Thursday, January 21, 2021

The story behind pre-loved furniture

Do you have unique furniture with its own story to tell?

People buy second-hand furniture all the time for various reasons. To save money, to save resources and reduce waste, it can be unique, it's often high quality, people feel it's healthier with less toxins, as a community gesture to help provide funds to the person selling it, and because pre-loved furniture usually has a story to tell.

While I buy the majority of our furniture brand new due to my stylings, and I can't tell an antique from a reproduction, I do appreciate the occasional unique second-hand find, particularly when there's a story to tell. 

You hear so many great stories about furniture. Buying a chest that belonged to somebody's grandmother who brought it with her when she emigrated from Shanghai eighty years ago, or finding a desk that belonged to a German Ambassador, or a pool table from Old Parliament House originally housed in the Senate wing, or a floating shelf that used to be a box that housed letters at Australia Post in the 1800s. 

We've been looking for a sturdy bar table to sit next to our pool fence, to enjoy weekend drinks while jumping in and out of the water. The perfect table with the perfect dimensions presented itself on Gumtree last weekend, and the best news is, not only did we get two tables for what we were willing to pay for one, we got a furniture with a unique story to tell. 

Handmade by the groom from wood his father-in-law salvaged from an old convent in a small country town near Parkes, NSW, these tables were constructed for Bronnie and Gordon's wedding reception. The initials carved in the feet will forever remind us that this furniture has a story to tell. A story of love, celebration, family and the hopes and expectations of married life. If the wood could talk it would have stories of convent life over many decades in a previous century where the Sisters of Saint Joseph lived. 

As Bronnie and Gordon had a number of these tables, they decided to part with a couple and were pleased to share the B&G story and rehome these historical pieces whose story will continue to be told at Langdown family BBQs.

We love the stories behind pre-loved furniture and the story of these tables fit in so well with our own stories. 

Do you have unique furniture with its own story to tell? 

What furniture stories have you heard?

If your furniture could talk, what insights into your life would it give?

Today is Lovin Life Linky day and I'm loving our new outdoor bar tables. What are you lovin' about life this week?

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  1. Love it - the story and the table. I recall picking up an old timber shipping chest at a junk shop in Braidwood many years ago that still had the original consignment note in it. I loved that chest more because of it.

  2. How lovely is that back story. We tend to be new furniture people because in most cases my husband designs it for our purposes and makes it. In fact, it was his self-taught skills that he made into a business waaaaay back. It doesn't mean we don't appreciate the well-worn or used. I love stories (hey I blog!) so this is a good one alright. Denyse.

  3. What a lovely back story and I love the tables too! What a great find. Win, win!

  4. What a special piece of furniture to own. It looks fab in your pool area.

  5. I remember years ago reading an academic article on garage sale culture and a large part of it was wanting to share the history of the item as it goes on its way.

  6. I always love something that has a special significance tied to it (in moderation - nothing worse than a house full of old stuff that smacks of hoarding!) But unique pieces here and there are always lovely.

  7. I have my grandfather's desk. He got it for working 40 years for the same company. The desk is over 100 years old. It probably should be refinished but I love it - warts, scratches, and all, just the way it is.

  8. What a great story about the table. So very cool. Nice. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  9. I do love a little story with my furniture! Our house is mostly second hand pieces with the exception of lounges and a couple of beds which we bought new (although I sleep in a gorgeous French antique walnut bed with rose carvings at the foot and head and I do still have my grandparents wing back lounge suite), and I just love the character they bring to our home. My husband made a similar little table to the one in your post for our daughter's wedding (which housed the guest book) which he made from timber pieces from an old garage from our previous home and pieces of metal picked up from the local tip reseller. It now sits in the foyer of my daughter's house. Just love seeing things recycled and reborn.


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