Thursday, November 5, 2020

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At what point does a blogger hang up their keyboard?

Those are very big glasses Leanne

A month ago I silently celebrated the eleventh anniversary of my blog.  I started writing the moment I turned forty with the challenge to write every day for a year about the trials and tribulations of becoming middle-aged. 

Once I started writing I couldn't stop.  Forty years worth of thoughts would spill onto the screen daily and that year turned into 7.5 years of daily thoughts, tips, tricks, motivation and contemplation.  

For me my blog was a chance to explore myself as a writer.  Not only did it help me to age positively (and hopefully inspire others to age positively too) but it pushed me to have to write rain, hail or migraine even when I had nothing to say.  I learned how to dig deep and remain creative, even on the days when the last thing I wanted to do was communicate. 

At first my blogging was shy and I did it incognito without photos, hiding behind the name Deep Fried Fruit hoping nobody would actually find out who I really was.

Then as I became a member of the blogging community and started to receive recognition on a national scale, I proudly stood up and said "this is me and apparently I can write!" 

The blog gave me awards, took me to magical places, gave me freedom of speech, allowed me to meet people from all over Australia with whom I'd never have met otherwise, but most of all it gave me an outlet and the opportunity to become the writer I'd secretly always wanted to be. 

Adding author, editor-in-chief and writer to my resume are proud accomplishments which have led me to opportunities in the field of communication.  As the volunteer Head of Corporate Affairs for one the ACT's biggest community sporting clubs and as the brand new Internal Communications Officer of a major R&D corporation, my writing now well and truly extends beyond the spaces I've personally created. I now communicate daily in other forums as the resident writer connecting with people through the written word. 

So what does that mean for this space I created for myself for daily writing eleven years ago?

Daily blogging slowly but surely turned into this once a week Lovin Life post which I throw together in a panic at dawn of a Thursday while simultaneously trying to get ready for work.  This half arsed attention is only just managing to keep Deep Fried Fruit alive. 

In a world that is turning away from long winded writings (like this one) and towards the smiling faces and inspiring voices found on Instagram, YouTube and podcasts, I wonder - at what point does a blogger hang up their keyboard?

I love being a lifestyle blogger.  I like being Deep Fried Fruit.  I've enjoyed every minute of my bloggy adventure and I love the connections.  I don't want to lose the "Lifestyle Blogger" title nor the Deep Fried Fruit signature.  But is blogging the only way to go on that adventure?  

What are your thoughts on the future of blogging generally?

Could Deep Fried Fruit take a different path?  

At what point does a blogger hang up their keyboard?

Join me on this Lovin Life Thursday as we share the stuff that's making us smile proving that no matter what is happening in the world, there's always something to love about life. 

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  1. I think the money has gone out of it, and my numbers have dwindled beyond belief. I do it because I like it and that is all. I like creating the posts and I like the interactions with people. I think you stop if it stops bringing you pleasure. If you want numbers then head to insta and do those stories. I don't get those - who has time to watch people banging on? (I guess the people that used to have time to read...)

  2. I think personal blogging as we knew it seems to have disappeared. I'm not sure that's a good thing. I think for a while the market was really flooded - and know I was overwhelmed having to comment and read 50+ posts a day, but now I think our attention span has diminished and think people rely more on social media posts for a 'what's happening' type check-in.

    Because I'm not working I actually want / need to do more writing as I lost confidence in my writing this year so should do more.... but I know when I was working and writing all day I didn't need it (as much) outside of work.

  3. If I was not blogging I would have very little connection with like minded people. My blog, for its purpose in my life NOW, is so I can continue to write to connect with others. It has only ever been about that and my blog is 10 years old in December. I would so miss others and their words if blogging stopped for most people. I find my Monday posts are fun and good to write and I enjoy engaging with my community. I now do a second post each week to link up here and to continue connecting. I still have things to say, stories to share and more...I would miss your voice very much but also understand when purpose is no longer being served that you might decide to stop. Thank you for your thoughts and this link up...Denyse xx

  4. The blogosphere here in Australia has changed dramatically since I started blogging in 2012. It was loud and proud and inclusive and fabulous! That has all but gone now. I agree that the attention span has diminished. People seem to look for quick shots of info now, or listen to a podcast while they do something else. In 2018 I was thrilled to be a finalist in the Bupa Blog Awards and though I didn’t win, I became part of their blogger aluminae and that was a real joy to me. It involved travel, events, learning, networking and meeting other bloggers, and loads of fun. The Blog Awards and the Aluminae are both gone now – no longer a thing. So sad. Linkups are few and far between. Participation is very low. Opportunities for bloggers for get togethers, paid work, networking, and even fun – almost non existant now where once it was all plentiful. Will it all come back? I don’t know. For now I keep blogging but not as much, because it’s in my blood, I enjoy it, and I’m not ready to let go just yet.

  5. I think when blogging doesn't bring you joy, you stop or pause and come back when you feel like it. We all have our preferences for communicating and connecting with others. While podcasts, YouTube and Instagram have their audience, so is blogging.

  6. I am a recent addition to the blogosphere (2 years). My blog is not monetized. I just do it because I love to write and I feel like I have something to say. Congratulations on 11 years! That is quite an accomplishment. I think that the best part of blogging is the relationships I have developed, which was totally unexpected. You will figure it out! Selfishly, I hope You continue. I love reading your weekly posts.

  7. Personal blogging certainly isn't as popular as it once was, but there are still bloggers who are popular, like Fat Mum Slim, Baby Mac and Woogsworld. Blogging is also still a medium for business owners to share information and it will remain so, as not everybody is into video or podcasts. I agree with others above that if it doesn't bring you joy any more, then stop doing it. I still blog and have been since 2009. Sometimes I don't write for months, and other times I write a few times a week. For me it's an outlet, a way to share my thoughts and feelings with others, if only a few read. Gone are the hay days of blogging conferences and meetups which is sad, that was so much fun, but I'm still going to keep blogging because I truly love it.

  8. Imho, when an activity no longer gives you joy, then maybe it’s fulfilled it’s a purpose.

  9. I was pretty much going to say what every other person commenting has said! LOL. I blog because I like it, I like the connections with others, I enjoy having an outlet and watching how my blog and my own life has changed over time. For me it's also a way to keep a record of what our family is doing and how our lives are changing and I love having that to look back on. Anytime my blog starts to feel like a job or I begin to think maybe it's time to quit I take a break. Usually within a week I can't wait to sit back down and share again. There might come a time when that break becomes longer or when I no longer feel the need to blog but I definitely won't be turning to Insta or videos or podcasts or anything else. I am a writer and a reader.

  10. I wanted to make money off my blog, and despite taking expert advice, etc., my numbers never went high enough and I had a few bad experiences with companies who were trying to take advantage. I was feeling very frustrated. Now, I just continue writing because I love it and because I can, and I'll keep doing it as long as I see that people appreciate it to make it worth my time. :)

  11. I blog because I enjoy it. It gets me out in the world and makes me notice things that I wouldn't notice otherwise.

    I don't care to make a dime off my blog. That doesn't interest me. This is my way to be creative in the world. Also, I like sharing my stuff with the world and I love reading others blog who share stuff because it becomes a learning experience for me.


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