Thursday, August 13, 2020

The Deep Fried Update

 Where are we at in this Deep Fried world?

On my customised phone case I included the words "... where this leads is up to you ..." to remind me that every day we make choices that ultimately define who we are and what direction our life can take.  A reminder that we can create the world we'd like for ourselves, or simply sit back and let life happen to us.   

You know me well enough by now to know that I choose to create.

So with that said, let's have a little look at where in this Deep Fried world I'm up to! Today I give you, the Deep Fried Update. 


As you know I started on an Australian Government Chronic Disease Management Plan which is just a very fancy way of saying I'm getting some money back for the hundreds I spend each week on pain management strategies for my fibromyalgia and some recently acquired stress induced physical gremlins.  So there are loads of physio appointments to deal with the very tight and oddly unrelenting kink in my neck (the stress bit) and my standard ongoing fibromyalgia therapy. 

It's all going OK.  I'm choosing to focus on the good stuff. 


Now that I'm back in the full time, fully paid workforce and creating phase four in the Life of Leanne, I'm having to make some hard decisions in the work space.  

I fell into a role that got me back into the corporate world, which I'm not loving. I mean, it's a fantastic organisation and there is promise within those walls, but I don't love my job.  I'm doing it to the best of my ability, but I don't jump out of bed each day with glee and excitement (which I was renowned for in phases two and three of Leanne). Instead I'm hiding under the blankets thinking I'd prefer to stay in bed and stare at the ceiling.  Which is no good. No good at all.  

So in line with those words on my phone "... where this leads is up to you ..." I'm doing something about it. I need to find a space in the workplace that suits who I am, what I have to offer, where I best fit and why I've decided to return.  A place where I feel my experiences and skill adds the most value.  

I'm no longer letting work "happen to me" and instead finding ways to go out and create it. 


With organised sport back on the field, it's fully fledged soccer mum season.  To be honest it never stopped for me while in Covid as my "Head of Corporate Affairs" volunteer role with the club had to keep going throughout isolation.  But with boots back on the field and business as usual, it means all of my after work hours are spent either standing beside a soccer pitch cheering on a team, attending to communications, videoing for sponsors, marketing our club, organising interviews for Canberra press or writing articles for our own club magazine, taking photos of players, selling merchandise or wiping down counters in the canteen.  

All this and my son hasn't even hit the field yet. After two years of ongoing injuries, he's finally about to walk onto the pitch with his team this coming weekend. To say I am nervous for him, delighted for him, excited for him and afraid for him, is an understatement. I'm not sure I'm good soccer mum material.  Perhaps I'll watch from the car? 


When our Chels passed (and during the final year of her battle) I lost all enthusiasm for being an author.  Life was just too hard and adding the plight of a self-published author to the roller coaster just felt too heavy.

As time ticks by and we create our new normal, I'm starting to feel a spark of belief again in my author journey.

It's interesting how when you start to think hard about something, the universe listens. Since deciding to get my children's book series back on track, with plans to create a new distribution model, devise a new marking strategy and revamp the website, author-dom opportunity is starting reappear.

Just last week I had a phone call from a fellow soccer mum who said "I didn't know you are an author!" and low and behold she declared she was a teacher and my first author talk in three years is now booked for this month.  

So I guess this is a "watch this space" kind of update.  Cheer Chick Charlie WILL be making a comeback. 


The new house is still amazeballs! We love it so much.  We are however making some changes which have included redesigning the husband's office space to better cater for his hobby comic business. Plus we're turning the garage into a games room and the workshop into a bar.  Not to mention raising the fence with some fancy new screening to better shield our Deep Fried bodies from the neighbours while we're in the swim spa.   

No photos for you yet, but rest assured I will share them when it's all done (which HAS to happen before we host the in-laws Golden Wedding Anniversary followed by Miss T's 21st birthday party). Did I mention we've got 5 weeks? Eek!!!


We are all well.  Miss T is back at university (on-line only thanks to Covid) and just started her internship with a marketing agency.  She was there one day and has already been published in one of Canberra's fave online restaurant magazines. So proud.

Mr 16 is back at school (face to face) and back to full physical health which means he can actively participate in all of his sports subjects again.  He's loving the new car and we go L plate driving every evening.  As mentioned above, he hits the soccer field for the first time in over a year this weekend. 

The Hubster is working very hard. Very very hard.  In fact he is busier than he's ever been with the day job in cyber security at an all time high and his online comic business reaping the rewards of current on-line shopping increases thanks to this horrible world-wide pandemic.  Swings and round-abouts. 

Our parents are all fit and healthy. Our extended family is all well.  Our friends are all doing OK.  

So there you have it.  That's the Deep Fried update.  

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but on account of the day job I'd better hit publish on this and at least make an attempt to get out of my dressing gown and slippers for my first video meeting of the day.

I leave you with this pretty scene from my morning walk two days ago.  I'm still finding delightful new spots in the new suburb to marvel at.


What's happening in your world?

Where are your choices leading you?

Found any pretty new spots to view the world in your local area? 

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  1. Lots of positive things going for you, Leanne. I'm glad you choose to create and focus on the good stuff. #lovin'lifelinky

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  2. This is a lovely, cheery update! Glad to here all the good news, and that you're taking control of your destiny, as they say, where things are letting you down. Who are they and why did they say that, I wonder?

  3. Leanne
    Thank you for the update on your world. Glad to hear so much happiness and positivity envelops your world - the house,breakthroughs with your health, anticipation in the author world.

    Much love

    SSG xxx

  4. Dear Leanne, thank you so much for your update...and I hear you on 'not loving the job' so looking elsewhere....things need to suit and fit. Happy to hear about getting the body fixed (I know not forever) for some greater comfort. You are doing great. Love D x

  5. Great update Leanne. I hope you find a job that is more in line with who you are and more enjoyable. I spent far too long working in jobs I hated and ultimately it did me much more harm than good (the only good being the $$'s). I'm looking forward to those house photos. What I've seen so far though tells me your new place is stunning!

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  7. Thank you so much for the update, it’s admit I’m feeling the same about my job at the moment, I hope you find yourself I a position job wise that you are happy with soon.

  8. Hi! Nice to meet you - I'm new here. I love the theme - Loving' Life! I thought that my latest blog post on what I realized I had taken for granted until I went abroad would be a good fit. There's nothing like appreciating something on a whole new level or realizing that you had taken something for granted.

    Thanks for hosting! :-)

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  10. Sounds like you have a lot of great positives there. Very nice. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

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