Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Commitment - rain, hail or shine

When it comes to commitment, are you a fair weather person?

Or are you there rain, hail or shine?

Commitment - my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. 

Commitment is great when things are motoring on at an even pace, but over-commitment is inevitable when all things peak at the same time, or when the world just seems heavy.  There's a point when commitment is no longer an asset. 

Over the past year I've been reassessing my commitments and during that process I've wondered if others have the same love/hate relationship with commitment that I have. 

Last weekend my parents and I headed to the mountains for the 24km Charlotte's Pass loop (Main Range Walk) from Charlotte Pass to Mount Kosciuszko. It's a trip that's been five months in the making. 

Unfortunately, the date we'd chosen saw torrential rain across much of Australia with many areas of our world experiencing severe flooding. Which meant our mountain hike, if we dared to continue, was going to fit into the "rain, hail or shine" commitment category. 

Setting off in the rain, with icy temps and low visibility, we were surprised to discovered many people taking the "rain, hail or shine" approach. Bus loads of people had the same commitment mindset.

Despite our best efforts of walking up and down the mountainous paths in the mist and rain, the collective dedication was short-lived, with many of us (wet to the skin) begrudgingly reverting to a shorter than expected walk heading back in the direction we'd come.  We had to acknowledge there was a point where commitment was no longer doing us any favours. 

While the "rain and hail" may have dampened our spirits on the weekend, we haven't lost sight of the goal. We will be back to finish what we've started. Hopefully with a little less "rain and hail" and a whole lot more "shine". 

Yet the guilt of not following through, is real. 

When it comes to commitment, are you a fair weather person?

Or are you more of a "rain, hail or shiner"?

Where do you sit on the commit-o-meter? 

Today is Thursday which means it's Lovin Life day. The day to think of all the things you're grateful for. I'm grateful for fab walks, energetic parents and fellow "rain, hail or shiners". What are you lovin' about life this week?

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  1. Your pics are pretty spectacular so it's good that you persisted. We were dancing in the rain at Hayden James so I'm pretty much an all weather least in these COVID times...

  2. Mmmm yes to commitment but no to seeing things through no matter what...I know we are all different but I would take other factors into consideration for events such as that walk. Bravo to you and your parents for deciding to go ahead as it seems none of you was prepared to say not today!!! Brrr indeed. I hate being wet too. Denyse

  3. I am the same, when I commit to something I have to see it through! Hopefully you have dried out now!!

  4. I'm pretty good with commitments and will see things through I've committed to but sometimes you have to have to adapt or even call it when things don't go to plan. I'd have given up ideas for that walk on that day for sure.

  5. I'm pretty dedicated - but hiking in miserable conditions would not be high on my to-so list. You did well (and so did your parents!) to push through and tackle some of it - but I bet you were glad to be back safe and dry and sipping something afterwards!

  6. I walk every weekday morning, rain, hail or shine. Having said that, it was even too heavy for me on Monday morning & yep, I would have turned back too.

  7. Commitment but with a health dose of reality haha. I'm too easily injured right now so there's no way I'll go for a walk in a rainy day.

  8. Yes I think commitment has to be tempered with a little reality at times, so I think you did the right thing to turn back. Oh I think I have been to that part. I wanted to see the Snowy River. I got chewed by a zillion insects when I walked through the trees. I would have loved to have done the walk, but it was hot hot, so decided to hopefully do it another time. When? who knows? We have been seeing the floods on TV. Terrible! Stay safe, enjoy your week, and thank you again for the link up.

  9. It often depends on the commitment but in that case I wouldn't have finished the hike either. I am definitely a fair weather hiker.

  10. I am fair weather for things like that. It depends, if it is something that I really want to see I will march on. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.


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