Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Deep Fried Update

 What's happening in your world?

I jumped out of bed this morning thinking "it's blogging day!" and then realised I had absolutely no clue what to blog about. 

When in doubt, just ramble on about the stuff going on in your life, right? Right.

So here it is - the Deep Fried Update.


I am right now, at this very moment, on annual leave. Admittedly I'm simply sitting at my dining room table, but I will return to the coast this arvo for some more beach living before the reality of work, school and chores sets in again next week. Be prepared for more ocean spam on the gram


You'll recall I'm on a wellness kick which is having remarkable results. The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is working for me like no eating program has ever worked for me before. It is honestly the best thing since sliced bread ... only I'm not eating sliced bread. I commenced on 4 January and just 24 days later I've got more energy, a clearer head, minimal gut pain, less body pain and I've lost 5.5kg.  


I love my job. I absolutely, 100% love my new role and the people I work with. Sounds a little over the top and braggy, but it's true. Which is a great thing given I wasn't feeling the same sense of joy early last year. I have had the luxury of being able to create my role and it's the perfect fit for who I am and where I'm at in my life right now. Winning! 


He continues to work hard at everything. He's fit, healthy and enjoying life. His day job keeps on keeping on and his EBay business helps with the pocket money. He still plays basketball and volunteers as the coordinator for the masters league. Mind you, the state of his home office leaves a lot to be desired with every inch of carpet space covered in his stacks of comics, but that's what doors are for - for shutting them.


She's launching into life in a big way right now with only two units left at uni which she'll do of an evening while she starts her full time career. After interning with a marketing agency and writing for a local entertainment website, she's not only earned a bit of cash but also the reputation as a hard-working, reliable and talented professional. So much so that she was tapped on the shoulder for a key role in an international company. Plus she was offered a job at the marketing agency as well. Spoiled for choice! I can't wait to see where 2021 takes her. 


He's got his P's (for my non-Aussie readers that means he can now drive a car on his own) which means he's enjoying the spoils of relative independence. My life as a taxi-mum has all but come to an end, while our fuel bill has gone through the roof. He's decided he may not play soccer this year which will be a huge change in our lives. It will be a big year though as he heads into his final year of school and starts making decisions about what he'll do next. His own online business continues to tick over earning him a bit of pocket money, with the potential this year to turn it into something more substantial. Watch this space! 


My role as the Head of Corporate Affairs for the soccer club continues to take up my time after work hours. Whether my son plays this year is neither here nor there as there's still so much I'm working on at the club, I simply can't leave until I'm done. Exciting times with the launch of the magazine last year, the continued growth of the club, the success of our players, our foray into all abilities soccer and so much more. 


No new books in the works, nor have I managed to kick Cheer Chick Charlie to the next level. However my love for Charlie is still strong, so I will get there in the end. With all this new found energy I'm gaining due to the wellness diet, I may just get Charlie back to where she rightly deserves to be. As Charlie says, anything is possible when you've got commitment, spirit and believe. Yes indeed Charlie-girl, anything is possible.


This year I was due to be in both Japan for the hubster's basketball and in Ireland for my cousin's 50th. Neither will happen but we'll continue to explore this great country of ours instead with the Australian Masters in Perth (replacing Japan), a wander up to the Blue Mountains for a long weekend, a short expedition to the Sunshine Coast for another long weekend mid year, and a driving trip to wine country to replace the Ireland travel. The coast will also be on the radar throughout. 

So that's it! That's the Deep Fried Update. The rose coloured glasses version of it anyway. Of course there's shitty things that happen from time to time, but I refuse to focus on the shite if I can help it. It's not worth my energy. I hope I haven't bored you senseless. 

What's happening in your world?

It's Thursday which means it's the day we focus on what we're lovin' about life. Grab a cuppa and visit my fellow bloggers as they share their life and thoughts through the written word. 

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  1. Not much to blog about hey! Umm, I tend to disagree. That was an excellent update full of vigour, joy and pride. Well-done to all. Our big celebration was 2 x family visits over 2 days for our 50th Wedding Anniversary because we could only host 5 at a time due to covid. Nonetheless it was very special. I am so glad for you to have discovered a way of eating that helps you on many levels for your health. Denyse

  2. That some great updates in life! So good to hear how well everyone is doing and also all the travel plans you have for this year. I'm too nervous to make any domestic travel plans given how they keep closing the borders the minute there seems to be a cluster. Hope you have a lovely week ahead and savour the ocean!

  3. Hmmm... I wrote a comment and it disappeared. You sure did come up with a lot to write about on the spur of the moment! So glad your diet is working for you, making your feel good and that your job is going well. I was always glad when my kids got their drivers license. It meant I didn't have to drive them around anymore!

  4. You always find something to blog about and what a great wrap up! Good to hear everyone is doing well. Shame about the O/S travel plans but what a beautiful country we live in and there is so much to see and do here. I have 6 nights at Burleigh Heads coming up next month and I cannot wait!

  5. Well done with the weight loss. I really need to up my exercise game and get more active. I don't really follow diets but I know I take in way too much sugar.

  6. What a nice update. It seems like things are going well in your world. Thanks for sharing the update. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Hi Leanne - it sounds like your life is pretty close to perfect. To have the family all doing so well, to be in a job you love, and to be on annual leave - life doesn't get much better than that. Well done and well deserved.

  8. It sounds like things are good at your house! Congrats on the diet.


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