Thursday, February 18, 2021

This is just the beginning

Could hitting mid-life be a whole new beginning?

I watched Sir David Attenborough's Witness Statement this week which stirred many emotions for many reasons. Interestingly enough, the biggest emotion was hope. 

While I'm absolutely saddened by what we humans have done (and continue to do) to this planet, Sir Attenborough has given us a remedy and with the respect he's achieved over his lifetime, I am hopeful the powers that be will heed his advice and turn our destruction around. I am hopeful that we'll all heed his advice and turn our destruction around. 

But that's not why I'm writing this post. I'm writing this because David (I'm the third paragraph in, so we're old mates now) has given me hope. Not just about the environment, but about aging positively. 

David started his career in a publishing house, then moved into television programming where in 1954 he originated a TV show called Zoo Quest which proved popular and widened the scope of educational programming in the UK. 

In 1965 he became the controller of BBC-2 before resigning in 1972 to write and produce TV shows on a freelance basis. Thus Life on Earth, The Living Planet, The Trials of Life etc were born. This was a huge leap of faith, diving out of a solid career in a highly successful role at the BBC, into the world of the great unknown - literally. 

What has given me hope about this, is that he took the leap at the age of 46 and it was only when he was in his fifties that his TV series and the real environmental work began.

David STARTED his most important life's work in his fifties. 

As I watched his Witness Statement my emotions ranged from sadness, to anger, to appreciation, to wonder, to awe, back to fear and then to hope. 

I looked at it through my eyes, then through the eyes of my children, then through the eyes of their children to the point where I'm fearful for my grandchildren. Then I realised they are the future and our actions today, encouraging and leading their actions, are what will save the planet and help it to live beyond its current state. 

The hope and inspiration I acquired through David's Witness Statement goes beyond the environment. While the $50 million I plan to win in the lotto will definitely go towards regenerating the world via some sort of Sir David Attenborough trust fund or something, the biggest takeaway for me was that David started his most important life's work in his fifties. 

We can start our most important life's work any day. It's not necessarily behind us. There's still so much more we can give. Whether it be to the world, to our local community, to our family or to ourselves. 

Watching him in his 90s sitting back and reflecting on the world he's seen during his life has inspired me to continue believing in the possibilities. 

Could hitting mid-life be a whole new beginning?

What would your witness statement look like? 

At the age of 90, what moments of pride will you look back on?

It's Lovin Life Linky day. Today I'm lovin' that I still have so much more to look forward to, to achieve, to learn and to give. What are you lovin about life today? 

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  1. Morning Leanne, this is enlightening isn't it for those in midlife...and I am being semi serious here too. This idea that we are 'old' and no longer relevant for our age (and stage of life) is a myth. You (and I) can, with reason, do and be what we can. I said to my GP yesterday how I feel so very well at 71 and I am (now) taking good care of my emotional and physical health because of all my past health issues have taught me. I am far more concerned about the 'white' political conservatism that is abounding in the western world under the guise of "we" know best...and "our" policies are changing for you (actually them!)..and I am getting off the soapbox. You are a gal living amongst it. I have made a change: not shouting at social media any more to keep me well! Denyse

  2. Firstly I hope it's okay to post here? I don't follow the themes bloggers set but I do enjoy reading them. If my post is in the wrong place, feel free to delete it!
    I love watching the David Attenborough documentaries. They are fascinating and beautifully shot too. I hope this wonderful naturalist lives forever. He is an important reminder of how precious our fragile world really is.

  3. I think David Attenborough is marvellous and that every person in the world should watch this documentary as well as his other recent documentary 'Extinction'. He's doing his most important work now in his final years in the hope that it will make a difference to saving this amazing planet that he's explored, relished in and reported on his whole life. I hope it's not too late though I fear it is. We really are at a tipping point yet we're not doing anywhere what we need to be doing to save the planet from unliveable. I truly hope his word is heard.

  4. Any show by Sir David Attenborough is sure to stir up thoughts. I get inspiration from folks who are past middle age who still are adventurous, curious, active...still living their life to the fullest. One of the most inspirational people I know is a runner in our running club who ran the Athens marathon on her 80th birthday 2 years ago. She is amazing! I hope I can be doing half the things she does when I am her age. I do think mid-life is a whole new beginning. David Attenborough is a wonderful example to follow. Keep buying those Lotto tickets!

  5. Hi Leanne - I think Midlife is definitely a pivitol time. A lot of the responsibilities we carried (career, family, mortgage etc) are well under control and we're coming up for a breath. Whether we choose to change careers, pursue a dream, cut back and chill out, travel more.... or whatever, we realize that life is getting shorter and we need to start doing those things.
    I'm sure David had a nice nest egg behind him before leaving and starting his film production - whether he'd succeeded or failed, he gave it a go and I think that's what Midlife is all about - giving those things that have been on the backburner a "go" and not just living the same life we've lived for the last 50 years.
    That was a long answer - and seeing last week's comment disappeared, I hope this one sticks!

  6. I feel like society puts this pressure on us to achieve things by certain ages but honestly, why should that be the case? This was heartening to read and a good reminder that we can give things a go whenever we want regardless of age.

  7. I love watching all sorts of nature documentaries; I'm not sure if I've watched any by Sir David but I like the idea of reinventing yourself at mid-life.

  8. I'm heading straight off to check that out - and can't understand how I managed to have missed it. I admire Sir David (we're not yet on first name terms) so much but didn't know he didn't really get started success wise until his fifties. There's hope for me yet.

  9. Thank you so much for this post, your insightful thoughts and message of hope. Indeed there is plenty of time to make a difference, and explore what you have always wanted to. I retired from paid employment when I was 60. It was only then that I had the time to explore who I was and bring out that person, I hope in positive ways, and that I will leave something memorable behind. I am certainly no Sir David. He surely is someone to be revered and taken notice of seriously. I'm going to look out for his witness statement. Thank you, stay safe and thank you again for your post and the link up.

  10. I have started to watch it. I love Sir David and all he does.

    And I believe that mid-life is whole new beginning. The reason, you are at the point that you shouldn't care what people think of you. It makes life so much better.


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