Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Fuel

Are you getting the right fuel?

Since COVID hit and we all went into isolation, the need to drive my car hasn't been so great.  The trips have been short and fuel consumption minimal.  Add to that my car had a flat battery for a good 6 weeks and you can understand why I haven't taken the Subaru to a fuel pump in a very long time.

Last night as the fuel light blinked I ticked another thing off my to-do list by driving to the nearest service station and filling my car up with petrol.

That's a good news story, yes?


My car takes diesel.

[Insert every swear word ever invented here.]

So now I'm standing at the petrol bowser with 60 litres of freshly pumped fuel not knowing whether to laugh, scream, cry or just start walking west in the hope that a new improved version of myself might magically present itself, or I die of exposure, whichever comes first.

I chose a hybrid of the laugh-scream-cry and rang my husband kind of wailing, not quite screaming, sort of laughing but mostly crying.

I've just filled the car with petrol.

Good, it was on empty. 

But the car takes diesel.

[Insert every swear word ever invented here.] Whatever you do, don't start the car.

Roger that.

I'm not sure what made me realise my error right before the paying and the starting of the car process.  Something in the deep recesses of my brain said "what's wrong with this picture?"

I have no idea why my brain didn't kick in at the start of the pumping.  Or why that didn't kick in during the pumping. Better still, why didn't that kick in BEFORE the pumping commenced?

In any case I had to walk to the attendant with my metaphorical tail between my legs (which ended up being an actual tail due to the long over-sized shirt I was wearing that got stuck between my rapidly growing thighs - but that's a story for another day) and pay for the fuel I did not want and tell them I couldn't move my car due to the "whatever you do, don't start the car" clause.

She just smiled and said "that happens all the time".

Really? Well that's a relief.  Enough of a relief to turn my wail-scream-laugh-cry into an ever so slight frown-smile.

Long story short my husband arrived, we pushed the car into a car space out of the way, he contacted our mechanic just down the street who said they'd come and push it to their workshop today where they will drain it, and I then carried on with my soccer mum activities as if nothing untoward was going on.

As I walked around the football field in the dark trying to get some extra K's in my day, I contemplated the whole incorrect fuel thing.  Winter really knocks me around from a mindset and chronic pain point of view and my brain function suffers as a result.

What role does ensuring we are getting the correct fuel play in our own performance?

Do we need to change the way we eat and the supplements we take as the seasons change?

According to there are foods and supplements that may help fight the winter blues.  These include:

  • Lean proteins: salmon, chicken breast
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: walnuts, flax seeds and salmon
  • Berries: blueberries, raspberries and strawberries
  • Folic acid: leafy greens, oatmeal and sunflower seeds
  • Vitamin B-12: beef, oysters, salmon, milk.
  • Vitamin D: sunshine plus milk, eggs, mushrooms.
  • Dark chocolate: which has a high polyphenol content (type of antioxidant).
  • Bananas: they contain tryptophan, natural sugars, potassium and magnesium
Foods to avoid are those high in sugar. While sugar may give you a temporary boost, the crash afterward can make you feel worse than you did previously.  According to "research from UCLA suggests that too much sugar and too few omega-3 fatty acids can functionally change your brain and slow it down."

What last night's brain fart taught me is that I'm simply not giving myself the right fuel. I'm throwing petrol into a diesel engine which is not going to get me anywhere.  

So rather than remain parked outside the service station, I'll be spending time and money today on getting rid of what doesn't work and replacing it with what does.  

Are you getting the right fuel?

Have you had any brain farts lately? 

Ever put petrol in a diesel engine?

Despite the wail-scream-laugh-cry moments there's always something to love about life.  Join my fellow bloggers as we share our favourite blog posts of this week.  Enjoy! 

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  1. Cleaning up my diet this last week, Leanne AND I got the car's major service done. Well on my way to shrugging off that iso life sluggishness!

    SSG xxx

  2. Good thing you realized the fuel mix up before starting the car. We're heading for summer solstice where I live so lots of sunshine and warm temperatures.

    1. I know right! A very good thing. My FIL's birthday is our winter soltice (your summer soltice). He was born in the UK where he celebrated on the longest day of the year. Now in Australia he celebrates on the shortest day. Bugger

  3. We have done that - a costly exercise. Only a few litres and it all needed to be drained...why do the nozzles even fit???

    1. I have a feeling the diesel nozzle does not fit a petrol car, but a petrol nozzle fits a diesel car (that I know for a fact). Such a bugger. I'm a dope!

  4. Haven't done that to a car...always had petrol but I have, a couple of times in recent years been 'distracted' by inner turmoil, worries etc and ended up with a nasty set of dings in side of the car, and driven over gutters.

    Mindful. Trying to be mindful helps. Hope the week continues to be 'better'. Denyse

    1. It's been a fascinating week thus far Denyse, that's for sure. Mindfulness. Roger that

  5. I do need to review eating with a dietitian but I'm more focused on pain and physio (stretches, getting back into exercise) right now and don't have the capacity to add another thing to my brain.
    I hope the car is back up and running for you!!

    1. I hear you. I was at the physio today. My neck has jammed. Can't move it. That combined with the fibro pain is exhausting! Yes, very overwhelming when our body lets us down.

  6. Oh wow - lucky you realised in time! I used to have a VW Jetta that took higher octane super unleaded and I nearly forgot on occasions but luckily never did! My car now takes regular unleaded thankfully - easy and cheaper! Speaking of fuel for the body. I do think I need to review my current fuel and most definitely need to be booked in for a service!!

    1. I am off to hunt for a car that takes petrol. I can't deal with the pressure! LOL

  7. So lucky you realised in time! I'm with you on the sluggishness atm...just sometimes feel out of my body.

  8. Glad that you realized the mistake before you started the car. I am going back to getting the right fuel in my body. I am so out of my routine but I am getting a new one.

  9. I've used this lock down time to focus on the right fuel for my body and I'm so glad I did! So many people are saying how badly they've been eating, and I understand the whole comfort food thing, but I really didn't want to have to deal with a body that had been given the wrong fuel. Thanks for this post, it's a great reminder to focus on what we need and not what we want (although it's nice to spoil ourselves, and moderation is the key here!). :-)

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