Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Mulligans Flat Walk, Canberra, ACT

Look what's in our backyard! 

The hubster heading off on the Woodlands Walk within Mulligans Flat
When we moved to our new home we knew we were choosing a suburb filled with nature and a great deal of environmental awareness.  I recall when the suburb was built that it was touted as THE environmentally conscious suburb of the ACT with a focus on high energy rating, water tanks for every home and a push for solar panels.

The day we moved in we were greeted by a family of kangaroos who hang out in the reserve next to us and who give us lovely "gifts" on our driveway each evening.  The dogs seem to like those gifts a little too much with the notion they are fine food delicacies.  We see them more as landmines to avoid and a reminder that we are in fact in the midst of something quite spectacular.

Our new suburb of Forde is home to Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary with its front gate literally 100 metres from our house.

Mulligans Flat consists of 1200 hectares of protected land which has been created to inspire conservation and to create a home for a number of animals and plants who are dangerously close to extinction.

Besides the very common site of kangaroos in our streets and the occasional echidna crossing the road, the rest of the animals tend to stay contained within the huge nature friendly fences that have been erected to keep predators out and dwindling numbers of furry friends in.

While my daughter has taken regular walks through the Sanctuary and my son often rides his bike through there, the hubster and I had yet to step inside until last weekend.

Over the Easter weekend we busted out of isolation in a big way to take advantage of whatever recreational area we could find that still allowed for visitors.  That included a wander up the end of our street, around the corner and through the gates of Mulligans Flat.

The old shearing shed remains part of Mulligans Flat as an educational hub where you can go inside and watch a video and  read about the Sanctuary

What an incredible gift we've been given right here in Forde, ACT.  The history behind it, the species within it and the community that looks after it.

The Sanctuary has been set up so the general public can enjoy it as both an educational experience and as a recreational area in which to walk, run and ride.  There are a number of different walks of different lengths and degrees of difficulty, and with the Mulligans Flat app found in the App Store and Google Play, you can take self-guided tours with commentary on your phone.  There are also night tours specifically created to experience our Aussie nocturnal fur friends.

The hubster and I were gob-smackingly-impressed with the work and the innovation that has gone into this area.  We are also gob-smackingly-impressed with ourselves for choosing to live here. (I am further gob-smackingly-impressed with my new term "gob-smackingly-impressed")

For more information about the Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary and the Mulligans Flat walks, head to

I also highly recommend you check out their You Tube channel and at the very least watch this short video on the history of Mulligans Flat.

Have you taken the Mulligans Flat walk yet?

Do you have gems of nature where you live?

What's got you gob-smackingly-impressed right now?

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  1. As camp was cancelled, I've promised my youngest to take her and 2 friends to Canberra when normality resumes - I might see if I can book into one of the torchlight tours at the sanctury - that sounds fun...

  2. How have I never heard of this place? It sounds gob smackingly fun.

  3. What a treasure you have in 'your own new backyard'. Lovely!

  4. How wonderful that you're so close to the MFW sanctuary. A daily walk is calling you. #lovin'lifelinky

  5. How lovely to have a a reserve to walk and explore only metres from your front gate. Enjoy! Have a good week, and thank you for the link up.

  6. That would be cool and so very nice. I would love to explore that. I just posted here the blog you inspired on Instrgram. Hope you are safe and healthy. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  7. That sounds like the perfect place to have moved to! And good timing too.

  8. This place looks amazing. We too live in a bush setting.

  9. My daughter and her family live in Canberra and we (until recently) visit quite often but I'd not heard of this place either. I will definitely pass this info on to her! We have forest, kangaroos and wildlife at the back of our property and love the quiet environment. It's certainly fits the bill for being gob-smackingly-impressive :) #lifethisweek

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