Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Courage

 Denyse Whelan's Women of Courage Series 

I have been following Denyse's Women of Courage (WOC) weekly for two years and I am sad to hear this week is her final WOC interview.

Denyse has interviewed women from all backgrounds, many parts of the world, with all different stories to tell.  What they've had in common is they've all had to be courageous in some way, at some point in their lives.  

As I've read their stories and listened to their wisdom about the lessons learned and the strength they've gained from their challenges, I realised that we all have a story to tell. Every single one of us comes from a place that is different to the person next to us. No matter our gender, our age, our socioeconomic circumstances, our relationship status or our health, we are all courageous in some way.

I was delighted to have been asked by Denyse to participate in the WOC series.  Even more so when I discovered I'd be the lucky last.  While the interview took place many months ago, the story I'd decided to tell still rings true and I hope that my most recent challenge and new found wisdom might help others as they map out their path in life.  

Thanks for having me Denyse!

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Happy Thursday everyone! 

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  1. What a lovely way to share the news of the series concluding..sad but inevitable and that your post is the way to go. Thank you Leanne for kind words AND sharing your words in this series. I have loved hosting the stories. Next 2 weeks will be a review of each year. Such a diverse group but all having much in common. Take care, and thank you Denyse

  2. It's been a great series and you were a fitting way to end it. The most perfect post I could have read yesterday.

  3. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Leanne. I've been following WOC too and have enjoyed meeting so many new, inspiring women through Denyse's blog.

    SSG xxx

  4. Thanks, Leanne, for sharing your story. I like your taking charge attitude. I left a comment on Denyse's blog.

  5. Hi Leanne - Denyse's series certainly covered a wide spectrum of what courage means for women around our age - it certainly resonated with me many times and I'm off to read your grand finale post over there x

  6. Sad to see Denyse's WoC series come to an end but I guess all good things eventually do come to an end. I thoroughly enjoyed your post Leanne and commented further on Denyse's blog. xo

  7. Thanks for hosting and it is a wonderful post. Very nice.

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