Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Ghosts

 Have you ever seen a ghost?

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My folks bought a 120 year old house in a town steeped in history, which they stripped and renovated in a modern way while in keeping with the stylings of the era.  I recall walking into the building before they started work and into a bedroom which would ultimately be my accommodation during visits.  The air changed, the light dimmed and an eerie shudder went through my spine. 

“This is where the ghost lives’ I joked.

“Don’t be silly” said Mum, “there’s no such thing”.

I neither believe nor not believe in ghosts. I’m simply open to the possibilities.  It was with that mindset that I lay awake one night a year later in the newly renovated house, alone, and watched a ghostly mist in the moonlight move from the bedroom window and out through the bedroom door where it continued down the hallway to the front door. 

I mentioned it to my mum who said “yes, I’ve seen it too”. 

From then we’d hear stories of the mist and the presence that was felt in the century old house in the historical part of town.  It was with absolute awe that we realised my grandmother could actually see the ghost in the form of a woman. 

Sitting in the room opposite my bedroom she asked who the woman was sitting in the chair next to the bed.  There was no woman said Mum.  Yes there was, Nanna stressed. 

As a non-believer she had no idea she was referencing a ghost, nor did we tell her, as we didn’t want to distress or confuse her 95 year old self. But it answered our question - the ghostly mist was a woman.

Once the renovations were complete and my parents were settled, the ghost moved on, yet stories of ghostly encounters in other areas of my life continue to present themselves.

Like the mist that attached itself to my then 16 year old daughter at a modelling shoot in the garden of Blundell’s Cottage in Canberra.  We didn’t see it at the time, but my daughter felt it. She kept thinking someone was inside the house looking out the window at her.  

After much googling we discover a teenage girl is often seen at the cottage having died after being severely burnt by an iron.  According to apparition of a teenage girl playing in the English gardens around this historic rubblestone cottage is thought by paranormal investigators to be the ghost of Florrie Blundell who died in 1892 at the age of just 16 as a result of burns sustained following an ironing accident. Some visitors to the heritage-listed cottage - now a museum - report being overcome with the disturbing odour of burning human flesh."

Photos coming out of the shoot showed a mist attached to my daughter's shoulder whenever she was near one particular window.  It seems 16 year old Florrie was quite taken with 16 year old T.  Alas I don’t have photographical evidence as the pictures were not ours to keep, but it does make us wonder if perhaps this whole ghost thing may actually be legit.

I have heard many stories of ghosts over the years.  Some I’ve experienced myself and others I’ve simply heard from others.  I don’t actively seek them out nor feel overly frightened or crazed by these stories.  I just find them interesting.

Do you ever see something out of the corner of your eye that makes you think you’ve seen a ghost?

Do you ever feel a shudder when you walk into an old home?

Perhaps you’ve seen a mist that travels through the air as a singular mass?

Just last weekend as we walked the streets of my childhood stomping ground in the dark of night, past the spectacular cathedral and the now demolished Catholic school grounds which house a construction zone, I saw in my peripheral vision a blonde haired teenage girl kneeling at the iron fence peering through the bars at us with a smile on her face as we strolled by.  I wasn’t frightened nor alarmed.  She wasn’t scary.  She was just there.  When I looked up and asked if anyone else had seen her, she disappeared.  I was alone in my vision.

Was she a figment of my imagination or someone communicating with me from the spirit world?

Perhaps she was misplaced now that the boarding school and convent had been reduced to rubble and was hanging out near the street next to the church to escape the new block of apartments?

I neither believe nor not believe in ghosts. I’m simply open to the possibilities. 

Do you see ghosts?

Are you a believer or a non-believer?

Got any stories to share?

 If you're interested in ghost tours in Australia you can head to Ghost Tour Bookings. Don't forget to tell us about it when you return! I for one am always interested. 

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  1. As an existentialists, I technically don't believe in ghosts (because I don't believe in an afterlife - so make this one a good one). However, I moved into a share house with a friend and there was a ghost there. You never saw it, and it wasn't scary but I'd be home alone and think my flatmate had suddenly snuck in and was standing behind me. I'd turn round to say something and there'd be no one there. This kept happening. My flatmate one day says "I need to tell you something and I don't want you to make fun of me. I think there's a ghost". She also was having the same experience and she said the cat kept looking at where ever she felt the ghost was. The weirdest thing, while neither of us actually saw anything, I was 100% sure it was an old man and she was 100% sure it was an old woman. So strange. Anyway, after about 6 weeks, it left, for both of us. So weird. It was never scary, more like it just wanted to make sure we'd look after his house. Or that we were ok. It was never spooky. Just there.

  2. I am, like you, open to possibilities about what happens in life. I have not seen nor experienced a 'ghost' but I do feel or sense the presence within me of my long gone family members and 'know' they are there from love and how we related in our past. Now, if I see a white cockatoo fly across my path, I say 'hello mum'....don't even ask me why, but I do.
    I kind of like that not everything in life has a full explanation.
    Denyse x

  3. You gave me goosebumps reading about your experience at your parents place. I'm the same as you - I neither believe or disbelieve but as with most things, I'm open to possibilities! I've never seen a ghost but my mother has. She's seen her sister after she passed and she's seen Dad. Whilst I've never actually 'seen' a ghost, I have felt a presence before. It's all very interesting isn't it?!

  4. Like you, I'm open to the possibilities. I heard a story from a family member who believed that she's seen a ghost. I took it as it was.

  5. I've heard stories but I'm a bit of a sceptic until I have more evidence. I guess once you've encountered one it would put you in the "believers" category!

  6. We used to live in an old house that I swear was haunted too. When we moved out, the realtor that represented the buyers told us that a man who lived there years ago had committed suicide in the attic, which is where we heard all the weird noises. Yikes!

  7. I used to be a skeptic, but I had some experiences wouldn't allow me to deny it anymore. You might find my experiences interesting -

  8. I'm not a believer in ghosts but I did go on a fascinating ghost tour in the Rocks last year. The guide wasn't impressed that I didn't believe :P I love stories about the paranormal though.


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