Thursday, November 19, 2020

The short stay "holiday"

 Holiday, vacation or weekend getaway? 

Last weekend the hubby and I had a getaway to the Gold Coast.  Just three nights at the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort. I'm calling it a getaway because three nights doesn't seem long enough to deserve the "holiday" definition.  

Knowing me as well as you do, you'll know that I googled the definition of "holiday" to see if I could determine at what point a trip reverts from a weekender to a fully blown vacation.

You can already see the discrepancies in the above paragraph with way too many holiday-esque terms and the potential need to boil the jug for a cuppa and a chat to sort this out.  Of course you can.

You go boil the jug and I'll wait until you return.

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Got your cuppa?


So did I just go on a holiday, vacation or weekend getaway?

Firstly, the definition of a "holiday" in Australia is different to the definition of a "holiday" in the USA. According to Espresso English "In American English, a holiday is a special day like Christmas or Independence day, and a vacation is time off from work when you usually travel. But in British English, the word holiday is used for both these things."

According to the Collins Dictionary, a "getaway" is a short holiday somewhere.  That seems to fit the bill nicely for the Gold Coast long weekend scenario. 

But wait, there's more ...

There's a new term to add to the mix.  Micro travel. 

According to "There’s a new mood in travel, and it’s micro. Smaller, smarter and more frequent. It’s the short getaway with an oh-wow lifestyle impact that makes total sense in an always-on world."  

Escape interviewed Melanie Wynne from Phil Hoffmann Travel who says "the definition of a micro break has changed. In our time-poor world, a week away used to be a micro break. Then a few days off was a micro break. Today a micro break can be a single night holed up in a swanky hotel."

It was definitely a swanky hotel.  The
Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort on the Gold Coast offers beautifully decorated rooms, fresh greenery, sparkling blue water, food and beverage options and a very cool swim up bar.  As you would have seen from my social media feed, it's also incredibly Instagram-able. 

Queensland had strict border measures in place where we had to present our Covid-safety paperwork to Border Security officers at the airport, after first having to walk past Defence Force personnel as we disembarked the plane.  The hotel also had good Covid measures in place including restaurant table spacing, sunbed spacing and everything you'd expect a compliant establishment to adhere to. 

Holiday, vacation, weekend getaway, micro travel ... whatever you want to call it ... it was a lovely way to spend a weekend by ourselves in this crazy world of ours. 

So did I just go on a holiday, vacation or weekend getaway?

Micro travel perhaps?

What was the shortest trip you ever took?

Ever stayed at the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort on the Gold Coast?

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  1. Interestingly, I've started referring to getaways. I hadn't thought about it. I'm guessing because they were just weekends so not really a holiday. Because it's just the weekend somewhere else. I need to think about this terminology. I may return.

  2. I'd call it a 'getaway'. In my way of thinking you need to be away at least a full week before I call it a holiday. Micro-holiday is a new term to me! What a fabulous getaway you've had! The photos are gorgeous!

  3. We recently had a two night 'get away' we called a trip down memory lane. Back to Tamworth where we met 50 years ago. The only stays we have had away from home until then were related to hospital and study. This whilst it was a 'holiday' of sorts was good. We are though, mostly because of our age and eating requirements, are more comfy at home. I was so glad to see your holiday happening. Denyse x

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic getaway. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  5. We're heading off to Rottnest Island for 5 days in a couple of weeks' time - I.cannot.wait! It's part of WA so we don't have to worry about borders and I'm just really looking forward to a change of scenery - not quite as plush as yours, but I totally get how lovely some time away together is.

  6. When we were both working we would sometimes go for a long weekend getaway. Amazing how rejuvenating 2 nights and 2 and a half days can be. A swanky hotel with a pool in Queensland seems perfect. We've just come back from a 3-day-weekend at our family's country farm. Relaxing and rejuvinating. Stay safe and enjoy your week ahaead and thank you for the link up.

  7. Looks lovely! We just had a little holiday/break/escape on the Gold Coast too, staying in Burleigh. Hadn't been that high on my list but we absolutely loved it. Did you get across to Palazzo Versace while you were there?

  8. OH my goodness; that looks like a lovely weekend getaway!

  9. I always thought of a holiday as not involving any kind of work, so just a national holiday where you don't have to go to work to me is a day off, but having to do things like housework doesn't make the day a holiday or a vacation. To me, a holiday or a vacation is when you get to escape reality and not have to worry about household chores. :D

  10. What a wonderful place. I guess I am stupid here is that I didn't know about all of the different names for stuff. Thanks for teaching me.


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