Thursday, July 9, 2020

The inside edition

Welcome to "Pieces of Me"

The dress I got for Mothers Day
The champagne I drink
The bag I bought
The balloons I gave

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so rather than bore you with my normal banter I thought I might go back to the good old days where there was this thing called "Wordless Wednesday" and we shared our life in photos.

Welcome to my world - which will never be entirely wordless.

The personalised phone case I created
The lip gloss I wear
The sparkle book I plan with

The club I volunteer for

The iso world I still work in

The gifts my bestie sends me

The fish that lives in my bathroom

The gear I go hot-tubbing in

The beauty products I won't go without

The plant we call "Chelsea" in a room we call "family"

A book that I cook from

The armchair we bought
The dining suite we eat at
The soccer balls I find

The trinkets I've found in regional towns
The cabinet for games
The coastal shelves that show wisdom

The breakfast I'm eating
My Mothers Day tea caddy
The Aussie essential

The socks I pick up

The parties I plan

So while it may not be Wordless Wednesday in the land of Oz, it is Lovin Life Thursday and what you see above is a reflection of what I love about my world right now.

Pieces of me. 

What pieces of me could also be pieces of you?

Join my fellow bloggers and I as we share the Lovin Life love.  Click through the linky to find more great reads.

Happy Thursday!

Where to find the stuff from my pics:
Brown leather handbag TK Maxx
Mothers Day dress, KMart 
Sparkle book, KMart
Fish, Pillow Talk
Swimmers and robe, KMart
Armchair, Ikea
Dining Suite, B2C Furniture, Melbourne
Cabinet, Ikea 
Hampton's Louvre shelves, Coastal Garage Vintage, Sunshine Bay
Invitation design, my own, created on Canva. 

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  1. Love it! In fact, I might just borrow the idea for something of my own...

  2. Great idea for a post! I can relate to the picking up socks - sigh! Love the look of that slow cooker cookbook. I might have to look that one up! Also love your dress, bag & boots! I can't believe it is Tahlia's 21st coming up already. I remember when it was her 18th. Surely that wasn't 3 years ago! xo

    1. I know right. Surely that was't 3 years ago. Time moves too quick Min. Way too fast.

  3. I love your hot tubbing outfit, Leanne!

    Great idea for a post too, I would love to borrow thistheme for a future post.

    SSG xxx

    1. I would love to see a "Pieces of Me" post from you SSG! Absolutely, borrow away ...

  4. Lovely sights to see here Leanne. You are a woman of great taste and flair. Like others, I cannot believe Tahlia is soon to be 21. My second granddaughter was 21 in May but due to iso, her party was her mum, bf and 3 siblings. You need a pop socket...on your phone..(I have one from Bettyquette) but it might spoil the words. Have a great Thursday. Denyse x

    1. Great minds Denyse. Would you believe I got a pop socket! It arrived right after I took this photo. I had one custom made with a big swirly "Laverne" style L on it. LOVE!

  5. All's looking great, Leanne. except why are you still picking up socks that are not yours :)

  6. Lovely! Our pics do tell so much of our lives, don't they? I love a world in photos!

    1. My phone is FULL of photos. I really should cull them. It's a great reminder though of my days. When I'm looking for bloggy inspiration I just go through my camera roll. There's always something there that tells a story.

  7. The words read like a poem! The only pieces I share are socks all over the floor and that plant - it's just like mine. I call it Plant!

  8. I loved this post today!! I can definitely relate to the socks!! They drive me crazy!!

    1. Everything about socks drives me crazy. Finding them, washing them, losing them, folding them. Wish we didn't need them so much!

  9. So very nice. Your world looks so cool. I posted something like that in my office redo. You are like so spphisticated in your spaces and I am so not. Love your pieces.

    1. You're way too kind. But I'll take it :) I need to go back and search for your office redo now.

  10. You look fabulous! Love the photos!

  11. Loved all the little snippets of your life Leanne - and getting a glimpse into your lovely home.

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