am the one that gets shit done.  No slowly, slowly for me.  Just bloody well get in there and get it done. If I'm working from home I may as well just rip the Bandaid off, yeah?

Ummm, perhaps I shouldn't have done that.  Withdrawal is a bitch.  But hey, they breed them tough in my neck of the woods.  It's done now.  

The Blog Posts

I am really sucking at this whole blogging caper of late, yet I refuse to let it go. So ....

I will continue to blog through my Festival of Fifty and see what happens at the other end.

Are you working-from-home?
What's on your get-this-shit-done list?

Got some ideas on how to host a virtual birthday party?

Thanks for hanging out with me this morning.

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  1. Gottoa get on with what we have to.... Denyse

  2. We've been at home since March 13, except to go out for a walk or get fresh produce. Check out the Zoom app to host your virtual birthday party. #lovin'lifelinky

  3. It's too late for me to go to the hairdresser. My hair is growing for the duration!

  4. It was Sarah's birthday the other day and we ordered takeaway fro the restaurant we'd originally booked to go to. She has said (tongue in cheek of course - on account that we know how serious this shit is) that the real victims in this are the Aries who can't get out for their birthdays.

  5. I've also missed the hairdresser's cut off so it's going to be an interesting time ahead! No puns intended :)Great to catch up and hope all contues to be well in your world. #lovin'lifelinky

  6. 'They call me "the laxative"' - I love it. Don't stop being you!

    I'm still out and about to an extent for work. Can't complain. I feel like I'm helping. I'm so fortunate compared to many who's lives have been turned upside down in the matter of days.

    Blogging for me is sporadic too but the energy of Lovin' Life and also Life This Week keep me going.

    SSG xxx

  7. it's a crazy world out there. I am in a bit of social isolation anyway, as I have just had an op on my ankle this week, and can't put my foot down for 2 weeks. Lucky I have such a helpful hubbie and live-at-home son. Some "testie" moments, but once we get our stuff sorted we will get through. Just sorry my hubbie has to be the one to go into the "front line" of the shopping centre! Stay happy and healthy! And thank you for the link up. We are lucky to have social media to help us stay connected.

  8. Working at home sucks since I am a teacher. It is hard for me to put lessons on my Google Classroom. I really miss dealing with people.

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