Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Mid-life crisis?

Every 50 year old needs a sports car right?

A short story (to be read in a very posh queen-like British accent.)

Once upon a time there was a girl who'd always wanted a sports car.  Needless to say she was far too practical to waste money on such silly things. But then she turned 50 and she had a mid-life awakening and threw all practicality out the window.  So she bought the sports car.  The end. 

The slightly longer story (to be read with the bogan Aussie vernacular in mind)

This chick from Goulburn** had always wanted something sportier to burn people off at the traffic lights. Given her son was learning to drive and was the only other member of her family who cared about noisy revved up cars, she figured she could buy them something loud and bogan-like they could share.  

So she took the lovely, practical and oh so appreciated 10 year old Subaru Forester she'd been gifted by her mum and bribed her son for a year with the promise she'd trade it in and let him ultimately choose their car if he did good teenagery things like stay in school, continue playing sport and not be a dickhead.

So off he went and researched all the cars and decided on the WRX of the 2015-2017 vintage.  She wanted black, he wanted the WRX signature blue, so they landed on blue on account they both had blue eyes and standing next to their new car would highlight their peepers. 

He spent a good 6 months not being a dickhead, and since she'd been feeling stressed, unwell and very very old, she figured it was as good a time as any to partake in her mid-life crisis.

She was bloody proud of herself too as, without her husband's help (her choice, not his), she learned all there was to know about 2015, 2016 and 2017 WRXs and haggled with the men in the used car world until she found the car of their dreams at the price they could afford.

Her son had to inspect each car of course and did so with a fine tooth comb.  His attention to detail ensured she didn't do anything too frivolous like buy a car with a weird engine tick believing it to be a standard sports car feature. 

She was totally bummed when she found THE perfect car in a country town four hours away, only to be advised he'd just sold it to a wholesaler.  Given she'd just told a local car dealer to stick his shiny $35,000 2016 non-premium WRX up his clacker on account of the fact she could get a premium model with similar km's for $24,000, that "totally bummed" feeling was magnified.  

But she did what any smart Goulburn chick would do and rang the bloke from the bush and asked him which wholesaler he sold it to. Then she rang that wholesaler before he'd even got the car off his truck and told him the car was rightfully hers.  He agreed, added a couple of grand to the price he got it for (which was an absolute steal) and together they laughed all the way to the bank. 

Then she and her boy (this time with her mum and hubby in tow) drove to the wholesaler and picked up their shiny new toy.  

It turns out that blue WRXs do actually bring out the blue in your eyes.  

The end. 

** You can take the girl out of Goulburn, but you can never take Goulburn out of the girl.

Have you ever owned a sports car?

What sort of haggling have you had to do over a used car?

Does your car bring out the colour in your eyes? 

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Happy Thursday. 

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  1. Happy new car! No, I've never owned a sports car, although when we first met Grant had this really cool silver celica and the back used to spin out if you took a corner too fast.

  2. Nice! Look forward to hearing about your fun adventures with your new car. I've never owned a sports car although I've driven my friend's cute red Mazda Miata before.

  3. Love the story and the colour. Not sure about the 'attention' it may get but I think you will enjoy that. The closest I had to a sport car was a Paseo in a cool green, with top that could be adjusted. BUT, once we were liquidated as a business it went and within a year we were grandparents for the first time and I needed transport for a baby and car seat. Went to a more practical car which I kept for years. My 50th present was a set of number plates still on my car now: Sydney Olympics personalised ones. Husband has his too. Hope your son enjoys his driving too. Denyse

  4. What a fabulous way to do the mid-life crisis thing! I've never owned a sports car but next time I get a new car I will match it to my peepers which means it will be a shade of green (so many variables there - eeek!) Enjoy your new car!!

  5. How exciting, I am a terrible haggler! Enjoy the Sunday drives!

  6. I really wanted a blue car when I was shopping two years ago but... mine was such a bargain price and low km that there was no way I could turn it down. Congrats on the new car!

  7. A teenager not being a dickhead for 6 months? I'd say it's money well spent whatever the price!!! Congrats on getting the car you wanted...

  8. Congrats on your new toy - I've been telling my husband for years that only tossers drive sports cars - so I won't tell him about yours! He still holds onto the sports car dream and I've told him when he comes into an inheritance one day he can buy one then. :)

  9. hilarious story Glad it worked out in the end. My car is red, not really a sports car, but red cards do go faster.... Enjoy your car, stay safe, enjoy the rest of your week, and thank you for the link up.

  10. Glad you got that care in the end, Leanne! Enjoy the new wheels!

    SSG xxx

  11. Such a cute story and happy that you got the car. So very cool. Very nice and enjoy it.

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