Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Boredom

 Only boring people get bored

"Mum, I'm bored!" the kids would say. 

"Only boring people get bored" I would reply. 

As you can imagine, my reply never really went down well nor did it fix their dilemma of how to fill in their time. 

Here I am in my Deep Fried 50s tapping into my self talk and hearing the same conversation bouncing around my brain. 

"I'm bored" I say

"Only boring people get bored" I reply to myself.  

Well fuck me, I must be boring as bat shit because honestly, nothing is floating my boat right now. 

I'm sure for me this is totally covid related due to the restrictions that are in place inhibiting our normal sense of freedom and ability to seek fun and stimulating things.  Nope. Excuses.

It could also be because I've been doing the same stuff for a long time now and as a goal driven human without any new goals, I'm probably just feeling a lack of drive and direction. 

I'm sure that's it. But it does get me thinking ...

Why do we get bored?

Why do some people get more bored than others?

How can you spend your life never feeling bored then suddenly enter a phase of complete and utter boredom?

What is boredom anyway?

Is it actually a thing? Is it a feeling or is it a perception or is it a lack of something or an over supply of something? 

Am I boring you with all my boring questions about boredom?

I know right.  It's all so bloody BORING! 

Anyway, I googled it.  According to Temma Ehrenfeld from Psychology Today "A bored person is dissatisfied and restless. The current situation or activity feels meaningless, time may slow down and he longs to be somewhere else." (, 2015)

She goes on to say, "don’t ignore boredom. It can be the push you need to pursue new goals, and could make you more creative at the office."

Roger that. 

So if only boring people get bored, then what is the definition of a boring person?

Well, let's head back to Google.  According to Shana Lebowitz from Business Insider Australia, boring people:

  • can't make others laugh
  • can't tell if others are engaged in the conversation
  • never have anything to say in conversations
  • always do the same thing
  • don't have their own opinions
  • don't know how to tell a good story
  • don't have anything new to add
  • can't see things from other people's perspectives
  • don't include anybody in the conversation
  • have poor improv skills
  • speak in monotone
  • are constantly negative
  • repeat themselves
  • are always bored 

I don't think I fit the boring bill? Do I? Am I a boring person?

If I'm not a boring person (let's just say we've all decided I'm not), then why am I so bored?!?!

Because I've just got into the habit of plodding along, that's why. 

I've stopped seizing the day.  I've stopped setting goals. I've stopped seeking out new and interesting things to do. I've stopped being interesting! 

I've become bored because I've stopped. 

So, it's time to get started again.  

Do you ever feel bored?

Where do you think boredom comes from?

Is boredom simply a creation of habit? 

Side note: This post is a general post about my current demeanour compared to who I am used to being. This is not reflective of the people I'm with, my work nor my various ventures. It's simply a naval gazing exercise and self observation.

Sorry about today's boring post! The good news is there are plenty of other not-so-boring posts to follow via the Lovin Life linky.  Happy Thursday everyone! Hope it's not boring. 

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. In lockdown I felt that restlessness because the whole world became boring. Even the zoom catch up with friends became boring because no one had anything to offer. It was just the same mundane stuff. I'd lost all the things I'd loved doing. I was doing them online but not quite the same...but there were some highlights that I really loved but I couldn't lure others to join in. Part of boredom is being out of step with the rest of the world. I would get so hyped up over The Prism or Tomorrowland but then when talking to my friends it was all baking and jigsaws and I'd think 'didn't we finish that last week?'. I did a really fab Uni course online in lockdown and every Tuesday night I'd feel like I'd taken a tonne of drugs because I was so hyped and stimulated (just from learning!!!). I think it's ok to be bored because ultimately it forces you to shift gears. I also think, however, in COVID times,there is a sorrow mixed in. I'm devastated for all my friends in Europe back in lockdown and slightly terrified we aren't learning the lessons from what got them there. I'm sad for all the artists I follow that have lost their ability to perform. I'm sad for all the restaurants and bars in Sydney shutting for good. It's a tightly wound ball of disruption, dissatisfaction and loss, that manifests most tangibly as boredom. Part you and part outside. Find your pleasure and be kind to yourself.

  2. Mmmm. I get this. I need different and a range of interests and activities to alleviate boredom. Boredom now, however, in my 71st year is less so. I tend to find something of interest or that I can focus on for a while. I am also MUCH more content with less. It's a satisfaction or enough for me that has changed me (from my ages around yours) this way. I no longer want or need to be hyped up and ready to rock...I feel satisfied and well. Big difference to my old (actually younger) self.Look around you and take some time...just to BE. It is amazing.

  3. During this pandemic, many external sources of entertainment/ fun are not available up close to us e.g. big name concerts, festivals, sports events, blockbuster movies, special dining in restaurants, etc. plus the scoial distancing from large gatherings of family and friends which was part of the fun experience so it's an adjustment to create fun for ourselves 9for as long as the pandemic lasts!). Some of us are better at this than others.

  4. I don't really get bored because there is always so much to be done and I don't need as much 'action' in my life anymore BUT I do get restless and I feel restless now. I get sick of being home all the time and LOVE getting away - even a day trip, a couple of nights, or longer. So I'm restless for another getaway I think, rather than bored. I'll be interested to see what you do when you start being 'interesting' again! BTW - I think you're super interesting! You do so many things - always juggling various hats. I think maybe it's the whole Covid thing and less opportunity for travel?

  5. I don't think I'm boring... cos I'm too weird and obsessive, but I certainly get bored. Not with my own company as I'm accustomed to that. Most weeks I only leave the house 3-4 times for my exercise class, groceries or post office. So I do get bored but it's more a sense of directionless or lack of purpose I struggle with.

  6. I think some people have a higher boredom threshold than others. Those who are busy and have a lot of irons in the fire often feel bored when things quieten down. I'm not at all bothered with a quiet life, I have lots of little interests that give me variety and once I stopped wondering what other people thought about me not being on the go, go, go..... life just got even better. I hope you find what will reignite you - or maybe it's time to enjoy a little down time and pick up a book?

  7. Chronic I get bored only rarely. For me, it occurs because I want to do something, but don’t the ever the energy to follow through. (Fibromyalgia and CSF). It’s a really disconcerting feeling when it does happen. So I get your frustration.


  8. I really don't ever get bored. I always find something to do and I always have something to read or at least a piece of paper to write on. I have severe ADD and I have learned over 51 years how my brain works. I have developed strategies to combat so-called boredom. Because if I get truly bored then the ADD, CNN, MTV, ABC all comes out at once and it is not good.

    Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  9. Thanks to everyone for their very interesting chat about boredom! That was a great topic over a cuppa.


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