Thursday, April 2, 2020

The party mindset

Welcome to our socially distanced party

At this time of year we are usually celebrating both the hubster's and my mum's birthdays. Hubby's was at the start of the week, Mum's is tomorrow, so for years we have "met in the middle" for a joint celebration. But because we are being responsible social-distancers, we won't be doing that this week.

Having said that I did manage to throw together a party for the hubster last Sunday.  What was initially meant to be a surprise party with the extended Shea-Langdown family, plus a couple of best mates, turned into just us and "cardboard cutouts" of the others.

Yeah, while everybody else is getting all fancy with Zoom, House Party and the like, I went old school with artistic depictions and small group video chats on Messenger instead.

The original surprise was always going to be resort themed.  A celebration of colour, blue skies, cocktails, island life and exotic experiences around our backyard pool. Why not continue down that path? It's not about how many there are at a party ... it's about the people who do attend having the party mindset.

We had the party mindset in spades.

I have to say, despite the lack of people, it still felt like a party.

Did you know that creating a party for 5 attendees and creating a party for 25 attendees takes the same amount of effort? I never realised that because I don't recall ever throwing a full party for such a small crowd before. But it requires the same amount of shopping, the same preparation, the same decorating, the same amount of hosting.

Esmeralda and I found it very exhausting.

Anyway, through last weekend's teeny tiny party shenanigans I did find a whole lot of peace knowing that despite not actually being WITH people, they were still WITH us.  Through messages, through video, through thoughts and through their paper plate faces we took turns in drawing, the people that mean the most are still present in our lives  

I hope that in this time of weirdness and isolation, you are finding peace. I hope that despite the lack of physical presence, your heart presence is still strong.  

Happy Lovin' Life Thursday everyone.

What are you Lovin' about Life this week?

How's your social-distancing going?

Are you feeling a little too isolated right now?  

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  1. I love the party pics and you certainly did have the party mindset in spades.

  2. Happy birthday to your mom and hubby! It's tough celebrating these days! Love the portraits on paper plates. I did a happy hour with friends on Zoom - just a small group. It was fun!

  3. I love how everyone is getting creative with things like this in this new world of ours...

    1. I'm impressed with our local businesses who are doing incredible things in keeping their businesses alive in these testing times. So innovative.

  4. Good on you. I am using the words physical distancing rather than social distancing as we (the fam) are trying to stay connected socially even though it is remotely. Happy Birthday to D and your Mum xx

  5. Very creative party. Happy birthday to your Mum and hubby!

  6. Loved the paper plate guests and the doggy outfits - it'll be a party you remember forever x

  7. I love the way people are becoming innovative with this social distancing. I know I have spent a LOT more time on social media than ever before. At the moment I am slopping around home anyways because I had an op on my ankle last week, and have to sit with my foot up for 2 weeks, so about all I can manage is social media, TV, and I have started a photo a day project, which is mostly being done with my phone.
    Take care, thank you for the link up, keep up your social contacts, and together we will get through this.

    1. Great time to get ankle surgery! Perfect in fact. Well, except for if you need rehab etc which they may be restricting. I can't have my fibromyalgia therapy at the moment. No hands on massage therapy allowed. I am really hurting as a result. But, good reason to HAVE to put up your feet. No excuses!

  8. So very creative. Happy birthday to both. So very nice.

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