Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Art Class

 You don't have to be creative to get creative

Three Generations

The beauty of the Sip and Create art class is that much of the creativity is done for you.  All you need to do is turn up, have a few drinks, watch, learn and replicate.

You might recall I have a new favourite shop at the coast where I buy trinkets for our home.  Coastal Garage Vintage is a delightful Hamptons-esque home-wares store in a shabby beach shack at Sunshine Bay on the NSW South Coast. 

Not only are they a nifty little gift shop, but they're also home to regular Sip and Create classes where you can learn the secrets to some of the art stylings by Naomi Crowther. 

Naomi Crowther Artist

Renowned for her coastal colours and perfect poppies, Naomi leads us through the creation of our own canvas worthy of display at home. 

We all start with a blank canvas

Wish a champagne cocktail on arrival and a wander around the store, we are then ushered to the workshop out  back where "it all happens".  Entering the room bathed in natural light, with paint splattered on tables and the occasional dollop on the floor, helps you feel instantly arty.  With turquoise and teal paints at the ready, a view of the beach outside the window and the sound of waves gently lapping the shore, it's not difficult to find your inner "coast". 

Cocktails and painting

We learned the art of mixing the background, stenciling with spray paint, how to sculpt the perfect petal (which I didn't manage to master), the trick to painting wispy stems, the secret to buds and the best utilisation of space. 

Learning the tricks of the trade

Poppies everywhere!

Mum, T and I had signed up to the class months ago to create a "three generations" memory out of what could have simply been a standard weekender to the coast.  

With Covid safety at the forefront, the class only included one other couple to ensure social distancing measures were firmly in place.  Which didn't bother us as it simply made it all the more intimate. 

The Coastal Garage Vintage Sip and Create class included champagne cocktails, all paints and tools (including aprons), nibbles, tutoring, an assistant and the finished artwork and cost us around $80 per person (from memory ... I did book it months ago so the memory is a little vague). 

Sip, Create and Eat!

Poppies by Leanne

The end result was not only a piece of art worthy of hanging for the world to see (or at minimum, on the back of the dunny door), but an experience shared, creating lasting memories. 

To book your class with Coastal Garage Vintage, head to their Facebook page where you can find their details, check out the class schedule or message them directly. 

Are you an artist?

Have you done a sip and create class?

Is there someone special you'd love to create a canvas with? 

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  1. I'd love to do one of these - and your creations look fab.

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  2. What a fun experience to share with your mom and daughter! Your creations look great. I did a pottery painting class a long time ago.

  3. I have! I did it as part of the Wednesday Club (Torschlusspanik list) but I never did the write up for it....maybe I should!

    1. I loved these pics on Insta - it was so cheery!

  4. I love that more and more, people who say they are not "creative" actually ARE!! Each of us has innate creativity: some of us its via an art type medium, others it's writing, for some it's photography. Anything where you allow your mind to gently flow to create. Loved this post, the 3 gen bit and the products from your creativity. Wonderful memories made! Denyse

  5. What a beautiful piece, Leanne! It all looked like so much fun!

    SSG xxx

  6. I love this idea of the sip and create. I think I would be into it. I am a person who loves delving into everything. Though I guess photography is my main "thing". I love the painting you created. You should be proud of it. Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for the link up.

  7. What a lovely grandmother/mother/daughter activity - and with a very attractive end result. It often surprises us how creative we can be with a bit of guidance doesn't it? And I loved the little "snack" table - that would have kept me busy!

  8. One year for Mother's day my mom, my sister, myself, an my mother in law did one of these classes-- we had so much fun! Our local paint place also offered a mother/son class that me and my middle son did together. They are so much fun. I love your painting that you made!

  9. I have not. That is so cool. Very nice painting. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  10. That looks lovely and a fun experience! I'm not great at art but I really want to do one of these. I know there's a few near me

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