Thursday, April 30, 2020

The shows I'm watching

Who's taken a deep dive into the rabbit hole of TV land while in isolation?

Yes it's true, I'm as busy as I've ever been, with work, magazines, football admin stuff and setting up house.  But I have still managed to carve out a fairly significant space for watching the tele.

With what seems to be a never-ending selection of new content, I'm taking a tiny step outside my comfort zone of the known shows I usually watch and diving into some of the pearls available in TV land.

My current list of top 6 viewing includes:

  1. Tiny House Nation: I'm addicted to the creativity that goes into turning a tiny space into a well equipped and beautifully decorated home.  The innovative space saving creations by Zack Giffin blow my mind. (Netflix) 4.5 Stars
  2. Mystery Road: The hubby and I binge watched this fab Aussie drama over the ANZAC long weekend.  Season One comprises 6 one hour (ish) episodes set in the Kimberley region of Australia and follows an indigenous detective as he arrives at a remote community to solve the mystery of how two station hands simply "disappeared".  Season Two is also now available and is next on our list. (ABC iView) 5 Stars
  3. The Bold Type: The everyday adventures of three 20 something girls in magazine land as they create their careers, fall in love, explore their sexuality and discover the realities of life.  Set in NYC, the Bold Type has me marveling at the cut throat nature of the publishing world while at the same time peaking through my fingers in middle-aged-shock at some of the things these spirited women get up to. There are four seasons so far with more to come (Stan) 4 Stars
  4. Press: A TV mini series set in London about two rival newspapers and the cut throat world of having to get the next big story.  I've only just started watching this one but it's already got me in. (Stan) 3.5 Stars
  5. The Last Dance:  We are watching this docuseries as a family because of the love of basketball that runs through the Langdown genes.  It's about the Chicago Bulls during the late 90s with current day interviews, old footage and a fair dose of controversy and sporting politics all rolled in.  (Netflix) 4.5 Stars
  6. Modern Family Season 10: Yes, we're a little behind in our Modern Family watching so we raced out and bought the box set of Season 10 so we could binge watch as a family in readiness for Season 11.  I can't believe this show has come to an end! What will we do with our lives?  Just for the record, I AM Claire and the hubster IS Phil (albeit slightly tamer versions, but Claire and Phil live inside us).  

Are you getting more time to watch TV?

What are your top 5 picks right now?

Any suggestions for TV viewing this weekend?

It's Lovin' Life Thursday which means the day we get to remind ourselves, no matter what, there's always something to love.  

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Happy Thursday everyone! 

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  1. We watched Devs, Christine Keeler both okay. Not quite what they should have been. I liked Better Call Saul. Waiting for Handmaid's Tale that I thought we were getting in April?? Just started season 2 of Afterlife.

    1. We started watching better Call Saul (being Breaking Bad fans - albeit 10 years after everyone else - standard); And we are big fans of Afterlife so look forward to hopefully watching the next season this weekend. I'm not that keen on the Handmaid's Tale. Tried to read the book, but after putting it down repetitively over the course of 6 months just gave up. Just not my cup of tea for some reason. I'll look into Devs and Christine Keeler. I've seen them both listed. Intrigued!

  2. The only one of these I've watched was Press - which I loved. I'm rewatching The Split (Stan).

  3. So many good shows to watch. I try to lessen my screen time and sitting time so I watch one movie per week. Recent film that I watched: Call Me by Your Name.

  4. Not TV for me - TIKTOK!!!!! Can't resist trying out the moves... in the privacy of my bedroom mirror.

    SSG xxx

  5. I have re-discovered watching a Netflix & its series and that is Anne with an E. From the book of Anne of Green Gables which I never read this has become a series. Much to offer and I find I can actually tune away from social media to watch. Denyse

  6. We don't have paid TV so I can't watch most of these shows. I am loving The Heights on ABC at the moment.

  7. I've actually been watching a lot on SBSonDemand at the moment. And Netflix of course!

  8. I am actaully watching less TV than before which is sad. I have been DVRing old shows like Dragnet and ADAM-12 to watch.

  9. Hmmm, thought I commented last week but it's disappeared. You've reminded me to look up Mystery Road. That's high on my list. Press sounds interesting too.


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