Thursday, March 4, 2021

A day in the life of Deep Fried Fruit

 Who wants to take a walk in my shoes for a day?

At work I write a newsletter that includes an "a day in the life of " feature where I give people an insight into a business team to see what a typical work day might look like. I've noticed a few bloggers doing it lately too, so figured I might as well give it a whirl. So today I give you "a day in the life of Deep Fried Fruit".


5.30am: The TV turns on automatically and I slowly awaken to a home renovation show.

6.30am: Head downstairs to chat to my daughter as she makes herself coffee then I grab my phone, turn on the Samsung Health app and head off on my morning 3.5km walk, watching the sun rise above the wetlands.

7.05am: Return home, unpack the dishwasher, re-stack the dishwasher and put on a load of washing. 

7.30am: Farewell my daughter as she heads off to work (it's the first week of her career), then chat to the hubby as he starts processing orders for his EBay business (with his work laptop open to simultaneously get his workday underway).

7.45am: Make the bed, shower, do my hair and makeup. 

8.15am: Wake my son to get ready for school (he has a late start today), hang out the washing, grab my breakfast smoothie and the lunch I pre-made, make myself an iced latte, farewell the hubby and head out the door.

8.30am: Join the peak hour traffic as I chat to my bestie in the USA on speaker phone. 

9.00am: Arrive at my desk, chat with my workmates, get into my work day.

10.00am: Take a call from the real estate agent who is selling our coast house. Less than 24 hours after the house went on the market we've received a substantial offer. 

10.05am: Conference call the hubby and my parents (co-owners) to discuss the offer and send follow up email to the agent advising our interest.

10.20am: Get back to work which involves liaising with vendors about the upcoming conference, writing the terms of reference for a new working group, attending a communications meeting and updating my schedule.

1.00pm: Eat lunch at my desk as I take out my personal laptop and reply to soccer club emails, buy new lipstick online and check when my next hair appointment is. Reply to the real estate agent to answer questions regarding the house and send off some information to our local MP as I organise a letter from the queen for a dear friend of the hubby.

1.45pm: Get back to work which includes updating intranet pages, creating a news feed icon, answering emails, interviewing a colleague for a newsletter and writing the minutes of a meeting. 

5.30pm: Pack up my desk and head home via the supermarket. 

6.15pm: Arrive home, pat the dogs, say hi to the hubby and son, get into my PJs, bring in the washing, scan and email some documents for the real estate agent, chat to a friend online about the benefits of collagen and start dinner preparation.

7.00pm: Jump onto my laptop while dinner is cooking and answer more football emails. Call my daughter to tell her the news about the offer on the house and confirm that she's eating dinner out tonight. 

7.30pm:  Serve chicken parmigiana, with fries and salad to the hubby and son in front of the TV, while I eat lemon pepper chicken breast and salad as part of my Total Wellbeing Diet. We watch two episodes of Friends before the hubby heads back into his study to continue with EBay. 

8.30pm: My son and I clean the kitchen after dinner, turn on the dishwasher and I head to the laundry to fold washing.

9.00pm: I grab myself a vodka, lime and soda and sit in the armchair to reply to messages from my friends, as my son grabs the car keys to head to the gym. 

9.30pm: I wander into the study to see the hubby, before taking the dogs out to the reserve for a quick leg stretch and toilet before the dogs and I head upstairs to bed. 

9.45pm: I follow up with a colleague to see if her friend might like to dog sit for us this weekend as our extended family (and all our dog sitters) are heading away for a long weekend adventure. If I don't find someone to come and stay at our house while we're away, one of us won't be going. 

10.00pm: Climb into bed and watch an episode of Ginny and Georgia, chat to my son as he comes to tell me he's home, listen to a car pull up as my daughter also arrives home and then rummage through my bedside table to find a moisturising facemask. 

11.00pm (ish): Fall asleep with the TV on and am only vaguely aware of my husband as he climbs into bed beside me. 

12.00am: Awaken to a snoring pug, swear at her, roll over and fall back asleep.

And that is a day in the life of Deep Fried Fruit! A fairly quiet and orderly day really in the whole scheme of things. Not much darting back and forth at all. Very civilised.

If you could experience a day in the life of someone, who would it be?

Today is Thursday which means it's the day we remind ourselves there's always something to love about life. 

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  1. Loved reading this and I had suggestions for more help from the fam for you!! Like, the washing & dishwasher than I read, your dear son helped you in the clean up. YOU have as much entitlement to have some time out of course but reading this I think you LOVE the busy-ness. Yes, houses are selling for big prices here too so much so, we are not likely to be able to buy again. Sigh. Take care, D x

  2. I love all day in the life type things - it's always interesting to me to see how the pieces and interests of people pull together on a daily basis.

  3. I think it's interesting to peek into the lives of others. Thanks for giving us a one-day slice of your life. Have fun on your long weekend adventure!

  4. Good luck on the house, if that's what you end up doing. You certainly got the most use out of it, so it will be a big hole for awhile.It's interesting to see how we 'do' our days. I have a sick kid at home so I'm not very productive!~

  5. I am glad I don't have to go to an office job anymore. Very happy with retirement! I like to read biographical novels, my little escape into someone else's life. If I had the chance I would step into the life of a successful travelling photographer, or landscape painter. Stay safe, enjoy your week, and thank you for the link up.

  6. Love your day in the life post! I like to wake and fall asleep to our TV too; even though I have heard it's not supposed to be the best way to fall asleep it sure works for me.


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